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It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like You Been Punked

And I blame da eebil jooos!

Outrage in Iran after satellite image shows Star of David on airport roof.

"Unamused government officials have called for the symbol to be removed as speculation increased that it may have been in place since before the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

The star is clearly visible in the centre of the propeller-shaped building in the west of the city, but uncertainty surrounds whether it was genuine."


In other news, totally unrelated to Mossad: Who is Killing Iran's Nuclear Scientists?

And from the Land of Denial is a River in Egypt: Iran Claims U.S. fabricated WikiLeaks Cables.

Ty L


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Not a single pilot at this ... (Below threshold)

Not a single pilot at this airport ever saw it on the roof? Really?

Situational awareness FAIL!

It's easy to see how the co... (Below threshold)
jim m:

It's easy to see how the conspiracy theorists would say that the leaks are all a fabrication of the US. Any self respecting government would have convicted the soldier who leaked them of treason and executed him long ago. obama is too much of a pussy to try that and besides, he hates the US anyway so I'm sure he's quite OK with the damage to our foreign standing.

These things happen. ... (Below threshold)

These things happen.

Word has it, Barry has made in Taiwan next to 666 stamped on his cranium.

In other news, tot... (Below threshold)
James H :
In other news, totally unrelated to Mossad: Who is Killing Iran's Nuclear Scientists?

We should not countenance terrorism or assassination in any form, even terrorism directed at our enemies.



I think I can say that with a straight face ...

Wouldn't surprise me if Bar... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't surprise me if Barry gave Manning the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

they bend over five times a... (Below threshold)

they bend over five times a day. probably got so tired of looking at the ass of the raghead in front of 'em that they just spend alot of time with their eyes closed.

either that or this lack of observation explains why muslims rarely win nobel prizes.

But Obama can keep selling ... (Below threshold)
Ken Hoop:

But Obama can keep selling out, delaying exit from Iraq till the cows come home (or rather till the US economic collapse forces the troops home) in failing to install an Israel-friendly US puppet.

Iran still won the war. Congratulate the winner.

"Who is killing Irans nu... (Below threshold)

"Who is killing Irans nuclear scientists?"

A real noble prize winner thats who!

That is, in a world without ridiculous frauds like Barry as a winner.

We should not coun... (Below threshold)
We should not countenance terrorism or assassination in any form, even terrorism directed at our enemies.

Well, I may be being punk'd here, but I'm going to assume this statement was meant to be taken seriously, and is not just chum from a troll.

If Israel really is behind the deaths of Iranian nuclear scientists, then I think it's safe to say that they're doing it not for the heck of it, but because they believe that by sabotaging Iran's nuclear weapons program, they can avoid a costly, bloody war later on. This is not "terrorism." Terrorism is the random killing of random civilians. Israel is trying to prevent a war, not start one.

Oregon: Read my entire com... (Below threshold)
James H :

Oregon: Read my entire comment again.

I'm still shocked they have... (Below threshold)

I'm still shocked they haven't noticed the giant phallus in front of the building.

What a bunch a 'marr-oons' (as Bugs wiould say)

Very practical, Its not onl... (Below threshold)

Very practical, Its not only a political and religious statement, its also a pretty good place to aim the laser targeting device.






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