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Pie Chart of the Day: The Federal Pay Freeze

Philip Klein cranks out a simple chart to try and explain what the proposed federal pay freeze will do to help our struggling economy:


Not a lot of help goin' on there.

I realize it's kinda small, but even a larger version of the image fails to show the cuts reductions frozen non-increases.


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IIRC from Zippy's announcem... (Below threshold)
Jay Wills:

IIRC from Zippy's announcement, the freeze is in place for two years, but the $28 billion number comes from a five-year estimate. More of that SmartPower (tm) thingee, I guess.

Well, the every day, ration... (Below threshold)

Well, the every day, rational American realizes this is not much help. To a liberal, this pay freeze is probably considered a major sacrifice (and likely ideological heresy).

Big deal.how bout ... (Below threshold)

Big deal.

how bout eliminating 20% of the non-military federal jobs and bringing salaries in line with the private sector...Oh yeah, no pensions, just a 401K program....Oh, yeah, one more thing. Obamacare for all federal workers.

Let's start cutting federal... (Below threshold)
Ken D.:

Let's start cutting federal jobs Government payrolls are bloated and need to be reduced. The private sector has certainly had to trim payrolls.

Just more of Barry Shakespe... (Below threshold)

Just more of Barry Shakespeare's nonsense. "Full of sound and fury, signifying NOTHING."

Next week Barry will trumpet that with the 'savings' made, he'll be able to spend the money 'saved' on other 'social justice' projects.

FYI, the mind of a leftist ... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

FYI, the mind of a leftist does not process much less understand objective items such as pie charts; you'd have a better chance of explaining quantum physics to a lobotomized donkey.

I don't know the situation ... (Below threshold)

I don't know the situation with those jobs, but I'm not even sure Obama can really freeze wages. There's some unions absolutely outraged and talking about their contracts. It's kind of funny, I thought the unions supported Obama?

We had a city manager here who passed a salary freeze. It lasted about a week before a judge told him he was breaking employment law.

Caesar-Leftists an... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:


Leftists and Lobotomized Donkeys are not an equivalent set?

I never noticed a difference.

many federal employees maki... (Below threshold)

many federal employees making over $100,000 a year are high school dropouts. while employees with actual jobs to do like border patrol agents
are paid half as much. feds couldnt meet affirmative action goals if they required a high school diploma.

You fools! The pay freeze i... (Below threshold)

You fools! The pay freeze is to keep the fat paychecks from being cut!

Actually the "pay freeze" a... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Actually the "pay freeze" applies only to cost-of-living increases, and NOT to "step" increases or bonuses.

As usual, Obama's lofty rhetoric doesn't match his pathetic results. Worthless buffoon . . .

"Actually the "pay freeze" ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"Actually the "pay freeze" applies only to cost-of-living increases, and NOT to "step" increases or bonuses."


This is what needs to be made clear.

If you are a govt employee, you may still get more and more money year after year.

That sound like a "freeze" to you, America?

Here's another pie chart, o... (Below threshold)

Here's another pie chart, one with even a tinier sliver than the one you show on yours.


Are we to understand that your sliver represents an insignificant effect, yet the one above represents a call to revolution?

Let's face reality. This is... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Let's face reality. This is show and tell -Washington style, wth the Photoshopped messiah performing his best immitation of a real miracle - raising federal employee budgets while claiming that something was cut!

This is the left's economic version of "I did not have "sex" with that woman..."

More of barrys boastful ho... (Below threshold)

More of barrys boastful hogwash.






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