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I'm Sorry, Did You Say Something?

Apparently, we're having a few technical glitches with the server switchover. Kevin tells me that occasionally, comments -- and quite possibly whole articles -- are going to the old server, instead of the new one.

No, don't bother asking me for details. I'm a hardware guy, dammit. I'm the guy around these parts who can be counted on to totally screw up the main page at least once a month. But from what he said, the new hamsters are occasionally spinning the frammis counterclockwise, sending the doohickey into transverse overdrive and inverting the phase-coupler on the gigawidget. (We asked Gabby Johnson IV to do our tech support.)

So, anyone who didn't see their comments show up: sorry. It wasn't deliberate; I haven't messed with any comments today, and I don't think anyone else has. Nobody's been censored, disemvoweled, deleted, edited, or banned, to the best of my knowledge. (And those who've been here for a while know that I'm not shy about when I do so -- I make a point of announcing it.)

Bear with us, folks. We're trying, dad-gum it.

Kevin adds: Jay Tea is now apparently talking to no one, as the DNS changes haven't made it to his neighborhood. This post was made on the old server. I've been manual copying and pasting posts from the old server to the new server, as I did with this. Trying to do the same with comments just isn't practical.

We've had a few glitches today that got fixed this evening with some help from our hosting company. Things have been humming along smoothly since. If you noticed an error it was probably related to the memory issue that popped up several times during the day and was finally resolved this evening.


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