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Assange surrenders in London

It'll be most interesting to see where this goes now:

Julian Assange, founder of the controversial WikiLeaks website, was arrested here Tuesday morning at the request of Swedish authorities who want to question him about allegations of sexual assault, Scotland Yard said.

Assange, 39, voluntarily surrendered to police and was put under arrest, police said. He is expected to appear in a London court later Tuesday.

Sweden has asked that Assange be extradited so that it can investigate allegations by two women who had sexual encounters with him in that country earlier this year. Swedish prosecutors say the encounters may have involved "unlawful coercion" and even rape, but Assange has insisted that the liaisons were consensual.

The accusations have stalked Assange since the summer, before his website began publishing portions of the huge cache of U.S. State Department diplomatic cables that have dismayed American officials and other governments around the world in recent days.


At his court hearing, Assange's lawyers are expected to ask for him to be released on bail while he fights the attempt to extradite him.

I predict that lefties the globe over will be crawling out from underneath rocks to defend him.  

Any takers?


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Comments (20)

He's still wasting our oxyg... (Below threshold)

He's still wasting our oxygen?

Rick that is an easy predic... (Below threshold)

Rick that is an easy prediction. But at least he is being inconvenienced big time. He certainly has taken it upon himself to decide what is right and wrong. The left of course will defend him, but when a conservative states what is right and wrong, they have a fit. ww

A few will defend him but ... (Below threshold)

A few will defend him but not most. He hasn't just endanger lives and heightened international tensions. He has exposed many in power to ridicule; for that he will pay.

He has exposed many in p... (Below threshold)

He has exposed many in power to ridicule; for that he will pay.

A lot of those in power are in the White House now i.e. Obama and crew.

#3 And #4He's embarr... (Below threshold)

#3 And #4
He's embarrassed and helped beclown both the Won and the Smartest Woman on the Planet. This will not be allowed to pass.
If the current admin gave a damn about national defense or America's standing in the world, there would be actions taken by now. They would not have waited for Amazon to kick Wikileaks off their servers, for instance.

I can hear the left now. "... (Below threshold)

I can hear the left now. "Those girls ASKED for it!"

Sexual encounters with WOME... (Below threshold)

Sexual encounters with WOMEN??? This guy?? Better have a TSA groper check the "validity" of these ladies ATTRIBUTES!! We are, after all, talking about Sweden here.

"Swedish prosecutors say th... (Below threshold)

"Swedish prosecutors say the encounters may have involved "unlawful coercion" and even rape, but Assange has insisted that the liaisons were consensual."

Depends on what the meaning of is, is?

Touche, #3 and #4. Is anyb... (Below threshold)
George True:

Touche, #3 and #4. Is anybody asking how it is possible that an Interpol worldwide arrest-on-sight warrant was issued on this guy for allegedly failing to use a condom while engaging in consensual sex between two adults?? Something doesn't add up.

No, his crime was exposing the truth that our own government, particularly the current administration,is breathtakingly incompetent and at the same time as corrupt as they come.

I am also amused at all the geniuses who want Assange prosecuted for treason when he is not a citizen of this country and as such, has no legal requirement of allegiance to same. It is also laughable to assert that he is guilty of espionage. He didn't take the classified cables, he merely published them. (The New York Times does similar things from time to time with no apparent fear of being prosecuted.) By making the cables public, Assange exposed the double-dealing, blackmailing, corrupt ways of our hapless and self-serving State Department. That in a nutshell is why the powers that be want him punished.

I predict that lefties t... (Below threshold)
Steve Crtickmore:

I predict that lefties the globe over will be crawling out from underneath rocks to defend him( Assange).

Any takers?

Maybe you should ask Laprarie?

Yesterday, we had a post by Michael Laprarie
on the WIKLeaks cables revealing the US bullying and buying of countries at the Copenhagan climate change conference; or is this something, that you would all rather have remained in the dark about, as you were meant to, for years and years.

He's not a "terrorist", he'... (Below threshold)

He's not a "terrorist", he's a spy without a nation's backing (that we know of).

It is ironic that Assnage i... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

It is ironic that Assnage is now in Wandsworth Prison, the same prison that Oscar Wilde, was held over a hunderd years ago for a sexual crime, that a good proprotion of the aristocarcy was doing, but in reality, Oscar Wilde admitting to going out with a groom or a stable boy and not some upper class twits was the custom, was the most shocking thing of his trial. His real scandalous crime like Assanfge was thumbing his nose at reigning authority and convention!

Assange is definitely no he... (Below threshold)
Steve Howe:

Assange is definitely no hero, and releasing the Afghans names is truly dispicable, but keep in mind most of what he's done is reveal just how incompetant politicians are, which is not a bad thing.


"It is also laughable to as... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

"It is also laughable to assert that he is guilty of espionage. He didn't take the classified cables, he merely published them." George True

Awwh George, and you were doing so well up until you wrote that.

(sp--näzh, -nj)
The act or practice of spying or of using spies to obtain secret information, as about another government or a business competitor.
[French espionnage, from espionner, to spy, from Old French espion, spy, from Old Italian spione, of Germanic origin; see spek- in Indo-European roots.]"

So, Pfc Bradley Manning would be the spy and a traitor, and Julian Assage committed espionage (assuming this is true. But I don't think this is headed toward a court of law or a courts martial anytime soon).

Tht was quick! Time magazin... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Tht was quick! Time magazine have removed Julian Assange from their person of the year poll. He was well ahead in the lead! Hitler won Time Man of the Year in 1938. I wonder who was more a threat to national security, Hitler in 1938 or Assange in 2010? The msm press, like Time feels that governments can only spy on their the citizens, not the reverse. It is one way mirror, not two ways.

Ill bet he begs for a condo... (Below threshold)

Ill bet he begs for a condom the next time he has sex.

Yes, perhaps he could drum ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Yes, perhaps he could drum up money for a WikiiLeaks promting safe sex in a televison campaign, by way of a new public sevice, the way Bristol is leading the large on sexual abstinence. Assange may still be on the Time poll or get back on it.

Actually <a hr... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:


The condom was apparently used--initially. But it broke. So the dispute is about whether it broke "accidentally" (he said) or it broke "on purpose" (she said).

That DEFINITELY sounds like a job for Interpol.

It is too bad the ordinary citizen has so little power,

"A lot of those in power... (Below threshold)
John S:

"A lot of those in power are in the White House now i.e. Obama and crew."

Not those in competent pussies. Assange has pissed off the Russians... they'll kill him. In the meantime, he won't have to worry about condoms in prison.

C'mon people -- before you ... (Below threshold)

C'mon people -- before you work up your righteous anger any further, ask yourselves some questions:

* Is Assange an American citizen? No, he isn't ... so what he's doing isn't treason.

* Did Assange steal any U.S. government secrets, or instruct others to do so? No, he merely accepted secret documents that others obtained on their own.

* Did Assange do anything that the New York Times hasn't done? Nope, look at the Pentagon Papers, or the recent SWIFT monitoring program. And did the U.S government prosecute the New York Times for publishing the details of the SWIFT program? Nope. Assange is a publisher, just as the people who run the New York Times and Wizbang are publishers.

* Have the Wikileaks documents damaged the United States? Possibly, maybe even probably. But he isn't an American citizen, so he isn't required to care whether the U.S. is damaged or not. (I care, but I'm not Julian Assange, and I am an American citizen.)

* Do the Wikileaks documents make members of the Obama administration, and previous administrations as well, look like a bunch of incompetent, clueless fools? Yep.

* Is there anything in the Wikileaks documents that has turned out to be false? Not so far ...

* Is Julian Assange a damned fool? Yep, one whose lifespan can be measured in weeks if he's succeeded in pissing of the Russian FSU.






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