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Clearly, I Have Much To Learn

I've been doing this whole blogging thing for almost six years, and you'd think I'd have this down pat by now. But every now and then, I'm reminded that I still have much to learn.

American Power Blog knows how to get traffic. They post pictures of Jennifer Aniston in a bikini.

Me, I threaten to post nude pictures of Sandra Bernhard. (Censored, but still NSFW and... well, it's Sandra Bernhard.)

Some day, I'll get the hang of this whole blogging thing...


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Well JT, it all depends. N... (Below threshold)

Well JT, it all depends. Now if you were in San Francisco.............

Well....Who in the... (Below threshold)


Who in their right mind wouldn't want to see Jennifer Aniston Mexico Bikini Pics!

Nude pictures of Sandra Bernhard otoh require industrial strength brain bleach to remove.

I believe nude photos of Sa... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

I believe nude photos of Sandra Bernhard have been classified by the FDA as an 'industrial strength emetic'.

Nude pics of Sandra ... (Below threshold)

Nude pics of Sandra Bernhard are the new waterboarding.

Thanks for the Aniston link... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the Aniston link.

If you didn't know that was... (Below threshold)

If you didn't know that was Sandra Bernhardt it wouldn't be so bad. More pic's of Chelsea, Jen's boob job is the worst ever and I'd rather look at Chelsea.....Sandra's body is better in the bronze though, have to admit that.

Jay, you mean you don't rem... (Below threshold)

Jay, you mean you don't remember this post?







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