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At Least He'd Be Better Than Alec Baldwin

And now Cookie Monster wants to host Saturday Night Live:

First reaction? Why the crap would you want to ruin your reputation by going on that show? The only time that thing was funny was when Tina Fey was doing her Sarah Palin gig (that she wouldn't do if Palin won, because she's a vindictive harpie). They should've hung it up after Lazy Sunday.

In other news, Jon Stewart isn't as funny without a live studio audience.


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The most mind-blowing thing... (Below threshold)

The most mind-blowing thing about this, besides the "help me take this viral" thing? Cookie Monster (according to the credits) did all the editing, camera work, and graphics for this video himself. His profession has never been mentioned on Sesame Street (just like Bert's and Ernie's jobs haven't been mentioned) because he's a one-note character; however, this short makes it clear he's in the TV industry.

Lol - cookie enthusiast!</p... (Below threshold)

Lol - cookie enthusiast!

On the one hand he was funn... (Below threshold)

On the one hand he was funnier than the 'MacGruber' segments

Why the crap would you w... (Below threshold)

Why the crap would you want to ruin your reputation by going on that show?

You do know that muppets were regular cast members on the very first season of SNL, don't you? Even though Scred never made it big the way Cookie Monster or Kermit did, he was still a star, dammit:







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