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Obama confident tax cut extension will pass

Which frankly doesn't bode well for the deal:

In the face of strong opposition from members of his own party, President Obama says that he's confident lawmakers will eventually approve a tax cut deal he negotiated with congressional Republicans.


"Keep in mind, we didn't actually write a bill," he said. "We put forward a framework.  I'm confident that the framework is going to look like the one that we put forward."

Of course, that confidence has been a bellwether for failure in the past.  Take these words before the elections:

"I think the only poll that matters is going to be on November 2nd and I still feel confident that it is a very close  race in terms of the House."

Or these back in June of this year:

U.S. President Barack Obama met with a bipartisan group of senators Tuesday in the White House on climate and clean energy bill, and said he's confident they can " get something done this year."

We're forced to hope that the confidence he expressed in passing health care and the stimulus is the confidence that prevails.


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Comments (3)

Obama has a few meaningless... (Below threshold)

Obama has a few meaningless phrases he pulls out when he wants to say something without saying it. "I'm confident" is one... so is "I will not rest," usually said before a golf outing or vacation.

If this goes through, I'll ... (Below threshold)

If this goes through, I'll be surprised if it does much at all for the economy. It's been said over and over, and it was my very first thought when it was announced, that extending the tax cuts for 2 years is only a brief reprieve.

All those who say it's a win for republicans are dead wrong. This is a win/win for democrats. If it improves the economy taxes go up. If it doesn't improve the economy taxes go up and republicans get blamed.

Oh sure...it'll pass. Just ... (Below threshold)

Oh sure...it'll pass. Just as soon as republicans have given enough away to the left, that is. From confiscatory estate taxes to the DREAM act, our heroic republican sell-outs in DC will will do what they do BEST...bend over and declare victory.






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