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Lots of lipstick on this Pigford

But it's still a pig. 

Publius at Big Government brings us to a USDA employee who claims to have been wrongfully and fraudulently accused of discriminating against black farmers:

Pigford was a nightmare. There was lots of money to be made--most of it by the trial lawyers. There were legitimate claims. It happens that people do sometimes discriminate and those people should be compensated. But really everyone was put in the crosshairs. They were indicting the entire USDA.

Lawyers were churning applications. My name starts turning up on documents as someone who denied someone services. Trouble was those people were hundreds of miles away. I think there was something like 700 forms filed with my name on them--it was outrageous. I had never heard of any of them. I discovered that my name had been put on leaflets, which charges that I was a racist, and people just put my name on Pigford applications. I finally had to get black farmers to vouch for me. They all said I treated everyone fairly, which is what I tried to do.

There were lots of fraudulent claims that were sent to the federal government. I think there was a political motivation there. The lawyers were getting their money and there was a lot to get. In the 2008 farm bill there was actually $100 million set aside to investigate fraud under Pigford. But when the Obama Administration came in, the investigation was never done. I think we as taxpayers deserve to know where our money went, don't you think?

A travesty in the making being promoted by race pimps and charlatans like Obama and Holder and others whose mainstay is the entitlement culture.


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Comments (7)

The next version of this pr... (Below threshold)

The next version of this program will occur in the cities.

Will occur? It already did ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Will occur? It already did and does occur. For decades now.
We've been paying 'reparations' for decades now.

Crap like this just keeps the races divided. Which is just how the ruling class likes it.

Should pay it in ObamaBucks... (Below threshold)

Should pay it in ObamaBucks.

Raaaaacist!!!! /sarcasm l... (Below threshold)

Raaaaacist!!!! /sarcasm lest any twit think that.
When can we declare an end to the war on poverty that has made serfs of the inner cities?

"I discovered that my na... (Below threshold)

"I discovered that my name had been put on leaflets, which charges that I was a racist, and people just put my name on Pigford applications."

If what this guy says is true, then just wow.

And it appears that somewhere between zero and none of these were investigated before they're ready to just start writing checks. The person whose name is being smeared has to take up the mantle of responsibility and investigate.

Each and every case should be thoroughly investigated before one thin dime goes out, but that's just too much to ask of the current crop of bureaucrats and so called "leaders".

Or is this another case of "we have to pass it before we can find out what's in it"?

The feral gummint and its m... (Below threshold)

The feral gummint and its mobbed-up unions are but the money laundering arm of the vast RICO-racketeering organized criminal gangs that prefer to be known by their street name: the "Democratic" National Socialist Workers', Criminal Aliens and Other Gangsters' potty.

These recidivist/treasonous bastards are thieves, pure and simple.

GarandFan says these liars ... (Below threshold)

GarandFan says these liars and thieves should be paid in ObamBucks.

But all they'll get are Ben Bernankebucks.

Straight out of that Economics ignoramus's Keynesian Mint.






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