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The Liberal DREAM Scheme

The DREAM Act was passed in the lame-duck Democratic House last night, 216-198.

In her speech on the house floor, Nancy Pelosi went so far as to compare illegal immigration to our Founding Fathers and those who came here during colonial times. (Apparently, she is ignorant of the fact the colonies were British possessions, and the inhabitants were bound to British laws.)

Democrats say passing the DREAM Act is the compassionate thing to do. Their main emotionally-tinged argument being these poor children should not be "punished" for the sins of their parents.

Using that logic, if my parents commit the crime of knocking off a bank and come away with a million dollars, anything that I, as the innocent child, received from that crime, should be mine to keep, cause, you know, it wasn't my fault..

The age limit the bill sets for eligibility is 30 years old. THIRTY YEARS OLD!! That doesn't sound like a child to me. I don't know many 30 year old children. I know children of 30 year old people, though.

To qualify for this act, children must have been born here by their illegal alien parents or brought here illegally before the age of 16. They must have lived here for at least five years, earned a high school diploma from an American school, or a GED, and be of "good moral character."

What astounds me is, how can an illegal alien child be accepted to a taxpayer-funded public school in the first place? THEY ARE NOT LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS.

And what will the criteria and process be to determine the fuzzy notion of "good moral character?" They didn't kill anyone?

This is pure insanity.

Liberals love an issue like this, where they can wrap themselves up as the party of compassion and tolerance, while painting Republicans, or anyone else who may not agree with them, as heartless.

Democrats and pro-amnesty groups, along with a complicit media, love to spotlight specific illegal alien children, all of whom seemingly have endearing, personal tales, hand picked for the sole purpose of tugging our heart strings. The children they showcase are always portrayed as hard working, having good grades, are class president of this or that, all the while having to hide their true, sad situation.

(And if they are in college, the dean who is interviewed is always in favor of the DREAM Act, applauding the student for bettering him/herself. Realistically, all the dean is concerned about is having an ass in a seat so the college gets paid.)


How convenient to have an issue so ready made to make the opposition, whose main concern is adherence to the rule of law, look like they are uncaring ogres.

Democrats good. Republicans bad.

The true basis of Liberal support for the DREAM Act has absolutely nothing to do with compassion. It is nothing more than a cold and calculated plan to create a new multi-million strong voting block of illegals who will only vote for those politicians that enabled them to disregard their criminal status, thus ensuring they become slaves to a political agenda. These people will ignore all other issues of national importance. They and their relatives, either here illegally or in their actual country of birth, eventually can be sponsored at will, and enter the United States in what would be a "legal" back-door amnesty, courtesy of power-hungry Democrats.

We have a legal process in this country for those who want to immigrate here. This process serves not only to uphold law and order, but it ensures our status as a sovereign nation.

Greedy employers, salivating at the cheap labor they get by criminally hiring illegals, lower wages for all of us. No taxes are paid, and most of what illegals earn does not circulate into our economy. That money gets sent to their families who live in another country. Illegal immigrants inflate health care prices, going to the emergency room for any medical condition, regardless of how serious it may be.

Here's an idea.

Include an amendment in the DREAM Act that says, since the people benefiting from this legislation did not have to go through the normal process to become a naturalized citizen, they will not be allowed the privilege to vote.

That loud popping sound would be liberal heads exploding.


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Comments (11)

For the record, I finished ... (Below threshold)

For the record, I finished writing my piece around 8:00 this morning, and had no idea Shawn was tackling the same subject.


Likewise.Good piec... (Below threshold)


Good piece, Jay.


1986 - THERE WILL BE NO MOR... (Below threshold)


Government: Lying then. Lying now.

End of argument.

Bullshit is a way of life i... (Below threshold)

Bullshit is a way of life in politics. That the people do not enact term limits and vote against lawyers is beyond me.

The dumbdown continues

"To qualify for this act, c... (Below threshold)

"To qualify for this act, children must have been born here by their illegal alien parents or brought here illegally before the age of 16."

Not "born here" because that would mean they already are citizens.

"To qualify for this act... (Below threshold)

"To qualify for this act, children must have been born here by their illegal alien parents or brought here illegally before the age of 16."

yttik already brought it up, but it caught my eye immediately too. If you're born here, you're a citizen. Is there something I'm missing?

"Is there something I'm mis... (Below threshold)

"Is there something I'm missing?"

They don't READ the legislation. They just pass it.

Oyster,Perhaps I s... (Below threshold)


Perhaps I should have used the more aptly descriptive term "anchor babies."


have been watching web site... (Below threshold)

have been watching web sites following actions by congress. am truly amazed how stupid the black cacus members are teen age unemployment is at 39 to 40 percent and those idiots all vote for illegal immigrants to take jobs. hell no wonder this nation is on its final way to the bottom.

You guys should st... (Below threshold)

You guys should stop complaining because, one the health care we have now isnt as good as it was supposed to be. also the law has just been signed so give it some time. so if u want to say u have the right to choose tell that to ur congress men or state official. If you do not have insurance and need one You can find full medical coverage at the lowest price check http://ow.ly/3akSX .If you have health insurance and do not care about cost just be happy about it and trust me you are not going to loose anything!

Operation VVetback 2 - 2011... (Below threshold)

Operation VVetback 2 - 2011'







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