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Democrat Senator compares Republicans to terrorists...

... and is then defended by a spokeman named Mohamadi.  Isn't that just rich?

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) on Friday compared the tax-cut fight with Republicans to negotiating with terrorists, while Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri suggested Americans might need to "take up pitchforks" if Congress renews tax breaks for the wealthy.

"Do you allow yourself to be held hostage and get something done for the sake of getting something done, when in fact it might be perverse in its ultimate results?" Menendez said, when asked whether he and other Democrats would compromise with Republicans. "It's almost like the question of do you negotiate with terrorists."

The comment was one of several sharp remarks made by Senate Democrats during a news conference Friday ahead of two key test votes Saturday on tax cuts.

A Menendez aide said the senator was talking about the Republicans' negotiating strategy and was not comparing Republicans to terrorists.

"This shouldn't be taken out of context from the full question and answer," Menendez spokesman Afshin Mohamadi wrote in an e-mail. "The critical point for middle-class Americans remains that Republicans have chosen to jeopardize tax cuts for every middle class family in order to guarantee an average tax cut of $104,000 for each millionaire."

Wouldn't it be interesting to hear what Afshin Mohamadi thinks of Hamas?


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Comments (34)

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J... (Below threshold)

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.)

No (D - Mexico)


Barrys ship of fools contin... (Below threshold)

Barrys ship of fools continue to head for the bottom.

Elections have consequences... (Below threshold)

Elections have consequences Mendendez, especially recall elections.

Rasmussen reports that more... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Rasmussen reports that more people identify as Republicans than democrats. Sen Menendez should be afraid....very afraid. If Republicans are like terrorists then the pitchforks are for him.

Class warfare, it's where i... (Below threshold)

Class warfare, it's where it's at.
Funny how permitting a fellow citizen to keep more of the fruits of his labor or investments is now considered akin to a terrorist act in this country. The most corrupt class of people in our country - the ruling class - demonizes our fellow citizens simply because they are successful. Talk about terrorism.

"... and is then defende... (Below threshold)

"... and is then defended by a spokesman named Mohamadi. Isn't that just rich?"

Reminds me of the good old days in Nazi Germany when people with Jewish sounding names were singled out for "special treatment".

"Wouldn't it be interesting to hear what Afshin Mohamadi thinks of Hamas?

Absolutely! Let's waterboard the bastard and tortue him until he admits that he and Obama are in cahoots with the extremists.

Oh wait, it's extremists like you Rick who are the real danger to our country - or don't you realize that your bigoted hatred is preventing you from thinking like a true American?

Afshin Mohamadi has done nothing to deserve your singling out of him - nothing. And a federal employee I'm sure he's passed some form of security check to be in his current position.

But folks like Rick hate so much they would single out their fellow Americans simply because of their name.

Nazi Germany and Fox News' America aren't that far apart.

Well republicans, if the sh... (Below threshold)

Well republicans, if the shoe fits...

$104,000 each? That looks ... (Below threshold)

$104,000 each? That looks an awful lot like a decent job with benefits right there that a "millionaire" could create and the gov't would use to study the mating habits of turtles in zero gravity or fund blasphemous homosexual "art" displays at Christmas.

"Nazi Germany and Fox News'... (Below threshold)

"Nazi Germany and Fox News' America aren't that far apart."

I'd accuse you of drinking Kool Aid, but for the suspicion that you're mainlining the powder instead.

HINT: The use of "Nazi" comparisons has been so overused it's now passe, except for the extreme left fringe - which for some reason has a fascination for it.

Whether or not the Nazi Ger... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Whether or not the Nazi Germany analogy was appropriate, CynTax's point that Rick was casting aspersions simply because of the spokesman's Muslim-sounding name is valid.

The whole piece, except for Rick's semi-racist snark, is a tempest in a teapot. The senator was using a figure of speech. If he had said that negotiating with Republicans was like pulling teeth, would Rick's headline be "Democrat Senator Compares Republicans With Dentists?"

A psychiatrist would classi... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

A psychiatrist would classify this either as "projection" or "transference."

"HINT: The use of "Nazi"... (Below threshold)

"HINT: The use of "Nazi" comparisons has been so overused it's now passe, except for the extreme left fringe - which for some reason has a fascination for it."

Yeah, it's so passe that folks on Fox News can't quit using it.

From Obama's inauguration through June 2010, Beck had "202 mentions of Nazis or Nazism, according to transcripts, 147 mentions of Hitler, 193 mentions of fascism or fascist, and another 24 bonus mentions of Joseph Goebbels." This week he spoke again about the Holocaust. But it was not to commemorate Kristallnacht. It was to engage in an insidious form of Holocaust revisionism. His motivation? To score political points against George Soros, a prominent Jewish philanthropist and Holocaust survivor.

Like I said - just like Fox News' America - complete with idiots who deny the truth.

At least we can accuse Mr. fan of being a fan of Fox News - or at least he doesn't watch Glenn Beck very much. He doesn't need Fox News to make up BS for him, he makes up his own BS.

Rick was wrong to single this person out just because of his name. It's un-American.

Bruce-"The ... (Below threshold)


"The whole piece, except for Rick's semi-racist snark"

"The senator was using a figure of speech."

Have some more kool aid Bruce. Rick can post what he wants just like you can race bait like you do.

"Rick was wrong to single t... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

"Rick was wrong to single this person out just because of his name."

Agreed. Completely baseless and egregious. But, not surprising.

Brucie Henry is a total ass... (Below threshold)

Brucie Henry is a total assclown.

cyntax: "Oh wait, it's extr... (Below threshold)

cyntax: "Oh wait, it's extremists like you Rick who are the real danger to our country - or don't you realize that your bigoted hatred is preventing you from thinking like a true American?"


"..like a true American."

Thanks cyntax!

Thanks for labeling "rick" as "unAmerican".


Wait just a second.

Wasn't it the left that for 8 straight years complained about (even when it wasn't true..or maybe ESPECIALLY because it wasn't true) Republicans/Conservatives supposedly calling anyone who disagreed with them "unAmerican" or "unpatriotic"?

Wow indeed.

It's almost like cyntax and other lefties are really just unprincipled hyper-partisan hacks or something.

Drago, have you EVER said a... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Drago, have you EVER said anything smart on the internet?

This CynTax person is not responsible for what was said or not said by "other lefties" in the past.

Just as commenter Jim M has a thing for psychoanalyzing an imaginary "mind of the left," your whole schtick consists of pouncing on what you perceive as the hypocrisy of liberal commenters FOR WHAT OTHER LIBERALS ONCE SAID.

As for whether or not Rick's post is "unAmerican," ask yourself this: If a statement was defended by a spokesman named Tyrone Washington, would it be appropriate, or within the scope of American values, to ask, "Wouldn't it be interesting to hear what Tyrone Washington thinks of the New Black Panther Party?" In other words, because of his name, to imply that that spokesman has a certain political outlook?

Only in the leftist mind, a... (Below threshold)

Only in the leftist mind, a mind devoid of context and purposed in finding bigotry where it does not exist and ignoring it conveniently where it does, would someone be able to find fault in pointing out that a spokesman defending the false branding of terrorist is named after the founder of the religion the vast majority of terrorists, by far, follow.

A. It wasn't the "false bra... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

A. It wasn't the "false branding of terrorist." It was a figure of speech along the lines of "like pulling teeth."

B. If a guy named Malcolm makes a statement, should we assume he is sympathetic to the Black Muslims? If a Mexican guy named Jesus says something, is he speaking for Christian fundamentalists?

Face it, Rick. You made an assumption that this spokesman for a Senator approves of Hamas (or rather, a wholly unjustified insinuation that he MIGHT) solely on the fact that he has a Muslim-sounding name. You know NOTHING about the guy, his background or beliefs, but that doesn't stop you from hinting that he might be a supporter of a terrorist group.

Then you get offended when someone points out that that insinuation is unjustified. Hilarious.

Offended? At what you or R... (Below threshold)

Offended? At what you or Ryan A. has to say about something I wrote? Please... I'd have to first think that what you have to say or Ryan A. have to say has merit...

I don't. It's that simple.

Your analogies are weak and don't paint the picture accurately... in fact, it's but merely yet another lame liberal attempt to make something out of nothing to score points with other like-minded (and ignorant) liberal friends...

The only bigotry being displayed in this thread is the bigotry you hold against those who think not like you do...

In other words Bruce... you're projecting... again...

I don't take offense at that... in fact, I expect it from you... you provide fodder for the rest of us that substantiates so much of what we think about the leftist perspective... and you provide it consistently.

I guess for that we should be grateful... you make the case for us...

What's with the dot dot dot... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

What's with the dot dot dots, Rick?

Here is an analogy-free statement, Rick, that you can be offended by or not:

You insinuated that this spokesman has a favorable opinion of Hamas, a terrorist group, because, and solely because, he has a Muslim name. You know nothing about the guy. You have no idea how he feels about Hamas or anything else. But you sneer about "how rich" it is that he has a Muslim name because his boss compared compromising with Republicans to negotiating with terrorists.

Most common form of bigotry, Rick. Just as bigoted as, for instance, assuming a student gets good grades because their name is Singh or Wang, or that a guy likes fried chicken because his name is Jaquan Smith. Only more sinister, because you are impugning the patriotism of someone you have never met and know nothing about.

But I cop to being bigoted against bigots. Ya got me there, Rick.

Impugning his patriotism by... (Below threshold)

Impugning his patriotism by asking what he might think of Hamas? Umm... no.

I did nothing more than wonder if his opinion of Hamas might add to the irony already in evidence...

Nothing more, nothing less.

You however may read into this whatever you like and believe it... after all, we're aware that you buy into many delusions... this time, you're merely expressing a belief in self-delusion.

And again Bruce... you haven't the credibility, the authority or the intellect to offend me... your perspective is nothing more than fodder for ridicule...

But carry on Bruce... others might be as entertained as I am as you continue to embark down folly road.

Now Rick, what did your Eng... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Now Rick, what did your Eng 101 instructor at the community college tell you about the dot dot dots?

Backpedal all you want. I'll bet you're more careful about revealing your true colors in the future.

Next why don't you post a "think piece" about what it is to be a True Christian or a Real American?

Didn't take Eng 101 at any ... (Below threshold)

Didn't take Eng 101 at any Community College Bruce... but I did take a logic class in high school... you should consider one yourself...

And no one here is back-pedaling. Not agreeing with your caricature of what's taking place isn't back-pedaling... it's not agreeing with your caricature...

And I'll pass on the think piece on what it takes to be a true Christian or an American... but would love to see you post something about that which you seem well versed in...

... and that's what it means to be a true asshole.

QUESTION: Which of the foll... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

QUESTION: Which of the following phrases is unlike the others?

a. I wonder if he likes fried chicken. His name, after all, is Jaquan Smith.

b. I bet he's been drinking. You know his name is Patrick O'Shaughnessy.

c. He's got plenty of money, but he won't pay retail. You know why - his name is Goldstein!

d. It would be interesting (wink wink) to see what this guy has to say about Hamas. Because, you know, his name is Mohammed.

Trick question. They're all racist bullshit. Even the last one, d.

Oh, and that "going on offense" crap doesn't work even for the Master, Mr DJ "I Declare Victory" Drummond. You're no good at it at all, Rick.

Bruce... you did leave a bi... (Below threshold)

Bruce... you did leave a bit out of answer D. did you not? Here... let me help a bit with some truth... a term you've given lots of evidence suggesting you're not familiar with:

d. It would be interesting (wink wink) to see what this guy, who's boss has just compared Republicans to terrorists and who now has him stepping up and attempting to defend that comparison, has to say about Hamas. Because, you know, his name is Mohammed and hell, aren't the vast majority of terrorists today called Mohammed?

See how that works Brucie? Context is a bitch buddy...

Now back to your mother's basement son...

Except his boss didn't comp... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Except his boss didn't compare Republicans to terrorists. He said that compromising with Republicans is something one shouldn't do - like one shouldn't negotiate with terrorists. A stupid thing to say, perhaps, considering how it was instantly distorted by rabid partisan hacks like...well, you know who they are.

And see, that's why politicians HAVE spokesmen. So they can come out and "clarify" when the boss says something unfortunate. And it shouldn't matter whether that spokesman's name is Smith, Palmieri, Wang, Goldberg, or Mohammed - that spokesman's job is to explain what that politician "meant to say."

And the spokesman's name DOESN'T matter to anyone but an I'm-No-Racist-But racist like yourself, Rick.

The fact that you can't acknowledge that your snark is bigoted nonsense tells me you are one of two things: Either an unconscious racist, in which case you should be thanking this CynTax person and myself for helping you avoid another embarrasing faux pas in the future; or an unrepentant racist, in which case there's no hope for you, but thankfully you've exposed yourself for Wizbang readers to see. Why do you think none of your usual minions have rushed to your defense?

I suppose there's a third possibility: That you KNOW you're wrong but aren't man enough to admit it.

By the way, is this the syllogism they taught you in your high school logic class?
A. Almost all terrorists have Muslim names.
B. This dude has a Muslim name.
C. This dude is a terrorist.

That about right, Rick?

Further, see my first paragraph in this comment for an example of how to use dot dot dots.

Here's the syllogism that I... (Below threshold)

Here's the syllogism that I think best fits Bruce:

A. Bruce thinks all conservative opinions are racist opinions.
B. Rick gives conservative opinions.
C. Bruce thinks Rick is a racist.

The problem however is this.

A. Idiots consistently posts idiotic comments filled with half-truths and straw man arguments.
B. Bruce consistently posts idiotic comments filled with half-truths and straw man arguments.
C. Bruce is consistently an idiot.

I think that sums things up.

While I don't think all con... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

While I don't think all conservatives are racists, I do think that racists are almost always conservatives.

I don't think Jay Tea is a racist, or Mr Karipides, or Mr Drummond, even though they "give" conservative opinions. Just you, Rick. Maybe it's because they don't say racist shit like you said in this piece.

Did your logic teacher tell you what a Straw Man argument is? If so, why don't you identify one I've made on this thread? Hint: "Straw Man argument" and "analogy" are two different things.

But then again, never mind. You've summed up what you think of me. I've summed up, in comment # 27, what I think of you, sir. I leave it up to any readers still following this thread to decide who's closer to being correct.

I'm quite familiar with the... (Below threshold)

I'm quite familiar with the straw man argument Bruce... as are you.... and you've done nothing but attempt to build one here... to equate my finding irony in someone named Mohammed defending comparing Republicans to terrorists with racism fits the description of a straw man argument to a 'T' in my view...

I've made point A. You've characterized point A as Point B (which is superficially similar to Point A) and then attempted to argue that Point B makes me a racist, completely ignoring point A. If that isn't a straw man argument, then by all means, educate me as to what it might be.

Refer back to comment # 27.... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Refer back to comment # 27. I think my third possibility is what applies here. Desperate, pathetic, Drummond-like attempts to make the argument about me, rather than your inarguably bigoted remarks, won't work.

Which is why even your usual sycophants haven't attempted to defend your remarks. The closest anyone came was to tell me that "Rick can post anything he likes." Hardly a ringing defense of your point, Rick.

And, if you didn't mean to ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

And, if you didn't mean to imply that this guy is probably, or possibly, a supporter of Hamas because he has a Muslim name, why mention it at all?

And, if you DID mean to imply that, the first or second possibility in my comment # 27 is what applies.

Your number #27 doesn't app... (Below threshold)

Your number #27 doesn't apply Bruce... it's the straw man you idiot... I never once thought that the spokesman was a terrorist you dolt... not once... as God is my witness... I simply found it more than funny that a guy named Mohammadi is defending comparing Republicans to terrorists... get that through your mush for brains...

As to no one defending me... doesn't mean squat... I seriously doubt anyone's reading this thread since it's aged... but let me ask you, do you really want to subject yourself to the ruling of the majority here at Wizbang?

You are such a freakin' dunce...

But you, sir, are a genius,... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

But you, sir, are a genius, as evidenced by your wholly justifiable use of dot dot dots. Yes, it's apparent you didn't take an Eng 101 course, at a community college or anywhere else.

Or also, too, a logic course in high school. If you had, you'd know that I DIDN'T characterize point A as point B. It was point B all along, your Imperial Kleagleship.

See Rick, despite your denials of racist intent "as God is my witness" (Desperate and pathetic, but I don't blame you - if I had spewed what you did, I'd be desperate to explain it, too), your insinuation that the spokesman was likely to be a Hamas supporter, because - and solely because - of his Muslim name, is indefensible on its face. If the Senator had compared the GOP to organized crime, and his spokesman had been named Galotti, I doubt you would have said anything about "how rich" it was, or the delicious irony of it all. Your "joke" was about as funny as the "Polack jokes" of the 1970s or maybe an episode of Amos and Andy - I'll bet you think those are hilarious, too, don't you?

But your mind works like a knee - it reflexively jerks to "terrorist" when someone says "Muslim." It's bigoted, it's unAmerican, and it's indefensible.






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