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And by "Conversation" I mean "Shut UP"

Great video about open dialog from my old buds at SMB. It's some "Conversations with Marchers for America" that sounds more like a shouting match than a conversation.

And a one-side shouting match, at that.

While I'm sure these were cherry-picked interviews, I would've loved to hear if, in fact, there was somebody there with an argument that made any sense.


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Well finally someone said w... (Below threshold)

Well finally someone said what we knew was the case. They do not want to enforce immigration standards for Mexican because we stole the land.

Well if everyone is the SAME why is the Land that the Mexican Government controls so screwed up. See we do not need to be like other countries other countries need to be like the USA. if the Mexican government would do better then their people would have opportunities in their own country. We do not need illegal aliens we need legal immigrants.

Barrys illegal supporters a... (Below threshold)

Barrys illegal supporters are so intelligent.

Their intelligence is on th... (Below threshold)
Ellie Light:

Their intelligence is on the same level as Obamao's honesty.

So Miss Intellegence wants ... (Below threshold)

So Miss Intellegence wants to give California back to the Mexicans because who stole it from them, yet earlier she said that only the Indians weren't immigrants. So, by her logic (bad choice of word for her) shouldn't we give California back to the Indians and Mexico back to the Aztecs? And how about Europe back to the barbarbians or the Neanthrathals?

"We should give California ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"We should give California back to Mexico..."

Let's not be hasty. I'd like to hear Mexico's offer before I flatly say no.....

"We should give California ... (Below threshold)

"We should give California back to Mexico..."

As fucked up as Mexico is, they wouldn't want it. Too much of a financial drain on them. They're used to GETTING money from California.

Illegals in the US, sending money home, is the 2nd biggest money producer for Mexico. Right behind oil. Go figure.

Well, well, a fixation ... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

Well, well, a fixation with absolute prole freedoms as a prime US motivator. Voice number one must be representative of her kind fairly well and an excellent indicator of how Rangel and others got to stay in office for so long. It's also an indicator of the corrosiveness of common, black social leadership...it gives encouragement to the 'ignoramii' to arm themselves with aggression and arrogance. As for the rest of the assembly...organized leaches. Maybe the Chi coms have an idea...too much democracy facilitates social instability. Dont dismiss that idea, it may possess currency.

Shouldn't the they be calle... (Below threshold)

Shouldn't the they be called marchers against America? Sounds like they want the US abolished.

I hope this person keeps sp... (Below threshold)

I hope this person keeps speaking out for the left up to and into the next presidential election. It is a great gift for conservatives. The left are so ignorant. ww

I just want to know if she ... (Below threshold)
Rick Caird:

I just want to know if she is willing to do away with welfare and entitlements. You cannot have open borders and a welfare state.

This part is not "cherry pi... (Below threshold)

This part is not "cherry picked" as you said.


This is what the Marxist do, they work hard to try and squelch any free speech and do not want ANYONE who does not "tow the line" to be heard. These anti-Americans are truly dangerous.

Just more from the party of... (Below threshold)

Just more from the party of "gimme!".

When will someone step and ... (Below threshold)

When will someone step and tell these people and the illegal aliens that if we have open borders and let everyone in, there is no "America" anymore. They will not be free, there will be no free health insurance or SS. That is why they come here in the first place.

crack ho done been to all 5... (Below threshold)
Wyatt Wingnut:

crack ho done been to all 57 states.






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