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Would you like a reason to have hope for this country?

Here... listen to Allen West speak to the hypocrisy of Civil Rights icon John Lewis... and listen to why he's willing to join the Black Caucus, a willingness that will not be shared from the Black Caucus side of things:


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West is going to make the C... (Below threshold)

West is going to make the CBC's life miserable. I have no doubt the Dems will stonewall Maxine Water's ethics case. When the new Congress picks it up, they'll scream WITCH HUNT and play the 'race card'.

West is going to have a ball!

Man I wish we had him in th... (Below threshold)

Man I wish we had him in the white house instead of the Empty Suit Fraud Communist in Chief Barry Hussein Soetoro Obamadinijad.

Allen will never n... (Below threshold)

Allen will never need affirmative action to help him deal with life and jump to the head of the line like some dumbo eared fool we all know.

"Barry Hussein Soetoro Obam... (Below threshold)

"Barry Hussein Soetoro Obamadinijad"


Good one.

"West is going to have a... (Below threshold)
Tim Shepherd:

"West is going to have a ball!"

How? Playing with himself?

According to Rick the Black Caucus isn't going to let him in.

Its nice to see Juan Willia... (Below threshold)

Its nice to see Juan Williams get respect in a fair and balanced way. It will also be nice to see Barry grow some balls and appear on FOX to "splain" the dismal performance thus far? While he's at it he could release those college grades so we can all have a laugh.

Tim, Reading compreh... (Below threshold)

Reading comprehension isn't one of your strong points is it?
The CBC has already stated that Allen West and Tim Scott were welcome to join.
Watch the video, and try to pay attention to the reason Allen West wants to join. I don't think the CBC will be as open minded toward Congressman Allen's ideas. That's what I believe Rick is talking about.

Waiting for an addled brain... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

Waiting for an addled brain troll (e.g. T.S.)to paste the festering, bizarre leftard talking point that Allen West is a "war criminal"

Tim, just in case you cry, ... (Below threshold)
Even the CBC needs a token ... (Below threshold)

Even the CBC needs a token conservative.

Charlie Rangel's alleged go... (Below threshold)

Charlie Rangel's alleged good deeds in the sixties have no bearing on his ethical issues today.

How refreshing West is. An... (Below threshold)

How refreshing West is. And did Williams sound like a conservative in that interview or what? If the left was angry about him before they must absolutely loathe him now.

Juan is off the Whit... (Below threshold)

Juan is off the White House christmas list. If there is one in this administration. And now Assholerod is going under the bus.

Good news abounds for barry and mooch L..

Each time I see pe... (Below threshold)

Each time I see people like Allen West, et.al., it's an affirmation of hope.

If and when this country ceases to produce these men and women, THEN you may truly say there is no longer hope.

Is there anything th... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Is there anything that drives a leftist more certifiably insane than a black conservative?

Then you see idiots like th... (Below threshold)
Memo to Juan Williams: John... (Below threshold)

Memo to Juan Williams: John Lewis was a "hero." Somewhere along the line, John Lewis became a HACK. And I don't give a rat's a$$ when the transition occurred. He and those like him are a menace to the republic now. Col. West is most welcome on Team Liberty, and the uniquely qualified impact he will have at CBC gets a sharp salute.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"






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