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Arrogance of power

There's nothing more symbolic, more illustrative of the Democrats and their arrogance, then what you're about to see below:

That piece of... work... with the gavel is Democratic Rep. Laura Richardson of California who I hope is thrown out on her ear the next time she's up for re-election.

If that isn't worthy of loathing, nothing is.

H/T to Gerard.


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I find the incivility much ... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

I find the incivility much less disturbing then the apparent fact that a motion to suspend normal rules and move a bill forward can be entertained when 99.5% of the congress critters are not in the chamber. What do we pay these clowns for again?

At least she was being a go... (Below threshold)

At least she was being a good Democrat and waited until she was fed her lines.

From your American Digest l... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

From your American Digest link:

"Commenter quinky helps us all out with a pocket bio of the person (one Laura Richardson (D) ) "wielding" the gavel:

After her election to the California Assembly, Richardson purchased a home in Sacramento with no money down and a subprime mortgage. According to county records, Richardson received a default notice and Notice of Trustee's Sale in late 2007. In December 2007, Richardson was behind in payments by more than $18,000. According to the couple that sold the home to Richardson, Richardson was not maintaining the home. Sharon Helmar has stated: "The neighbors are extremely unhappy with her. She didn't mow the lawn or take out the garbage while she was there. We lived there for a long time, 30 years, and we had to hide our heads whenever we came back to the neighborhood."

The real estate broker who bought Richardson's Sacramento house at the foreclosure sale accused her of receiving preferential treatment because her lender had issued a notice to rescind the sale. James York, owner of Red Rock Mortgage, said he would file a lawsuit against Richardson and her lender, Washington Mutual, but settled out of court with the terms not disclosed. Richardson had not been making payments on the property for nearly a year, and had also gone into default on her two other houses in Long Beach and San Pedro. Richardson, D-Long Beach, has said that the auction should never have been held, because she had worked out a loan modification agreement with her lender beforehand and had begun making payments.

Richardson also initially did not disclose a loan from a strip club owner when on the City Council, public records show. "

So, she was one of those scumbag grifters who caused the housing meltdown.

Didn't Alfrankenstein pull ... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:

Didn't Alfrankenstein pull a stunt like that a short time back?

Yep, she's the dead beat th... (Below threshold)

Yep, she's the dead beat that should be homeless.

She's the deadbeat from Kal... (Below threshold)

She's the deadbeat from Kalifornia who should be homeless or in prison.

Term limits, and the voters... (Below threshold)

Term limits, and the voters get to vote on wether or not you get a per diem and compensation above a base salary on performance.

Would work for teachers too.

I absolutely adore how he y... (Below threshold)

I absolutely adore how he yields back the remaining two seconds. That's amazing.

IOKIYAR.<a href="h... (Below threshold)






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