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The Return of Rollin Hand, pt. 2

A few weeks ago, an Asian man was arrested in Canada after boarding an Air Canada flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver wearing a life-like rubber mask that disguised him as an elderly white man. He also had a hat, glasses, and a cardigan to complete the disguise, and imitated the bodily movements of an elderly person in order to establish the character of his false identity.


Authorities in Ohio recently announced the arrest and subsequent guilty plea of Conrad Zdzierak, a 30 year old white male who committed six robberies while wearing a silicone mask so life-like that witnesses and authorities were convinced that their suspect was a black male. In face, the disguise worked so well that police initially arrested a black man as a suspect in one of the robberies:

Zdzierak stole about $15,000 in the robberies of four banks, a credit union and a pharmacy that occurred in March and April - crimes in which witnesses reported that the robber was black and surveillance video appeared to show a black man.

Zdzierak's masked resemblance to the black man who was initially arrested was so similar that some witnesses even identified a photo of the black man as the one who robbed them, McDowell said.

The prosecutor's office would not release the name of the wrongly accused man.

Once again, I'm expecting to hear the "Mission: Impossible" theme music playing in the background as Jim, Rollin, Cinnamon, Willie, and Barney quickly speed away from the scene of their latest mission in an ambulance or taxi cab. Just incredible.


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Not so incredible. In sout... (Below threshold)

Not so incredible. In southern California right now, the FBI is looking for "the geezer bandit". Supposedly an elderly man in his 70's who has pulled off 7-8 bank heists. They're beginning to suspect that the guy is actually wearing a mask.

Only a matter of time til w... (Below threshold)

Only a matter of time til we get the liberal solution; outlaw all masks, Halloween be damned.

GarandFan,Wow, a r... (Below threshold)


Wow, a real-life "Going In Style."






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