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'Best of the best' Shuttle launch footage

What follows is not the usual fare and in fact may be most suitable for the geeky set but I found it fascinating:

Matt Melis, a longtime NASA engineer, has taken to the 'Tube to show off what he calls "the best of the best" imagery from shuttle launches, including hi-definition video

Melis has been in the launch analysis game for quite some time. His 45-minute tribute to space shuttle launches is incredibly educational and a fascinating watch for fans of space programs.

You'll get to hear NASA engineers explain every imaginable detail of a shuttle launch as footage from the ground and from the shuttles themselves show what goes into the first phase of a successful space mission. You'll get to see launches for STS-114, STS-117, and STS-124 missions.

In short, if you're really into space stuff, this YouTube video is the director's commentary of your dreams.


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Rick,Thank you so ... (Below threshold)
Michael K.:


Thank you so much for the link to this spectacular video. My sons and I just finished watching it and were in amazement. Everyone needs to watch this.


Killer video and your time ... (Below threshold)

Killer video and your time will be well spent watching it.

I just want to mention that... (Below threshold)

I just want to mention that watching a video like this is a great memory trigger after you've actually been present for a launch, but you simply have no idea what you're missing if video is all you've seen. With so few remaining, your opportunities are dwindling... but you must see a live launch, preferably from the on-base viewing area you have to buy tickets for. Yes, it's worth it!






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