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Thanksgiving Round Up 2010

Thanksgiving With A Space Alien.

"Whoa, whoa!" I raised my finger. "To call yourself advanced you must take at least three diversity training classes. What planet are you from, really?"

Private property rights trump proto-communism. The Pilgrims were no turkeys.

You might be a redneck...

Daffy Duck and Tom Turk Happy Thanksgiving!

MM is Giving Thanks for American Ingenuity.

Robin of Berkley is thankful she's no longer a straw headed, dissonant liberal.

"Instead of laser-focusing on every unfairness, I am now moved by life's bounty. I finally see my great fortune in being born in this country, in this moment in time. Although I used to lambaste the United States and everything it stood for, I realize that I was like a spoiled child -- ungrateful, mean-spirited."

Saudi King Abdullah is thankful for New York doctors providing the best medical care in the world.

Wait a minute... these Arabs possess kingly sums of money, sit atop huge oil reserves worth billions, yet they cannot build great medical centers staffed with the finest professionals, and have to come to New York to be treated by Jewish doctors??

I guess that obese socialist Michael Moore's fave Cuban med center was all booked up.

Bach was an organ donor? Free downloads of all his organ music.

Over the check-in and through the scanner, to the pat down room we go...

Holiday travel eulogies won't ever be the same.

TY Gizmodo

Whatever you do, please don't call it "turkey day."


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Comments (6)

Shouldn't someone be lookin... (Below threshold)

Shouldn't someone be looking at a Playboy at the dinner table?

Looking - not 'reading'.

"Shouldn't someone be looki... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Shouldn't someone be looking at a Playboy at the dinner table? "

Nah. There aren't any CBC members there, and the table is as white as the MSNBC lineup.

Happy Thanksgiving... (Below threshold)

Happy Thanksgiving Wizbang, thanks for keeping the world at our fingertips, the Lefties on the edge of their seats, and common sense back where it belongs!


Is there something WRONG wi... (Below threshold)

Is there something WRONG with having KFC for Thanksgiving?

We actually wanted chilidogs and PBR but the wife got her way...........again.

Hey - thanks for that link ... (Below threshold)

Hey - thanks for that link to the Bach organ donor! Wow!!! I'm in heaven -- I have this collection on 18 LP Records, all recorded on the historic German organs, and I had been wondering how I was ever going to have time to transcribe them to CD (heaven forbid I should pay twice for the same music!). Now I don't have to! These recordings are just fabulous...

I always knew Wizbang was the place to find out the most amazing info found nowhere else!

You're welcome. We are here... (Below threshold)

You're welcome. We are here to serve.






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