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An Opt-Out Day Nightcap

So "Opt-Out Day" was a bust today. Why wouldn't it be? Airline travelers are real people with real families, real destinations, and real schedules. They're not the spoiled college-age brats from well-to-do families that make up most of our professional protesting class. Most airline travelers can't risk jail or a five-figure Federal fine just to thumb their noses at TSA workers. They have better things to do.

But we can still have a laugh with Adam Savage from Mythbusters!, who was recently cleared to board an aircraft after a full body scan ... even though he was (unintentionally) carrying two 12" razor blades:

And of course there is this classic scene from This is Spinal Tap:

Even in the "good old days" things weren't always easy.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.


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Those who felt strongly eno... (Below threshold)

Those who felt strongly enough to "opt out" may have simply used another means of travel, or chose not to travel at all. Certainly, I-95 S of DC - a likely route for folk with more than one day travel - was horrible Tuesday night, and the interstates between Baltimore and Philly - a likely path for folk with closer destinations - was horrible Wednesday night. (They even stopped collecting tolls in an attempt to ease traffic.)

No critical thinking here. ... (Below threshold)

No critical thinking here.

Don't address the practical reality of the screening, which is that certain citizens are being allowed to treat other citizens like criminals at will. I think this has been a prerequisite for every police state in history.

Don't address, either, the idea that the same officials and experts who are forcing this on us are, literally, butchering families in the Mid East, and have been for generations, and are therefore causing the terrorism that's the heart and soul of the whole issue. Why not get the fucking hell out of other people's countries? Why isn't that discussed?

Don't address, either, that while you and I must submit to authoritarian measures to move about within this country, entry to the country via the southern border, by people who strongly resemble and very well could be these mythological terrorists, is extremely low priority for our government.

Any argument in favor of the TSA or any of our foreign policies or our official definition of terrorism, is demonstrably insane. The author of this piece, choosing to ad hominem anyone who might have the nerve to put up a resistance to the insanity, is either a moron or dishonest.

It would seem to me that on... (Below threshold)

It would seem to me that one way for terrorists to reach their goal of destroying our society would be to attack it physically. Another is to feint in many directions while the more aggressive physical attack is being planned or put into place. It would seem that more recent TSA efforts could be in response to new intelligence coupled with past experience, but in effect we are being played like a Stradivarius while a more serious threat is being built.

Its only a thought, but all this BS back and forth about TSA groping, scanning, and so on certainly is having a deleterious effect psycho-socially, and perhaps economically, on our system, distracting from much more worrisome events involving North Korea, Iran and China. Or our own economy. Heck, the Russians and Chinese just gave us the finger and stopped trading using the dollar between their countries.

And we're kvetching about pat downs?

So "Americans" would rather... (Below threshold)

So "Americans" would rather have their nice Thanksgiving turkey with little Johnny than stand up for their rights and liberty. Does anyone actually wonder why the left continues to gleefully trample on the Constitution!

RE: "The Opt-Out Day" was a... (Below threshold)

RE: "The Opt-Out Day" was a bust.
Sure, because the plan was to expose as many travelers as possible to the intrusive new procedures without using them. Once they get the sheep used to the presence of the machines and the newer, larger black screens, they can start increasing the percentage of people they screen without too much of a fuss. The TSA undermined the protest by reducing further the percentage of people they subjected to special screening. (My wife and I clearly saw the new machines, but not one of them was used during the entire period we were in line.)

The strategy is based on the idea that the public is stupid enough to not see through their plan. We'll see if they're right. The word from the White House is that no one's rights are being violated because only a small percentage of travelers are having their 4th Amendment rights violated, so it's not a problem.

The better solution is to tell the airlines that you aren't going to fly. Tell them specifically what trips you were going to take on their airline, and then tell them: "It's not happening." What I intend to tell the airlines is this: "The TSA tells me that when I buy an airline ticket I surrender some of my rights. OK. I'll keep my rights and my dignity, and I'll save money by not buying the ticket."

Copies will also be going to the new (GOP) congressmen from New Hampshire.






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