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Heat And Light

Over at Ace of Spades' site, Gabriel Malor has a very insightful (and typically hysterically vulgar) analysis of just how good a deal the Republicans worked with the Obama administration on the tax cuts/unemployment deal. And by "good," I don't mean "good for the Republicans," but "good for the country." Oh, it will probably help the GOP, but that's not the main point -- it was the right thing all around. Maybe not the best, but pretty damned good.

Even more astonishing, it was done with the Lame Duck Congress, where the Democrats still hold a hefty majority in the House and Senate. It didn't even have to wait for the Republicans to take back the House, and seriously cut into the Democrats' majority in the Senate.

At the same time, the Obama administration has made a big shift on its policy towards the Middle East. They have dropped their demands that Israel, as a pre-condition to peace talks, stop all construction of new housing in allegedly disputed areas.

This should serve as an affirmation that the Obama administration -- as well as Obama himself -- are indisputably American, because this is in perfect accord with Winston Churchill's famous observation: "Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing...after they have exhausted all other possibilities."

Here we have the Obama administration doing the right thing in two very important areas... after they have exhausted all other possibilities. They had to be hunted down and cornered, but in the end they are on the right side of two issues.

I would be happier if they had come to the right conclusions without being beaten about the head and shoulders first, but I can live with it. As the old saying goes: it doesn't matter if they see the light, as long as they feel the heat.

And they are really, really feeling the heat.

Good for them. And just in time for winter, too.


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Jay,I really don't... (Below threshold)


I really don't know if this a good deal.

1. Unemployment gets extended with no funding it seems which means that the states are going to come to Employers to make up the difference, which will be another hit on the bottom line. This will deter job growth.
2.The Employee SS reduction will cause short fall in payments and you know this will allow the Dems to get a scared cow which will be to extend SS to salaries over $110,000 to make up for the short fall which opens up the opportunity for another Tax hike.
3.The rhetoric has increased to new levels of vitriol is it a case of thou does protest too much, or a setup?

The only good thing is now everyone sees what petulant child BHO is.

I agree hcd - now if they h... (Below threshold)

I agree hcd - now if they had reduced the employee contribution 1% and the employer contribution 1%, THAT might have been interesting.

If only to remind folks they really get paid a big chunk more but the government takes it away from their employer before that money even hits your paycheck!

hcddbz,1. Unemploy... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:


1. Unemployment: I'm with you. Without funding coming from existing sources (unspent stimulus funds) this drives the deficit up further. A poor move on the Republicans part.

2. The Employee SS reduction: From what I've read the shortfall is to be filled with money from the General Fund. I'm ok with that. Going to be fun watching where the check is sent vis-a-vis maintaining the illusion of that "trust fund."

3.The rhetoric: I was about to forward the idea that Harry and Nancy now sound like Keith, but Obie shat all over Obama last night... so, maybe not. But I will say that more on the left are showing their petulant side than just Obama, and that's ok with me too.

I'm waiting to see if Nancy and Harry will derail this agreement in some way.

Mr. Tea,For the pr... (Below threshold)

Mr. Tea,

For the price of the last two years of out of control stimulus spending, special interest elitist class bailouts, Quantitative Easing courtesy of the Fed and US Treasury in all their alphabet variations, as well as government takeovers of a gobsmacking portion of our economy...and we could have had a four year tax holiday.

What the working stiffs got from our government instead was the beneficent bone of the unemployment check (for up to 99 weeks) and of course...dependency welfare. Give me a frigging break.

No income tax, no pay-roll tax, no social security tax...No taxes period. Great Moogly-Googly! Think what that would have meant for jobs, business formation, and economic growth since January 2009.

So they see the light? Pffft. And they won't feel the heat, until we start rounding up the criminals and their enables and start putting them in jail...or at least giving a few of em a last cigarette before we shoot em at dawn... for the injury and harm they have done to our country.

Semper Fidelis-

I think the liberal senator... (Below threshold)

I think the liberal senators and reps are expressing faux rage. I don't believe for a minute that Obama made this deal without consulting them. He just gave them an opportunity to deny their participation. I believe this because liberals do not have principles. ww

I'll take what I can get at... (Below threshold)

I'll take what I can get at this point too. But it sickens me to see Obama's media perk up and rejoice while they laud Obama for his graciousness in actually working with Republicans.

He doesn't want to work with Republicans, he hates *having* to work with them and does nothing but bitch and complain like a spoiled brat at how he doesn't like this, and doesn't like that.

When I hear him say or see him do (without prompting, goading or being outright cornered and without bitching and moaning) something good, then I'll give him some credit. Anything he's done that truly was in our best interests only came after a bitter battle replete with various and sundry groups, businesses and individuals being demonized and chastised.

It's as if he has a vendetta and intends to extract his pound of flesh first.

Upset Old Guy,Glad... (Below threshold)

Upset Old Guy,

Glad to see you agree about the Trust Fund Fiction.
The other bad things in the plan are those fake stimulus programs continue which play havoc with Tax withholding rates.

Since the administration has stated that high unemployment might last as long as 5 years why not extend the current Tax rates for 5 years or better yet let have another 5% across the board rate reduction. This would allow individuals and small business to keep their money and invest or spend it in the best way possible.

Also let us have Corporate income Tax reduced to 20% for 5 years. That would allow the US to have Lowest Rate to incentive companies around the world and would allow corporations to free up capital.

Create a business friendly environment so jobs are available then you do not need UI. In many states Employers are see those payment going up by 4 times.

Next Spending freeze followed by cuts.

Meh. I'm underwhelmed at ho... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Meh. I'm underwhelmed at how 'good' a deal this was.
The Repubs started negotiations with 'keep things just as they are' and conceded from there. They should have started by asking for an actual cut, and compromised from there.
A temporary 2-year extension does almost nothing to improve the economy, as most businesses try to look ahead a little farther. Someone should teach the Repubs how to negotiate.

What astounds me is that Ob... (Below threshold)

What astounds me is that Obama just blew another opportunity to lead. He could have acquired some political capital by claiming these tax cuts were his idea, good for the economy, and that he was making the tough choices for the good of the people. Instead he went on TV and said he was powerless against the big bad minority party and talked about hostages and victimization. Nobody respects a leader of the free world who claims to be chronically helpless.

This was an Obama meltdown.... (Below threshold)

This was an Obama meltdown.

He expressed fake 'outrage' (and not very well performed either) at the minority party forcing him to compromise on tax hikes. The very same Congress which he was able to ram the so-called 'stimulus', Obamacare and every other POS legislation down the GOP's throats. The same minority party that he arrogantly said 'I won', when he became POTUS.

This isn't a leader. This is a typical political back bencher who couldn't lead a Girl Scout Troop through Grant Park to find Buckingham Fountain.

SnickerHahahahaha...... (Below threshold)

Oh stop it, you're killing me ...

I can't stop laughing at what a totally incompetent whiny boob we have for a (P)resident. The sheer idiocy he displayed at his 'news' conference left me rolling on the floor.

I can't wait to see how the House and Senate Democrat majorities vote on this one.

In purely political terms, ... (Below threshold)
John S:

In purely political terms, Pelosi and Reid are the gift that keeps in giving. Say they scuttle the deal: millions of Americans, myself included, who find themselves in part-time, low-wage jobs--probably forever--will see their income tax withholding almost double in two weeks. (Hey, $30 bucks is a big deal when you make $225 a week.) Who do we blame? A Senate filibuster by Democrats. Who fixes this? Republicans in January. Pure genius, Dems.

Sure it sucks to spend $100 billion for unemployment benefits when we don't actually have the money. But this is the same government that print $30 billion A DAY and hands it to Wall Street bankers. So cry me a friggen river. And since the Democrats haven't submitted a budget in years, their deficit predictions are bullshit.

Ill wait for the ink to dry... (Below threshold)
Rich K:

Ill wait for the ink to dry on this DEAL before I believe its gonna happen.






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