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This is... super... can we now get back to space?

NASA number 1 in social media effectiveness:

NASA skyrocketed to the top of a new study that ranks 100 organizations in the public sector on effectiveness of their web, digital marketing, social media and mobile platforms.

The first-ever L2 Digital IQ Index for the Public Sector was conducted by Scott Galloway, a professor at New York University; Doug Guthrie, dean of the George Washington University School of Business; and a team of experts at L2, a think tank for digital innovation.

"NASA's goal is to communicate the important work of thousands in our nation's space and aeronautics missions as broadly as possible, and we employ numerous tools to do that," David Weaver, associate administrator for communications at NASA, said in a news release.

The study reports NASA "is in its own stratosphere" compared with the 100 organizations reviewed. NASA was 26 points ahead of the next closest organization, the White House.

NASA will also soon depend on other nations to carry our astronauts and material into orbit.  But hey, they'll be able to tweet about it to their hearts content while reaching out to Muslims and while awarding $2 billion dollar contracts to foreign owned corporations.



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Can we rename it now?... (Below threshold)

Can we rename it now?

Association of

Do they have mission patche... (Below threshold)

Do they have mission patches for the Twitter team, the Facebook team, the buck-up-little-muslim team...?






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