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Palin Derangement Syndrome: Case #860,749


For all of the left's insistence that Sarah Palin has no credibility, as a person or a politician, they sure do pay alot of attention to her.

Sewers like The Huffington Post and the Daily Kos can't seem to urinate without focusing on where she is, what she is doing, or what she says.

I believe "obsession" is the word used to describe that sort of behavior.

What are they focusing on this time?

A conversation with Glenn Beck discussing North Korea's unprovoked bombing of South Korea.

The following non-issue has the tolerant, educated liberals in a comical tizzy.

From cbsnews.com:

A simple north-south slip of the tongue or not, Sarah Palin's latest gaffe couldn't have come at a worse time for the Tea Party icon, geo-politically speaking.

In a live radio interview Wednesday with equally popular conservative host Glenn Beck, Palin twice referred to North Korea as America's ally and urged President Obama to firmly demonstrate the alliance.

The first reference was the less glaring mistake.

"We're not having a lot of faith that the White House is going to come out with a strong enough policy to sanction what it is that North Korea is going to do," Palin told Beck.

It's unclear whether she referenced the correct Korea and simply misused the term "sanction" -- which, as stated, means to approve or validate, or if she meant to say South Korea, the U.S. ally, in reference to any actions that nation may take in retaliation to past or future attacks from the North.

One might even have missed that gaffe, had she not said just seconds later: "Obviously, we gotta stand with our North Korean allies."

Upon hearing that, Beck immediately butted-in to correct the possible 2012 Republican presidential candidate, quickly interjecting, "South Korea."

Palin replied with an almost reflexive, "yeah," but corrected herself in the next remark: "And we're also bound by prudence to stand with our South Korean allies, yes."

Content on the website for Glenn Beck's radio show is members-only, but the audio has been posted on Youtube.

Palin's remarks come as the Obama administration, and it's ally (South Korea), mull prepare to conduct long-planned naval exercises off the Korean Peninsula. The move is sure to stoke further anger in North Korea, which earlier this week attacked a tiny South Korean island with a barrage of artillery fire, leaving four people dead and more than a dozen wounded.

Even the article's author, Tucker Reals, couldn't help himself from jabbing Palin when writing "A simple north-south slip of the tongue or not," and "Palin's remarks come as the Obama administration, and it's ally (South Korea), mull prepare to conduct long-planned naval exercises off the Korean Peninsula. "

What makes this even more transparently hypocritical is his own gaffe in the above quote, writing "mull prepare."

Nice job, dufus. Kudos to the editor, too.

To any reasonably sane person, Palin's comments were simple mistakes. Everyone makes them. As a public figure, every word uttered by her will be fairly or unfairly amplified. It is inevitable that, for a person who speaks publicly as much as Palin does, a verbal slip will occur.

Hell, Joe Biden is rarely seen or heard anymore, and he's the heavyweight champ of gaffes.

As of this writing, Huff-Po's post about this has garnered over 2,400 comments, most all of which either label Palin as ignorant or an actual ally of North Korea.

How desperate the left has become.

How deliciously sad.


As of 11:40am, Friday, the post count on Huff-Po was over 12,600.


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Comments (30)

Of course, when the Dofus i... (Below threshold)

Of course, when the Dofus in Chief referred to having visited almost all of the 57 states that was a simple error. I bet it would have resulted in reams of snark if Palin had said the exact same words.

And "it's"... (Below threshold)

And "it's"

I'm just amused.... (Below threshold)
James H:

I'm just amused.

At least she's aware that t... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

At least she's aware that there are two states, North and South Korea. Only 55 more to go.

That isnt a gaffe? A gaffe ... (Below threshold)

That isnt a gaffe? A gaffe is what happened when Barry Soterro Obamadinahad took office.

Screw off petrified lefturds.

From Random House Webster's... (Below threshold)

From Random House Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, April 2000 edition:

"Sanction n. ... 5. action by a state or states calculated to force another state to comply with its obligations: to invoke sanctions against an aggressor. ... v.t ... 8. to impose a sanction on; penalize, esp. by way of discipline."

No doubt another example of all those layers of professional editors and fact checkers in the legacy media.

Transference is a good word... (Below threshold)

Transference is a good word for whats occuring within the bitter hating left. They hated and fixated on BUSH for 10 years and he just looks by them with dignity and laughs them off. Now they are transferring all that self loathing towards the next threat to their sick little utopia.

Nothing threatens the left more then a smart woman that does'nt have to put a womans right to choose up front to prove they are worthy of success.

"57 states""Roosevel... (Below threshold)

"57 states"
"Roosevelt addressing the nation on television"
How many others do we have to cite?

Living rent free in left an... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Living rent free in left and RINO heads, e.g., Karpides and Drummond, Rove, Krauthammer and not least,

Romney and Huckabee.

Cuda, Mittens and Huckster will see no close competitors on their way to the nomination convention. None will win outright.

They (the liberals) never l... (Below threshold)

They (the liberals) never learn. This snarky hateful behavior is what helped conservatism so much in 2010. My advice to the liberals, keep it up. ww

The worse mistake was usin... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

The worse mistake was using sanction as a verb, "We're not having a lot of faith that the White House is going to come out with a strong enough policy to sanction what it is that North Korea is going to do,". No one is sanctioning what Norh Korea did?

To be fair no one HAS THE LEAST IDEA what she meant or means-we already have strong sanctions in place on Norh Korea, that even China is observing. I suppose if she says she can invent new words up on the spot, she can invent new meanings as well. Who knows what is in the mind of Sarah Palin? It was her one of top advisors, Steve Schippert after the campaign who called her "a whack job" not one of your generic leftists.
She has the intelligence of fourth grader on her knowledge of international geo-politics. If this is who you want to have a finger on the nuclear button, that will be your responsibility.

11. Posted by Steve Crickmo... (Below threshold)

11. Posted by Steve Crickmore | November 25, 2010 4:39 PM |

I'm sure glad you squared us away on that Palin chick.
Now we'll just sit back and observe the President do something and what I mean by something I don't know what, cause I'm sure he doesn't know either.

Hey, I may have overstated ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Hey, I may have overstated it. I actually like Palin's refreshing personality. It is ground-breaking and I will give Palin top marks for wading in, where others fear to tread, calling the 'Bushes blue bloods' for example The very careful Obama, too careful, is going to seem pretty boring in comparison in any contest..if the stakes weren't so high, who knows?

the way we are heading, i b... (Below threshold)

the way we are heading, i believe palin is right. the way obama deals with criminals and dictators and terrorists north korea could very well be an ally.

Since no one else is commen... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Since no one else is commenting... yes we should take Palin seriously, more than just as Entertainment Tonight material.

Robert Reich, Clinton's bright labor secretary and still very influential...on the left, definitely takes Sarah Palin seriously in a thoughtful Huffington post suggests that as the inevitable high structural unemployment rate for the next decade continues.

The Palin Strategy will involve a political threat to the GOP establishment: Deny her the nomination she'll run as independent. This will split off much of the white working class and guarantee defeat of the Republican establishment candidate. It will also result in her defeat in 2012, but that's a small price to pay for gaining the credibility and power to demand the nomination in 2016, or threaten another third-party run in 2020.

Once nominated, her campaign for the general election will be purely populist. She'll seek to broaden her base to become the candidate of the people, taking on America's vested Establishment.

So Sarah Palin could be the future of America?

wrong Robert Reich link...... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

wrong Robert Reich link...my bad. It should be Sarah Palin's Presidential Strategy, and the Economy She Depends On

Hey, Crickmore!Ove... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Hey, Crickmore!

Over at Hot Air there is a nearly daily feature called "Obamateurism of the Day".
In other words, (just about) DAILY the Kenyan Affirmative-Action President says and/or does things in the same vein as Sarah Palin did ONCE. (Or maybe more than once, but not daily.)

To quote a recent post, "If this is who you want to have a finger on the nuclear button, that will be your responsibility."

Sky Captain, I will look at... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Sky Captain, I will look at it. Hey what's wrong with Kenya, it is in the continent that Darwin called "the cradle of mankind," and be careful target-rich Palin was exorcised by a Kenyon priest in Alaska. I have seen the church video. I recommend for humorous comments, not all are from the left, Balloon Juice for example, this one by John Cole .

Steve, she wasn't 'exorcise... (Below threshold)

Steve, she wasn't 'exorcised' by a Kenyan (not "Kenyon") priest, but blessed by him. And given the amount of nuclear warheads sent up against her by your friends in the lib socialist media, his blessing has done wonders.

You should also get out of your bubble and learn a little something about the liberal media before you die. When a liberal politician, most likely a dmeocrap, makes a verbal slip while being interviewed by a liberal 'reporter' (i know usually redundant) the reporter if he/she senses the statement to be damaging, will immediately seek to restate the faux pas correctly and have the democrap agree with the corrected statement. But in the same situation with a republican/conservative politician, not only won't the liberal 'reporter' offer a corrective version of the erroneous statement for agreement, he/she will try to maximize the damage of the statement to the republican/conservative. So, it's one thing if the liberal 'reporters' did this and denied any pretense of 'objectivity' and 'fairness', but when they do this and a thousand other things solely against conservative/republican politicians, the evidence becomes irrefutable that the mainstream media is merely an outlet of the DNC and has no credibility.

I like Palin for no other r... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I like Palin for no other reason than how she drives liberals absolutely bat-shit crazy! LOL

eaglewingz08, you have a p... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

eaglewingz08, you have a point, I have worked in the 'liberal' media and I know from experience, rather shockingly how they will shape a story with careful editing or no editing, to suit their biases and story line. Hey, but this was Glenn Beck and Fox News and you have to admit Sarah Palin makes it part of her persona to rip anyone she can-first ladies seem her new specialty, who she thinks are unAmerican or bllue bloods. You are aware her husband, whom she calls "First Dude", was a paid up member of the Alaska Independence Party, until recently- so if she can't stand the heat, she should get out of the kitchen. I should stop now since like a lot of Americans (for diffierent reasons) I want her to win the nomination.

So Mr. Crickmore, to be cle... (Below threshold)

So Mr. Crickmore, to be clear you would be ok with her saying something like "we need more Sanctions against North Korea" but do not have "THE LEAST IDEA" what she meant when she said "The White House is going to come out with a strong enough policy to sanction..."

Granted the way she talks gives me headaches, and "you know what she meant" is an odd way to look at a potential candidate for President; Having said that I would hope that your statement was a bold-faced lie (that you used all-caps for) as otherwise you may be too simple to be allowed to use a computer.

Palin 2012. Believe it. Mak... (Below threshold)

Palin 2012. Believe it. Make it happen.

Nobody ... and I mean nobo... (Below threshold)

Nobody ... and I mean nobody, not me, not steve C, knows just how measurably snart President Obama is or isn't ...

Nobody in America has ever seen his grades ...
(outside of the Obama family) ...

The assumption that he has actually shown a degree of measurable intelligence is simply taken on faith ...

he sounds smart so he must be ...

I don't doubt he is educated but I seriously doubt he is actually intelligent ... he has made way too many gaffs and factual errors for it to be be an accident ... he really does live in a different planet and makes up facts, figures and dates to suit his message without a care in the word that the MSM will fact check him ...

he knows when he is lying and simply doesn't care ... that is not the sign of an intelligent man ...

should have been "me... (Below threshold)

should have been
"measurably smart President Obama"

or maybe that is a new word for Obama

snark+smart=snart ..

Sorry, about the capitals, ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Sorry, about the capitals, Bunker, a typo that I left in. I presume after some thought, that Palin really intendend the opposite of what she said in those two sentences, though as some have suggested she is so anti-Obama regarding him as 'a socialist;
and "palling round with terrorists", that in trying to be ironic she may not have.

We used to have Kremlinogists trying to decipher the Kremlin, for Palin, now we need Palinogists in our national obsesession with her, trying to decipher what she likely met.

There is this about Palin and her comments, vis a vis our enemies, as the Duke of Wellington said.

"I don't know what effect these men (Palin) will have upon the enemy, but by God, they frighten me."

A remark attributed to the Duke of Wellington about his officers during the Napoleonic campaign.

I really like that Wellingt... (Below threshold)

I really like that Wellington quote Mr Crickmore. Kudos for the Dennis Miller like use of historical references!

That being said, that phrase could in all honesty be applied to any politician we do not see eye-to-eye with.

Steve, you really gotta lea... (Below threshold)

Steve, you really gotta learn to stop outsourcing your opining on Palin. It's making you sound really stupid.

First up, you keep talking about how "vindictive" she is. You have a single source on that -- an article that most of the people quoted in it (including her foes) have "refudiated." Period. No actual examples. In fact, the only example of her being "vindictive" anyone ever talked about was in trying to get a really bad cop who was married to her sister off the job -- and I wouldn't view that as a negative, but her duty, both as citizen and governor.

You talk about how she will attack people -- your exact words were "Sarah Palin makes it part of her persona to rip anyone she can-first ladies seem her new specialty, who she thinks are unAmerican or bllue bloods."

Well, she quoted Michelle Obama accurately. And calling the Bushes "blue bloods" is also accurate. In neither case would I call that "ripping."

You got any other examples of her "ripping" anyone? Fact is, she's rather genteel when addressing individuals.

I dunno who it is you're talking about, but it really ain't the Sarah Palin I've been watching.


Jay, here is <a href="http:... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Jay, here is a piece, written in September 2008 for the LA Progressive from an American journalist living in Toronto who interviewed many Alaskans about Pallin. Most wanted to remain anonymous but not all.

"She's a bigot, a racist, and a liar," is the more blunt assessment of Arnold Gerstheimer who lived in Alaska until two years ago and is now a businessman in Idaho.

"Juneau is a small town; everybody knows everyone else," he adds. "These stories about what she calls blacks and Eskimos, well, anyone not white and good looking actually, were around long before she became a glint in John McCain's rheumy eyes. Why do I know they're true? Because everyone who isn't aboriginal or Indian in Alaska talks that way."

Charley James likely has a axe to grind, but still...but don't get me wrong, as long as you`re not on the receiving end, Palin is great copy and she is right, the Bushs' like the Kennedys' were blue bloods, and received obviously too much deference automatically.

Sarah Palin is like peanut ... (Below threshold)

Sarah Palin is like peanut butter and the media are rats.

Rats are scary smart. When a group of rats find food the will send one to investigate and tests the unknown food.
If the rat is killed (a rat trap) or returns they will observe their friend to see if he dies.


If the Rat Trap has peanut butter, instead of cheese, all the rats will frantically pile on the trap to get at the peanut butter. Even if it means death or they know its poison.






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