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What's Austrian For "I'll Be In My Bunk?"

In Austria, a member of their parliament finally had enough of the Turkish ambassador to his nation, and unloaded on the guy on the floor of Parliament:

I don't know what is the most awesome moment:

"Gentlemen of the Turkish embassy -- there are no ladies there..."

(Referring to a Turkish Muslim girl killed in an "honor killing" by her family) "Ms. Muhltonnen, do you have any sympathy for this 16-year-old, who was buried alive? She wasn't a Catholic, so you're ALLOWED to feel sorry for her."

OK, I lied. I do know what was the most awesome moment -- this single line that sums up something I've been arguing for years:

"I am telling you, this country is not exclusively made up of tolerance romantics. There are also people sick and tired of the one-way street tolerance babble which you feed on, Mr. Ambassador!"

Tolerance has to be a two-way street. And some of the most intolerant people around are those who demand the most "tolerance" and denounce most loudly others as "intolerant."

Tolerance and respect have to be two-way streets. When they are not, it's simple submission.


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Indeed!... (Below threshold)


Dang! He makes me look lik... (Below threshold)
Gov. Chris Christie:

Dang! He makes me look like a wimp! I wish I could be that cool!

"Ich bin in meiner Koje"</p... (Below threshold)

"Ich bin in meiner Koje"

You have to really spray the "Ich" and you have to roll the "r" to make it Austrian accented.

We could use him here, soon... (Below threshold)

We could use him here, sooner rather than later!

Love the "tolerance romanti... (Below threshold)

Love the "tolerance romantic" phrase. I'm gonna have to start using that when browbeating liberals.

"Tolerance has to be a two-... (Below threshold)

"Tolerance has to be a two-way street. And some of the most intolerant people around are those who demand the most "tolerance" and denounce most loudly others as "intolerant."

There we have the binding thread between liberals and radical muslims.

I think it was GK Chesterto... (Below threshold)
Don L:

I think it was GK Chesterton that referred to the diabolical nature of the word "tolerance."

Isn't that what DADT is really all about - public acceptance of a moral aberration under the guise of a virtue?

"No wickedness, no heresy, not even the Devil himself can deceive anyone without counterfeiting virtue." St. Dorotheos of Gaza

Absolutely great. Right on ... (Below threshold)

Absolutely great. Right on the money. And most people in this country agree with his view. ww

Looks like the Europeans, a... (Below threshold)

Looks like the Europeans, at least some of them, are starting to wake up.

Having had a history of Tur... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Having had a history of Turkish muslims laying siege to Vienna one would hope that there would be precious few "tolerance romantics" there.

The time is long overdue to treat muslims with the same degree of tolerance that they treat everyone else.

About time.... (Below threshold)

About time.

And the Turks are among... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

And the Turks are among the most modern thinking of middle-east muslims. They are though, even now, sliding away from the vision and direction of Kemal Attaturk since electing an Islamist Party that is reembracing what it can mean to be a middle-east muslim... (living a fantasy of a long ago epoch of Islamic scholarship yet surrounded, today, by the burdens of arrested social development compliments of that same, failed, Islamic attempt to try to understand and honor the God of 'Abraham the Jew'). Islam misapprehended God at it's birth!.
Give the Austrian bloke this though...he hammers not only his Turks 'of interest' but more importantly those gutless liberal turds that really do aspire to a romantic view of 'the coiled cobra' as a treasured house guest.
Gentlemen..Ladies..please stand and repeat after me...EWALD STAEDTLER HAS BALLOCKS! It is the Ewald Staedler's of this world who will, with equally fierce passion, rid the western world of the idiocy of political correctness of this sort so that the extreme problem of reversing the spread of the 'ignorance and backwardness' of Islam into our cultural life can be quickly realized. I recommend that we start by de-brainwashing our own youth.

And I wonder how many of yo... (Below threshold)

And I wonder how many of your readers even get the "I'll be in my bunk" reference??

Quoth the best public relations manager in existence.... :)

Ah, the bunk is comfy today... (Below threshold)

Ah, the bunk is comfy today....:)

And I wonder how m... (Below threshold)
And I wonder how many of your readers even get the "I'll be in my bunk" reference??

Do not mock me or I will get Vera and aim to misbehave...

That was really fun to watc... (Below threshold)

That was really fun to watch, thank you. I wish we had just one politician here in America with the courage to say it.

Don't worry, you probably d... (Below threshold)

Don't worry, you probably didn't really shoot anyone in that gunfight anyway.

You have to tip your hat t... (Below threshold)

You have to tip your hat to Ataturk. It's doubtful Hitler would have thouhgt of killing all the Jews if Ataturk hadn't shown the way with the Armenians. Modernity at its best

corwin,You have an... (Below threshold)


You have any proof at all regarding your assertion about Ataturk, or are you just spouting off without thinking first? Remember that Ataturk did not become head of the Turkish state until after 1920.






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