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WikiLeaks memos reveal "climate change" con game

As a follow-up to Dan's article below about yet another doomsday global warming prediction that appears to be wrong, I would like to direct your attention back to the WikiLeaks document dump, specifically the memos about climate change.

Science blogger Anthony Watts has read numerous WikiLeaks diplomatic cables related to climate change and has noticed a common theme -- an attempt by Second World nations to siphon wealth and political power from First World nations, all in the name of Third World nations assumed to be "victims" of global warming. At the same time, the US and other First World nations tried to offer aid directly to Third World nations; certainly a curious case of "better the devil you know" diplomacy.

For example, in the wake of the collapse of the 2009 Copenhagen climate talks, US diplomats stated that Bolivia's president Morales would "convoke the first 'People's World Conference on Climate Change and the Mother Earth' ... as a vehicle for raising his and Bolivia's international political stature, especially among sympathetic anti-globalization groups." According to another memo, a Bolivian deligate to the Copenhagen talks told US diplomats that "[Bolivia's] position is aimed at creating an alternative development model consistent with Morales's anti-capitalist philosophy."

And according to The Guardian, US diplomats worked feverishly before the conference to shore up support for the Copenhagen Accord, both among developed nations and among Third World "victim" nations (e.g. island nations, or nations with large amounts of coastline that presumably would suffer as a result of rising ocean levels), presumably to circumvent "rogue" nations (like Bolivia) from forming their own alliances:

Getting as many countries as possible to associate themselves with the accord strongly served US interests, by boosting the likelihood it would be officially adopted. A diplomatic offensive was launched. Diplomatic cables flew thick and fast between the end of Copenhagen in December 2009 and late February 2010, when the leaked cables end.

Some countries needed little persuading. The accord promised $30bn (£19bn) in aid for the poorest nations hit by global warming they had not caused. Within two weeks of Copenhagen, the Maldives foreign minister, Ahmed Shaheed, wrote to the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, expressing eagerness to back it.

By 23 February 2010, the Maldives' ambassador-designate to the US, Abdul Ghafoor Mohamed, told the US deputy climate change envoy, Jonathan Pershing, his country wanted "tangible assistance", saying other nations would then realise "the advantages to be gained by compliance" with the accord.

A diplomatic dance ensued. "Ghafoor referred to several projects costing approximately $50m (£30m). Pershing encouraged him to provide concrete examples and costs in order to increase the likelihood of bilateral assistance."

The Maldives were unusual among developing countries in embracing the accord so wholeheartedly, but other small island nations were secretly seen as vulnerable to financial pressure. Any linking of the billions of dollars of aid to political support is extremely controversial - nations most threatened by climate change see the aid as a right, not a reward, and such a link as heretical. But on 11 February, Pershing met the EU climate action commissioner, Connie Hedegaard, in Brussels, where she told him, according to a cable, "the AOSIS [Alliance of Small Island States] countries 'could be our best allies' given their need for financing".

The pair were concerned at how the $30bn was to be raised and Hedegaard raised another toxic subject - whether the US aid would be all cash. She asked if the US would need to do any "creative accounting", noting some countries such as Japan and the UK wanted loan guarantees, not grants alone, included, a tactic she opposed. Pershing said "donors have to balance the political need to provide real financing with the practical constraints of tight budgets", reported the cable.

If you have even a lick of common sense, there should be no doubt in your mind about the true intentions of those now pushing climate change agendas. What may have started as a sincere effort by scientists to show us that certain behaviors could possibly alter the earth's climate has now evolved into a multi-billion dollar political and financial con game.


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I am starting to wonder if ... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

I am starting to wonder if the net positives of this, well, probably won't outweigh the negs, but may be much more significant than people realize.

The primary reason, as I have been saying and as El Rushbo noted today.... this makes every Western conspiracy freak look like the stone farkin' idiots that they truly are. Where is even the slightest, the slightest, mind you allusion to.... "9/11 was an inside job".... "Bush lied about WMD"... "It was all about OYE-ULLL!!!"..... "We have to destroy Valerie Plame"..... "Hallibuton is running the war"... "The CIA is bringing crack into the country to harm blacks".... "moon landings were faked".. and on and on and on and ON, with the litany of jackassery from these people that would seemingly never end.

And now in this immense dump that has the whole globe freaking out, there is not one damn syllable about any of it. Not one.

Why not? Because these people are stone damned idiots, who will believe the most staggering levels of drivel and nonsense, and continue to mouth same through the drool running down their chins, for the entire and simple purposes of making themselves so much more moral and wise than the rest of us, and because they despise this nation, its heritage, and its civilization, and like any cheap yenta gossip, will mouth off about that which they loathe from sunup to sundown if given the opportunity.
(am I being ambivalent?)

Wikileaks shows us who these people are, in spades, and does so in manner that will shut SOME of them up, at least, mercifully so.

The rest can be beaten about the head with them when necessary. I,uh, mean that literally.... print out all the documents, compile them, roll them up as necessary and beat such people with it.

They need it.

Look for many years people... (Below threshold)

Look for many years people have called then Green movement the New Red movement.

The Maldives is an unusual ... (Below threshold)

The Maldives is an unusual case. They recently unveiled plans for a new international airport, that by the word of the AGW faithful will be covered with water in a few short decades.

I'm still trying to figure how who really believes in AGW, and who are merely opportunists. I do think all the politicians fall in the latter category.

Why are Liberals and Progre... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

Why are Liberals and Progresses (L-P's) so self-hating?

As long as they would only slit their own throats, I'd lend them the knife.

Self-mutilation never seems to be enough, L-P's seem possessed to molest the rest of us who won't embrace their lunacy.

LSD-addled 1960's drop-outs and tenured professors alike, whether they be trust-fund babies or elected by voter ignorance, L-P's have weaseled their way into positions of influence, while normal, hard-working patriots are made to suffer from L-P's Belladonnic Dreams.

FOLLOW THE MONEY!... (Below threshold)


Global Warming? Con Game? H... (Below threshold)

Global Warming? Con Game? How exactly is this news?

This is getting tir... (Below threshold)

This is getting tiresome.

Call it global warming, cooling, or climate change-whichever metaphor best suits your view, there's not a damn thing to be done about it, save adapting to the particular.

And all the posturing, moralizing,and grandiose schemes that have been promoted mean not ONE thing. And that, dear readers, is inescapable.

The US has made various for... (Below threshold)
Joel :

The US has made various forms of "payments" to country's for many, many years. We have been buying favors, followers and friends for decades.

I would think more than half has been a good thing, certainly not all of it.

Global warming is just a name or a way to make the payments without simply paying them off. That way it looks better.

One thing it does show again, is that we the people can not trust those in Washington. Charlie Rangel is one and there are hundred's of them just like him. They finally want him out. Now we again with another election need to get another batch of them out.

Term limits could help....

"And all the posturing, mor... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"And all the posturing, moralizing,and grandiose schemes that have been promoted mean not ONE thing. "

Oh, it means something. It means these Green Grifters get to redistribute power and money as they see fit. And that means THEY have the power and money.

Environmentalism long ago c... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Environmentalism long ago ceased to be about protecting the environment and been solely about controlling people and dictating to the masses how they must live their lives. Note how those who preach the religion of global warmism rarely make any changes in their lives.

Global warming has only ever been a scam. Those of us old enough to remember the fear mongering of the 70's and how the coming ice age would destroy civilization should also remember that the same peolpe crying doom over the ice age are the same ones crying doom from global warming.

I got off at the "fool me once" point. For the rest of you: Shame on you!

The beauty of wikiLeaks is... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

The beauty of wikiLeaks is that our worst Orwellian fears before were that the government of Big Brother could spy on every citizen, but now every citizen can enjoy the newfound liberty of surveillance on their our government-or what goes through the Department of State, which is an important nexus.

Formerly, back in the days of Orwell, every power could be conceived of as a Big Brother watching over its subjects' every move. The Orwellian prophecy came completely true once the powers that be could monitor every phone call made by the citizen, every hotel he stayed in, every toll road he took and so on and so forth. The citizen became the total victim of the watchful eye of the state. But when it transpires, as it has now, that even the crypts of state secrets are not beyond the hacker's grasp, the surveillance ceases to work only one-way and becomes circular. The state has its eye on every citizen, but every citizen, or at least every hacker - the citizens' self-appointed avenger - can pry into the state's every secret

No wonder our politicians and bureaucrats our almost unamiously enraged, we can see exactly how they truthfully arrive at their 'political' decisions, we see their secrets instead of them seeing ours. That is quite a power shift in accountability.

Don't agree with you much, ... (Below threshold)

Don't agree with you much, Steve - but I'll bump you up on this.

The curtain's been drawn back, and instead of the omnipotent Wizard, all we see are a bunch of bumbling folks trying to keep things going as best they can without a hell of a lot of talent or foresight.

This is a game-changing event, and one that's it's pretty difficult to figure the repercussions of. The Law of Unintended Consequences is likely to go completely nuts on this one...

LLawson for sure. I agree w... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

LLawson for sure. I agree with that Law of Unintended Consequences. That was Pat Moynihan's favorite way of viewing government public policy .I used to take classes from him. my favorite professor.

Public policy often idiotically ended undermining the very thing it was designed to do support. For example the fed program, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, ended up breaking up more families- than bringing them together. the male usually black in the inner city city had a finacial incentive to leave home so that single mothers could get more money. As a result of this program something like 65% of black families were single mother families in 1974-it is probably more now. Of course he was demonized by the left when he said this.

It's significantly more - a... (Below threshold)

It's significantly more - about 80% in spots, if not higher. Without any decent male role models to emulate, the kids latch on to whatever they can find... and let's face it, there's not much of long-term value to be found in emulating rappers and drug dealers.

But hey - it wasn't really the fault of the AFDC programs, or welfare, or whatever. It was completely unforeseen!

Except by Moynihan in 1965,... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Except by Moynihan in 1965,

That was when a resounding cry of outrage echoed throughout Washington and the civil rights movement in reaction to Daniel Patrick Moynihan's Department of Labor report warning that the ghetto family was in disarray. Entitled "The Negro Family.. By the early 1980s the media also had woken up to the ruins of the ghetto family and brought about the return of the repressed Moynihan report.

This is what happens when you try to suppress documents that offend the establisment, the liberal establishment in this case.

Steve Crickmore:..... (Below threshold)

Steve Crickmore:

.... our politicians and bureaucrats our almost unamiously enraged, we can see ... their secrets instead of them seeing ours. That is quite a power shift in accountability ....

And as JLawson Plato already observed? The Law of Unintended Consequences absolutely whips around AND grinds exceeding fine!






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