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"It is a funny sort of global crisis"

The Anchoress is covering the U.N. Cancun Climate Change Conference (ever wonder why they don't hold these things in places like... oh... Cleveland?) and is making some excellent points:

Curiously, no one at these conferences ever suggests that less-draconian measures, affecting a relative minority of human beings, might be worth exploring. Beyond canceling their annual exotically-located meet-up in favor of efficient teleconferences, for instance, these people might want to take a good, hard look at the entertainment industry in general, and rock bands in particular.

Let them start with U2, the Irish rock band that--even as our put-upon saints in Cancun are weeping over Gaia--has landed its current extravaganza, "The 360 Tour," in Australia. Billed as the biggest tour ever mounted, and at a daily cost of $850,000, the show requires six 747 jets, 55 trucks, and an assembly crew of 130. "You compare a tour by the number of trucks they use," production manager Jake Berry said. "The Rolling Stones ran 46 trucks. We are running 55. This is the biggest."

Now, I am a longtime fan of U2. I sat through Rattle and Hum, and liked it. In my top-five-list of great albums, I include The Joshua Tree, All That You Can't Leave Behind, and the magnificent Achtung, Baby! I think The Edge is an underrated, innovative guitarist.

But before I am a pop-band fan, I am a person looking at headlines suggesting that my life should be profoundly recalibrated in order to serve a dubious scientific theory, one that seems designed to be redefined on a bureaucratic whim.


As we read the dire news out of Cancun, that food and material goods may need to be rationed among the little people, for the good of the earth, we may take comfort in knowing that, before we retire to our cold-water flats, we will still be permitted to expend large amounts of our hard-earned cash for the privilege of being entertained and lectured by extremely wealthy musicians who inveigh against greed and endorse big-government solutions to social and environmental problems, even as they move their assets to tax-reduced locations, and fly their multiple 747's and drive their scores of trucks to their next profitable, ephemeral gig.

It is a funny sort of global crisis that requires sacrificial amends and rationing--with the accompanying restrictions on earnings and opportunities--from some people, while others are permitted to continue living their lives and making their profits pretty much as they always have.

The gal has a way with words but don't take my word for it... go and read the whole thing.  She makes unassailable points.


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Comments (16)

"She makes unassailable ... (Below threshold)

"She makes unassailable points",

There is no such thing as an "unassailable point" to a devout believer. However those who are pushing the whole "climate change" farce don't really believe any of it themselves. To them it is simply a means to an end---said end being a single, world wide, communist government.

If you keep that simple fact in mind it all makes sense.

The only world crisis is th... (Below threshold)

The only world crisis is the godless lefts desire to set themselves up as overlords above else as #1 states. We would all be dictated to like little sheep that cannot tend for ourselves. One look at Barrys utopia gives you a small insight as to how enjoyable life would be serving them.

Regular poster here, under ... (Below threshold)
Not Me:

Regular poster here, under an assumed name - I'm in Cancun working on the COP16 meeting.

More about it after it's over...

As the Instapundit is fond ... (Below threshold)

As the Instapundit is fond of saying: "I'll believe it's a crisis when the people who keep telling me it's a crisis behave as though it's a crisis."

"Regular poster here, under... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"Regular poster here, under an assumed name - I'm in Cancun working on the COP16 meeting. "

Jay Tea, you get yer pale ass back up where you belong in sunny Cow Hampshire!

My sentiments exactly, Kevi... (Below threshold)

My sentiments exactly, Kevino. The only person I'm aware of in Hollywood (as an example) who's walking the enviro-walk he talks is Ed Begley Jr.

All the rest? All the folks touting global warming and the urgent necessity of 'change' in our energy-hog lifestyles? They're either just looking for the right 'hook' to get us to go along with their plans - or they're looking to make a quick buck. (As in Al Gore 'regretting' his pushing of ethanol now that it's proven troublesome, and his carbon-credit trading scam has quietly collapsed.)

Or both.

Just more of the same "DO a... (Below threshold)

Just more of the same "DO as we say, not as we do!"

I'd like to make a nominati... (Below threshold)

I'd like to make a nomination for the next meeting place. Antarctica.

and because of their rank h... (Below threshold)

and because of their rank hypocrisy their silly suggestions will be ignored...but they will feel good as they leave gigantic carbon footprints.

I think rationing is a good... (Below threshold)

I think rationing is a good idea. Let's start with the UN. Time to go, their carbon footprint is too large, so eliminate the organization, raze the building and plant trees there.

(Waving) Les, my pale ass I... (Below threshold)

(Waving) Les, my pale ass IS here, in New Hampshire. Haven't left the state in a couple of weeks, and that was just a mile or so into Vermont for business. (Don't worry, I had my shots.)

Cancun? I wish. Instead, I had to deal with freezing rain on Friday, snow on Saturday, and damned cold yesterday.


Well, it was cold in the co... (Below threshold)
Not Me:

Well, it was cold in the convention center here. I had to wear a jacket for a while.

And there wasn't any ice for the drinks.

Tequila's cheap, though.

" More about it after it's ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

" More about it after it's over...

3. Posted by Not Me | November 30, 2010 1:08 PM | "


Not over yet, either. Noth... (Below threshold)
Not Me:

Not over yet, either. Nothing much happening.

" Not over yet, either. "</... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

" Not over yet, either. "

Sheesh. Not yet? How much shrimp scampi and booze can you cram down your gullets?

Well, let us know when you guys run out of blow and the hookers all go home. :)

As we all know Global Warmi... (Below threshold)

As we all know Global Warming is a hoax invented to restribute the wealth of americans to other countries such as Africa, as the recent german minister told in a candid interview.






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