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"Shining a bright light on who the Union is and what they stand for"

New Jersey Governor Christie is doing the shining... listen to what follows (the $25k per student in Newark figure is incredible)... and understand that at least in New Jersey, there's a new sheriff in Educationtown:

H/T to Nancy Kennon at FSM.


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God bless and protect Gov. ... (Below threshold)

God bless and protect Gov. Christie!

He is the guy the state of ... (Below threshold)

He is the guy the state of Illinois needed but instead we got some schmuck who will continue with the same failed policies that got us into the state we are in. mpw

Still surprised the Teacher... (Below threshold)

Still surprised the Teacher's Union hasn't put a contract out on him.

Wonder what would happen to 'the system' if the state paid teachers, per student. At the same time offering parents vouchers to attend alternate schools.

And the people sa... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

And the people said, " Give us Barrackus' and it was so. And Barrackus went forth to those gathered and spaketh, saying, "Stand at ease..stand easy and pay attention", preaching unto them the charity and love of, unionism. But an admired fawn, in his concealment, heard also unto his words and was discontent because among the 'money spenders' in the Temple was a quorum of union leaders and their thugs and their lawyers. And the fawn also went forth and preached mightily and said nay to the words of Barrackus, preaching that there were altogether too many Mrs Smiths in the vinyards of the young and not enough Mr Stouthearts who were seasoned in the mysteries of common-sense and formed also in the crucible of decency and self reliance. And Barrackus, learning of the fawn Christie's infidelity pledged to purge his insubordination before the usurper would come to lead the people. Yea, Barrackus was getting... fucking pissed off... and with him the Harry's and the Janets. Such is the power of common-sense, decency and self reliance.

And here endeth the lesson......and it's also a damned good lesson to master.

Christie 2012!... (Below threshold)

Christie 2012!

jeez, give me $25k per kid,... (Below threshold)

jeez, give me $25k per kid, i will personally tutor 3 kids day and night and guaran-damn-tee ya they will finish in the top 20% of their class and graduate on time.

Christie basically is the a... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Christie basically is the anti-Palin.

Allowing the "Democrats" th... (Below threshold)

Allowing the "Democrats" that have for way too long already owned, operated and controlled every level of the machinery of American gummint, local, state and feral, to mobbed-up-unionize the so-called "public-service" sector is bound to have and has had the same result as was brought about by giving Mandela's Marxists the keys to South Africa's Treasury.

Like South Africa's, every, municipality's, every state's and the feral gummint's coffers have been looted and are bare!






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