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What we need to deal with jihadists is more diplomacy

Trust me on this.


With props to Big Peace.


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Unfortunately, that's what ... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, that's what the terrorists have been doing to us, substituting suicide bomber for sniper (takes less training and skill).

A reporter asked a Marine s... (Below threshold)

A reporter asked a Marine sniper what he felt when he shot a terrorist. The Marine replied "mild recoil".

North Korea as jihadists? ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

North Korea as jihadists? I suppose, if Sarah Palin ever becomes President, we can expect the same analogies on how to deal with them?
We aren't actually talking with the North Koreans, Their people, not necessarily the communist elite are already feeling the pinch of sanctions. So we can't really do too much, unless you want another wider Korean war. The North Koreans want the west to begin talking with them, which is probably why they launched this attack. I doubt if jihadists do.

Oh good God Steve, did you ... (Below threshold)

Oh good God Steve, did you really write that or is someone else trying to make you look, well, stupid?

"The North Koreans want the... (Below threshold)

"The North Koreans want the west to begin talking with them, which is probably why they launched this attack."

Well that explains why they walked out of the last 'talking' session, doesn't it?

Here's a novel idea ya stupid fucking idiot: "Hey folks can we get together and talk?"

This poster might me amusin... (Below threshold)

This poster might me amusing if it wasn't just butchering a better Will Rogers quote and adding a little clip art.

North Korea insist... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:
North Korea insists on direct talks with the United States. Leaders in Pyongyang consider South Korea's armed forces to be controlled from Washington and maintain that South Korea was not party to the 1953 cease-fire. Since the Clinton administration, our country has negotiated through the six-party approach, largely avoiding substantive bilateral discussions, which would have excluded South Korea.

North Korea's consistent message to the U.S

Steve, you're losing it. Th... (Below threshold)

Steve, you're losing it. The initial article talked about Jihadists, and did not mention North Korea. Then you acted like it did, and you're arguing that treating North Korea like Jihadists is just plain stupid.

Guess what, Steve? You're right.

But you're the only one who even brought up the idea. You're arguing a point that only you brought up. Who the hell are you arguing with? Who is saying we ought to treat North Korea like we do Jihadists?

I can only see three reasons for you to do this: you're trolling, you're stupid, or you're insane.

Whichever it is, you're not that good at it. So knock it off.


There seems to be some con... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

There seems to be some confusion as to the story/photo and the right link - The origianl link to the Big Peace story that I clicked to was -Very, Very Bad Behavior': North Korea's War-Tuned Diplomacy


It was "very, very bad behavior" for North Korea to fire artillery at South Korean soldiers and civilians on South Korea's Yeonpyeong island, according to the U. S. Department of State.

(then the Sniping Photo as in Rick's post)

(then)State appreciates that North Korea has inverted the trope that "war is diplomacy by another means" into the practice of "war as diplomacy." The long series of brinksman's actions by North Korea would suggest that the practice has been honed into an art form. Only a few months back the rogue state torpedoed a South Korean naval vessel, claiming the lives of some 46 sailors. The four lives lost and score of injuries suffered today (November 23) is but another episode of continuing behavior, that seems to be more dramatic and more insistent than ever since the January 2009 announcement by North Korea that it was withdrawing from all military understandings with South Korea... etc

Hey, I'm not really that knowledgeable about North Korea or what we can or should do, but then I'm not running for president.

Sounds like you got an issu... (Below threshold)

Sounds like you got an issue with Big Peace, Steve -- not us.

But my impression is that the use of the image there is metaphorical, and pretty much in line with what I've been saying -- the NorKs need a serious smack upside the head (as in, targeted precision military strikes) to remind them who is the big dog, and who is the puppy. 'Cuz they're barking a lot worse than they can bite.







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