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So Much For "It Takes One To Know One..."

Alleged comedian Sandra Bernhard -- previously known for such side-splitting comedy routines as wishing that Sarah Palin would get gang-raped by a gang of black men -- opined Joy Behar's show (another alleged comedian) that Bristol Palin is a "hooker" for taking a plane (along with other Dancing With The Stars contestants) to New York for post-show interviews with Good Morning America and The View. (All three shows are on ABC.)

Now, I'm not entirely certain of what Ms. Bernhard means by "hooker," but it's clear that she meant it as an insult. And as "hooker" commonly is used for "prostitute," meaning "a person who has sex for money," then I take it that Ms. Bernhard is opposed to those who trade on their sexuality for commercial gain.

Such as, say, posing for Playboy to promote their career.

Nah. I must be wrong. Because that would make Ms. Bernhard a hypocrite.

Playboy 0.jpg

It's a six-page pictorial, and I have JPEGS of all six pages. And they're full nudes.

Let me correct that: several full frontals, but no shots from behind. It seems she had a bit of modesty concerning her derriere. But the rest? She let it all hang out.

And let me tell you, it was NOT easy to look at them. Which is why I didn't post them. But if you folks ask me for them, I'll pollute Wizbang's shiny new server with some images that are not for the faint of heart.

Now, Kevin might tell me no, but remember this: I do not bluff. I do have the pictures. Here's proof:

Playboy 2_censored.jpg


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Comments (33)

Coyote ugly would be to kin... (Below threshold)
Sasquatch Author Profile Page:

Coyote ugly would be to kind and gracious.

Looking at Sandra Bernhard ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Looking at Sandra Bernhard nude is like looking at a fatal car accident. It isn't pretty, but horrible accidents can be compelling.

I suspect her criticism of Bristol is born out of jealousy. Bernhard is jealous because she would likely have to pay someone given her own looks and personality. And even then they'd probably force her to wear a balaclava.

Sandra Bernhard has been a ... (Below threshold)

Sandra Bernhard has been a lifetime winner of the "Does you face hurt .. well it's killing me" award.

Someone let the sows out of... (Below threshold)

Someone let the sows out of the pen again.

Every time Behog opens her maw she breaks an obscenity law.

When the cover says "starke... (Below threshold)

When the cover says "starkers" do they mean "naked" or " raving mad"?

I guess I will never unders... (Below threshold)

I guess I will never understand the visceral hatred that these left-wingers have for Briston Palin, a girl who never did anything to them and who is working on making her own life better for her and her child.

It seems just so irrational, so bizarre, so UN-intellectual that I cannot help but hold contempt for the intellect (or rather lack thereof) of the person who expresses such petty and shallow hatred.

Based on that, it's pretty easy to say that Bernhard is even uglier on the inside than on the outside.

Proof: why not both?... (Below threshold)

Proof: why not both?

I've read the accompanying article, written by Bernhard -- it certainly fits the latter definition.


I feel compelled to say tha... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

I feel compelled to say that I've always felt that Bernhard's worst feature was her mouth - both it's appearance and for what came out of it.

Now, I want to be clear on this, you're telling me there there is worse?

Forget the pics, I've seen enough already.

I'm sure if I go back into ... (Below threshold)
daniel rotter:

I'm sure if I go back into the "wizbang" archives, I'll find Jay Tea similarly critical of Glenn Bleck calling Cindy Sheehan "a pretty big prostitute" (rolls eyes).

Yeah, consistency is a bitch, I know.

Rotter, I don't recall Beck... (Below threshold)

Rotter, I don't recall Beck ever posing nude or engaging in prostitution.

If you have evidence to the contrary, though, please... keep it to yourself. Finding the Bernhard photos almost sent me to washing my eyes with bleach; that would definitely do the trick.


"Rotter, I don't recall Bec... (Below threshold)
daniel rotter:

"Rotter, I don't recall Beck ever posing nude..."

So you'd be cool with Bernhard's "hooker" comment about Mrs. (Bristol) Palin outside the context of the former's Playboy spread? Yeah, right.

"...or engaging in prostitution."

Bernhard has never "engaged in prostitution," so, unlike the "posing nude" comment, I don't know where this nonsense is coming from.

"Bernhard has never "eng... (Below threshold)
galoobs opposite:

"Bernhard has never "engaged in prostitution"

Bs, what are you her agent? She is a protistute for the DNC .. And if its "nonsense", move along.

In aviation there is a sayi... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

In aviation there is a saying: Out of altitude, out of air speed and out of luck. It's a summary of circumstances that pertain to the final moments of flight in some crashes. Maybe we need something similar around here for some of our trolls.

Anyone care to offer a proposal?

Prostitution is selling one... (Below threshold)

Prostitution is selling one's body - Bernhard sold her body to Playboy so guys like rotten can masturbate to something besides sheep.
As for her actually engaging in sex, its obvious that price negotiation is the only issue for her.
Projecting her innuendos on Palin is just another version of "Oh! Look at the bird".

It's obvious that bitches (... (Below threshold)

It's obvious that bitches (word approved by the DNC via Governor-elect Jerry Brown) like Bernhard and Behar need to have someone to rake over the coals in order to make themselves feel better.

Rotter,Beck called... (Below threshold)


Beck called Sheehan a "tragedy pimp", not a prostitute. And, y'know, that pretty much describes her actions...

I think I remember that iss... (Below threshold)

I think I remember that issue... for once, I only read the articles.


14: "Prostitution is sellin... (Below threshold)
daniel rotter:

14: "Prostitution is selling one's body. Bernhard sold her body to Playboy..."

And Scott Brown "sold his body" to Cosmopolitan, but I don't recall anyone around here calling him a "prostitute" Hah, by your own definition of the word, the only U.S. Senator who once engaged in an act of "prostitution" is a Republican.

16: Beck at first called Sheehan a "pretty big prostitute." Do your research.

Behar and Bernhard are jeal... (Below threshold)

Behar and Bernhard are jealous.

They'd have to PAY someone to have sex with them.

I'm sure if I go back into ... (Below threshold)

I'm sure if I go back into the "wizbang" archives, I'll find Jay Tea similarly critical of Glenn Bleck calling Cindy Sheehan "a pretty big prostitute" (rolls eyes).

---- Sure Rotter. As soon as we see you condemn this, we'll take you seriously.

I guess it's a b*tch for you to be consistant as well.


@20: Bernhard was wrong to ... (Below threshold)
daniel rotter:

@20: Bernhard was wrong to say what she said about Bristol Palin.

Rotter,I DID the r... (Below threshold)


I DID the research, Beck retracted that statement and labeled her a 'tragedy pimp'. So I stand by that assertion.

Those of us in fly-over Ame... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Those of us in fly-over Amerikkka wonder how NY continues to market 'talent' like Ms. Bernhard with but very local appeal.

Bloomberg, Behar, Dowd, etc. come to mind. They don't get how freaking sick these celebrities make NY as a whole seem.

That might only be a suspicion but then seeing that NYC graduates less than 50% from high school seals the deal.

re: 13I think "sel... (Below threshold)

re: 13

I think "self-critiquing" is adequate.

Kinda like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane without your parachute.

Dang, Rotter busted me. I d... (Below threshold)

Dang, Rotter busted me. I didn't say bad things about Glenn Beck. And after all the good things I've said about him, I really owe it out of a sense of balance.

Wait a minute... I don't recall ever saying good things about Beck, either. It's like I don't talk about him at all.

So, Rotter, why the hell should I start now? I haven't been inclined to discuss Beck before. I don't have much of any kind of opinion of him. You wanna explain why I should?

Well, apart from how he drives folks like you batshit crazy. That's a plus, in my book. But not enough to actually write anything.


ACK! Eye bleach!! I've been... (Below threshold)

ACK! Eye bleach!! I've been blinded! GADS! What a horribly frightening sight!

Actually.. it would be hard... (Below threshold)

Actually.. it would be hard to find a black man who would wanna rape that brain dead Palin, don't you think?

@25: "I don't recall ever... (Below threshold)
daniel rotter:

@25: "I don't recall ever saying good things about Beck,..."

Well, that's pretty understandable, since there aren't any.

"So, Rotter, why the hell should I start now?"

Why should you start "now?" LOL, didn't you notice the "archives" (usually not a word indicating a desire for contemporaneous behavior) mention in my initial post?

Keep it classy, jelo.... (Below threshold)
Lord Whorfin:

Keep it classy, jelo.

Then, Rotter, why bring up ... (Below threshold)

Then, Rotter, why bring up Beck at all? If you're such a student of my archives, then you ought to know I generally don't talk much about commentators like Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, or the like. I just don't find them interesting enough to listen to and talk about. So why the hell would you bring them up?

Don't bother to answer that. I find your fixation on that even less interesting.


.... I guess I will never u... (Below threshold)

.... I guess I will never understand the visceral hatred that these left-wingers have for ....

Forget "understanding" either the Fascissocialist Psychosis and/or the evil manifest in so many of its uniformly self-and-own-culture-loathing sufferers. It is sufficient that we recognize those and either or both of their primary symptoms, morbid Denial and pathological Projection -- and take whatever action is required to both blunt their sufferer's malevolence and bar his effect upon our Civilization.

Socialism, lest we forget, is the institutionalization of Envy - the only one of the seven deadly sins without a "reward," the one whose only and inevitable products, indeed, are the mindless rages and the visceral hatreds you've already noticed.

"Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. Its only claim to virtue is in its equal sharing of the misery it bestows." (Well known anglo-American, Winston Churchill)

Recognize it? Hell! Yes!

Understand it? Hell! No!

30: "So why the hell would... (Below threshold)

30: "So why the hell would I bring them up?"

Why "the hell" bring up Sandra Bernhard then (and please don't give me the "She called Bristol Palin a 'hooker,' but she's a prostitute herself because she posed for Playboy!" excuse, with it's phony expanded definition of the word "prostitution").

Don't bother to answer that... (Below threshold)

Don't bother to answer that. I find your fixation on that even less interesting.






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