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Obama's Day Of Truth

Yesterday was a remarkable day in the presidency of Barack Obama. Not once, but twice, did he acknowledge the true state and nature of his presidency.

First up, he discussed the awarding of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo. In a statement that was filled with typical Obama self-reference (ever notice that, to him, the significance of an event is enhanced by his presence and attention?), Obama stumbled into the truth:

One year ago, I was humbled to receive the Nobel Peace Prize - an award that speaks to our highest aspirations, and that has been claimed by giants of history and courageous advocates who have sacrificed for freedom and justice. Mr. Liu Xiaobo is far more deserving of this award than I was.

Speak it, brother. Obama's award was hardly the most undeserving in the Nobel Peace Prize's sordid history, but Liu Xiaobo is certainly well-deserved. He has struggled mightily (and non-violently) to bring democracy and freedom to Communist China, and has suffered mightily under the thumb of that dictatorship for his efforts. His award is an all-too-rare bright spot in the sordid recent history of the Nobel Peace Prize.

But that's a topic for another time. The point is, here Obama -- in the midst of typical "I'm so awesome" speech, stumbled into a moment of rare candor in acknowledging that he didn't really deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. That awarding was hardly the travesty other awards have been (again, a topic for another time), but it was utterly unjustified and a farce.

Later in the day, Obama had a more direct action. After meeting with former President Clinton about how to push the tax compromise through Congress, the two men decided to hold a joint news conference -- and halfway through, Obama cut out to go to a Christmas party. That left Bill Clinton back where he most wanted to be, where he had been truly great and happy -- in the White House, at the podium, talking policy and fielding questions from the press. The only thing he was missing was a cigar and an intern.

Could this be the beginning of true self-awareness dawning on President Obama? Acknowledging that he was not worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize, and more than willing to pass his presidential authority (and very lectern) to another man? Another man who has previously held the office, and whose administration is actually being to be seen fondly even among those who had been among his harshest critics?

I don't want to read too much into this, but it's looking more and more possible that Obama is coming to the realization that many of us had years ago -- that he simply is not up for the demands of the office. He was great at getting elected, a gifted campaigner (when promoting himself), and certainly enjoys the perqs that go with being The Chief Executive of the United States.

But there's a price for those privileges. That is having to actually be the Chief Executive of the United States. It means being the Decider In Chief, the Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces, the undisputed head of the Executive Branch, and de facto leader of your political party. And Barack Obama -- who, prior to his election, had no experience and shown no aptitude for such things -- might, less than halfway through his first term, be coming to grips with his own shortcomings.

Maybe he will come to grips with this, and he might find within himself previously-untapped depths and abilities to grow into the job he's pursued all his life, and actually become the president in fact as well as in name? Might he actually be able to take all these failures and surrenders and rise to the occasion? Could he rein in his epic narcissism and admit -- if even to himself -- that he's not perfect and has a hell of a lot to learn.

I have my doubts. But dammit, I hope so. We need a real president in these days, even one whose policies and ideals I mostly oppose. And even a bad president is better than no president -- which is pretty much what we have right now.


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Comments (21)

Is Barack Obama, a/k/a Dim ... (Below threshold)

Is Barack Obama, a/k/a Dim Won capable of realizing that is not capable of being president? Sadly no. Self-awareness is simply not on part of Obama's very limited skill set.

Obama has been lied to for so long, that he actually believes he is smart. That suffocating arrogance is born from the his belief that he alone knows all the answers. So much arrogance, so little reason.

"....stumbled into a moment... (Below threshold)

"....stumbled into a moment of rare candor in acknowledging that he didn't really deserve the Nobel Peace Prize."

I disagree. He didn't stumble. As a very capable narcissist the one and only thing he is aware of is himself. He was deferential here because it cost him nothing. In fact, his humbleness in this setting probably enhances his stature.

I think it was weird leaving the podium to Clinton. Getting back to the narcissist thing, even though Obama looked impotent to the rest of us, if Clinton is gonna upstage him, Obama would cope better not even being there than having to actually stand behind Bill while he hogs the podium. The man who Jon Stewart calls "dude" was pwned by America's first black president.

Could this be the ... (Below threshold)
Could this be the beginning of true self-awareness dawning on President Obama?

In my opinion, no. I think he is far too narcissistic to do that. I agree with DavidL, he has been told all his life that he is brilliant, whether he deserved it or not.

Obama's role is to play the... (Below threshold)

Obama's role is to play the President--not to be the President. For two years, he addicated totally to Pelosi and Reid, but now that their power is going to be greatly diminished, he has to figure out who to abdicate to now. Clinton, I guess.

In the meantime, he's off to his real job--being the entertainment at parties, playing the President. Too bad he can't sing.

That's not fair, iwog.... (Below threshold)

That's not fair, iwog.

Are we sure he can't sing?


I once had a very needy fri... (Below threshold)
Don L:

I once had a very needy friend who purposely did much the same thing - first came the truthful compliment (known as the set-up jab in boxing) and then came the haymaking knockout punch if you fell for it. Much the same as Obama (and Satan) use truth as the easiest path to doing one's evil.

If there were even a trace ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

If there were even a trace of self awareness he would not have made his comments about the Peace Prize an essay in reminding everyone that he won it last year.

It's interesting to see how other people's accomplishments can only be portrayed in the light of his success. Even the false humility of saying that "Xiaobo is far more deserving of this award than I was." is little more than a device to remind people that he won it first. This was less an effort to laud Mr. Xiaobo than it was to remind people of Barry's glory.

As for abdicating to Bill Clinton, this is clearly a sign that Barry is unhappy with the results and he is incapable of facing the criticism for them. He was cornered on this issue and had to give in. He is catching flak from the left who still want full out class warfare (heck, the hard left of his party will only be satisfied when the rich are put on trial and imprisoned). He is catching it from the center for his reluctance to compromise.

He is catching it from everywhere for his childish and petulant response. The name calling etc aimed at the GOP erases any notion that he was seeking a compromise. He lost. He is pissy about it and is too cowardly to face the press with dignity and grace. Rather than speaking in a manner that would signal conciliation and compromise he spoke in harsh terms of one who feels that he has been unfairly treated and cheated out of having his own way.

I didn't like Clinton, but he was an adult. He was competent. He knew what he was doing. He knew how to compromise and he knew how to own up to his mistakes (seriously, however insincere he may have been or seemed he did a creditable job of that). Barry is none of these. Heaven help us.

"... he has been told all h... (Below threshold)
Don L:

"... he has been told all his life that he is brilliant..."

Such a professional narcissist as Obama, must have, from his earliest breathes, told everyone else to recognize how brilliant he is. Who would dare deny such a messiah such pleasures of self-deceit? Unfortunately, too often in life it is easier for the weak to hold their collective noses and agree, than to do battle over such an insignificant thing as mere truth....

Does this mean that Bill Cl... (Below threshold)

Does this mean that Bill Clinton is gonna get a Nobel Peace Prize now too??

note to White House interns...do not wear blue dresses until further notice!

I'd have to agree with your... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

I'd have to agree with your psychology.

Perhaps, he's peeked ahead to the winter's appropriations Armageddon and Holder's sucking all the oxygen from Congressional conference rooms for the duration.

His team has lost their strut and internecine challenges abound.

We've got to be troubled by... (Below threshold)

We've got to be troubled by this... it's either the strongest evidence yet that Obama's in way over his head or something much worse... a manic detachment and/or depression that could mean serious mental illness...

As much as I dislike the man's policies, his persona, his ideology... I'm hoping to see him rebound in some way... the country needs a leader... we don't need this.

That press conference was h... (Below threshold)

That press conference was hilarious. I've never seen political theater go so horribly wrong. But it was also really scary, because, no, it was not evidence of Obama realizing he has a lot to learn. It was evidence of Obama's narcissism and it doesn't bode well for the country.

Rick, I agree. As much as ... (Below threshold)

Rick, I agree. As much as I despise this putz, the image our enemies (or would-be enemies) saw last night was of a weak man ceding the floor to a stronger one...and skipping merrily away to party on!

This is NOT the image American Presidents are supposed to convey. Hell, even Jimmah Carter tried to smack the Killer Bunny with an oar!

"... he might find within h... (Below threshold)

"... he might find within himself previously-untapped depths and abilities to grow into the job ...."

I seriously doubt it. He has no 'depth' and certainly shown that - other than promoting himself - he has no 'abilities'.

Leaving the 'news conference' is just another way of saying "I don't want to be here!".

His Ass-Kisser-in-Chief Jarrett says that THE ONE is sooooo intelligent, that he's bored with the job. BULL SHIT! Just another sign that he wants the perks, but not the responsibilities of the job. For the first time in his Affirmative Action life he's being held accountable, and he doesn't like it.

Indeed.This was th... (Below threshold)
jim m:


This was the demonstration that obama is a weak and incompetent man. He is unable to understand the problems he faces and unwilling to acknowledge or address his failures.

If anything this illustrates his complete fecklessness. It shows to the world that when confronted with a problem he is willing not only to fail, but to walk away from every constituency and supporter and blame them for his failure. He will lead America to destruction and blame it's people for their own annihilation.

a couple of months ago, i b... (Below threshold)

a couple of months ago, i believe it was this blog that referred to a different blog and some supposed inside baseball. supposedly obama was showing signs of serious depression...total loss of interest in everything, just watching espn, playing golf and basketball and drinking somewhat heavily. supposedly there was talk among insiders of needing to invoke the 25th amendment.
i'm afraid yesterday was just outward evidence to the world of this continuing disintegration. as much as i hate liberals and everything they stand for, i would hate it more should this disintegration further continue. it would be a tragedy for the country if he killed himself, and a tragedy if his depression continues. at that point, whether he is replaced or propped up is disastrous for the country.

Stop the presses! Jay Tea m... (Below threshold)

Stop the presses! Jay Tea made a typo!

Queue thread hijackers... 3... 2... 1...

Sorry, Darby. "Perqs" is an... (Below threshold)

Sorry, Darby. "Perqs" is an acceptable abbreviation for "perquisites."

Thanks for checking on me, though.


I can't resist pointing out... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I can't resist pointing out that that should be "cue" thread hijackers. "Cue" as in theater, not "queue" as in get in line.

Sorry again, Darby.

Maybe he will come to gr... (Below threshold)

Maybe he will come to grips with this, and he might find within himself previously-untapped depths and abilities to grow into the job he's pursued all his life, and actually become the president in fact as well as in name?
If he hadn't come to grips with it in two years, he never will, or want to come to grips.

Might he actually be able to take all these failures and surrenders and rise to the occasion?

Failures? His ego will never admit that there were faikures. It was the ignorant masses that just didn't understand his brilliance.

Could he rein in his epic narcissism and admit -- if even to himself -- that he's not perfect and has a hell of a lot to learn.

Everybody who matters to him has proclaimed him perfect, over and over again. Don't you know he is the most intelligent, most well-read, most awesome being ever to walk the earth? If you don't you haven't read enough of the MSM and NPR.

Nice of you folks to figure... (Below threshold)

Nice of you folks to figure out what I knew a year and a half ago. We're still waiting for Obama to start his first term.






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