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Kathy Griffin Insults Bristol Palin, Gets Booed

At least she owns the thing. I guarantee you Griffin went in there with that joke just to get the cheap heat.

It does make me wonder about these military folks these days when they get crazygonuts over reality television celebrities that voluntarily call themselves "Snooki" and "The Situation".


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I'm surprised she didn't as... (Below threshold)

I'm surprised she didn't ask for a "show of hands of my gays!"

As for her comment. You really weren't expecting anything intelligent to come out of her mouth, were you?

Know your audience, "lady".... (Below threshold)

Know your audience, "lady". Military folk don't think picking on kids is all that funny.

She got her publicity out o... (Below threshold)

She got her publicity out of it. Mission Accomplished.

It's a shame she didn't get... (Below threshold)

It's a shame she didn't get what she deserved.

Yet anyway.

One can always hope

It not that Bristol is kid.... (Below threshold)

It not that Bristol is kid. That is military audience they
range in age from 17 and up. It the fact that she is the sister of soldier. You don't f with family esp. military family.
Duty, Honor, Country Those word are held in hugh esteem and most of do it for our real family and our military family .

Ms. Griffin is <a href="htt... (Below threshold)

Ms. Griffin is no stranger to controversy...

The ultimate media whore. w... (Below threshold)

The ultimate media whore. ww

"It does make me wonder abo... (Below threshold)

"It does make me wonder about these military folks these days when they get crazygonuts over reality television celebrities that voluntarily call themselves "Snooki" and "The Situation"

Ha! I suspect it makes them feel better about who they are and the job they're doing. Just think, you could be Snooki or the Situation or you could be out serving your country. No doubt some of them watch a few episodes of Jersey Shore and decide to re-enlist.

Fail.... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


I think Griffin was clueles... (Below threshold)

I think Griffin was clueless about her audience and was caught by surprise by their reaction. This was supposed to be a salute to the troops not "give the troops the finger" show.

Does anyone care? Griffin ... (Below threshold)

Does anyone care? Griffin never was very good years ago when she was sort of relevant. Now she has to do dumb stunts just to get noticed.

What's next, they put her on "The View"?

She never was funny, just l... (Below threshold)

She never was funny, just loud. Now she is just an ignorant,wrinkly old woman.

Poking celebs in good fun i... (Below threshold)

Poking celebs in good fun is cool, but Griffin is just vicious. Even good comedians tell some jokes which fall flat sometimes, but this goes beyond un-funny. It's ugly. No surprise, considering the source. Griffins naked hatred is very unbecoming. To put it in language even you can understand, Kathy; You are a real cu*t. Get some psychological help. No doubt your issues are causing you a lot more pain to yourself than to the innocent Bristol. You wish you looked half as good as ANY Palin!






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