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That's just wrong

And ignorant:

I imagine this same place would be marketing barbecued beef with a 'Delicious for Good Friday' sign.



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Comments (12)

Next thing ya know they'll ... (Below threshold)

Next thing ya know they'll be offering Hindu's some mouthwatering beef.

Then there's the "BLT Speci... (Below threshold)

Then there's the "BLT Special" they offer during Ramadan...always a huge hit!

Ooo...maybe they can market... (Below threshold)

Ooo...maybe they can market a Happy Hanukkah Shrimp Cocktail as well! or a Sweet Sixteen 12 pack of Bud Light!

Ham not just good for Hannu... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Ham not just good for Hannukah; it's also perfect for Ramadan!

Metsuyan!!!... (Below threshold)


Did you know Star Trek ... (Below threshold)
James H :

Did you know Star Trek II has been ruled not kosher?

It seems that the rabbis got a gander at William Shatner and Ricardo Montalban's acting ...

How many Jews adhere to the... (Below threshold)

How many Jews adhere to the no pork rules, most of the ones I know don't hold to it, including one Rabbi. It appears that most American Jews don't really care about Israel so why worry about the pork? mpw

Right but if it said, perfe... (Below threshold)

Right but if it said, perfect for Ramadan, there would be riots and the store would be burned to the ground... Jews just go, hu, stupid gentiles and move on...

Nothing like a Hanukkah Ham... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Nothing like a Hanukkah Ham being served in front of the lighted Hanukkah Bush.

This just gave me a great i... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

This just gave me a great idea ... forget all TSA security and just serve every non-Muslim airline passenger a ham sandwich for the in-flight meal.

No respectable Muslim terrorist would want to blow up a plane and die with all that "unclean" meat defiling his remains.

In contemporary society, re... (Below threshold)

In contemporary society, religion seems to have become a groupo identity you claim, rather that a belief system you respect and practice.

Witness a flock of politicians that both profess to Catholic but yet are admantly pro-abortion, to wit the Boston Clan Kennedy.

I happen to know quite a fe... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I happen to know quite a few Jews who would find the idea of eating pork rather repulsive. In he same manner that they find the idea of drinking milk with a beef meal nauseating.

Like everything I suppose it just depends on the circles you travel in.

However, unlike muslims, my Jewish friends would find the sign highly amusing. Muslims would probably threaten the manager with bodily harm and consider burning down the store if a accidental offense were made against them.






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