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The Torch Is Passed... Back

I missed Friday's impromptu White House press conference, but I think I've gotten the gist of it. Published and broadcast accounts have filled in most of the details, and I can speculate on the rest. Here's how it seemed to have come down:

President Obama decided he needed a bit of help in getting his tax cut/unemployment compromise through the Democrats in Congress, so he called in Bill Clinton for some advice. The two men shot the breeze for a while, and then one of them (I suspect Clinton) suggested they hold a quick press event to talk about how good a deal it was. This was obviously unplanned, as Obama's staff didn't have time to prep for it -- no announcements, no talking points, and certainly no TelePrompters.

In theory, this could have been a good move. When sitting presidents involve their predecessors, it tends to lend weight and gravitas to the event. To have Bill Clinton speak in favor of the deal could help sway support for the move.

Good theory, atrocious execution. Because both men immediately fell victim to their own weaknesses.

What should have happened was that they both enter, Obama speaks and lays the groundwork, Bill Clinton speaks, and then the two field questions -- with Clinton deferring to Obama.

Instead, Obama -- who really seems like he's more interested in being president than acting as president, in love with the perqs and not that interested in the duties -- stood off to the side, looking more and more bored, until he bowed out to go to a party. And Bill Clinton -- who, as is is wont, let his political instincts take a back seat to his ego -- cheerfully kept on talking and talking. And when the topic shifted from the immediate issue to wider ones -- the economy, and then other world situations -- he kept talking and answering.

Except for looking a bit older and thinner, it could have been video from the 1990's.

There are some fundamental principles of leadership, especially in hostile environments. And the current world certainly qualifies as "a hostile environment" for the President of the United States. (Come to think of it, I can't recall when it wasn't.) One of the biggest ones is to be very careful and selective when showing weakness.

On Friday, Obama showed major weakness for no real reason. He essentially passed off his presidential authority to one of two living Americans who are Constitutionally excluded from holding that office ever again. And of the two, Bill Clinton is the one who has demonstrated that he misses being president.

I noted years ago that Obama was just not qualified to serve as president. He had never held any executive or leadership position, and as a legislator was extremely lackluster. And this incident just reinforces the notion that he has very little interest in actually doing the job of being president -- just enjoying the benefits that go with it.

God help us, we are stuck with this boob for two more years.

An earlier version of this article was eaten by gremlins that were also feeding off attempted comments.


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Comments (27)

It's like a pickup game aga... (Below threshold)

It's like a pickup game against Michael Jordan. You may be quicker and younger, but he'll still kick your ass.

Wow - after the bitch slapp... (Below threshold)
Woop Woop:

Wow - after the bitch slapping you received on the other threads on this topic you double down on stupid an write another article?

What an idiot. This is a non-story but you maniacs hold on hardest and just keep repeating yourself when people smarter than you point that out.

You guys remind me of a 10 year old who, having been admonished that he's acting like a child, ramps up and throws a bigger tantrum.

"This is a non-story"... (Below threshold)

"This is a non-story"

You'd really like to believe that. Go drink some more Kool Aid.

If anyone is throwing a 'tantrum' it's Woop Woop. Does your mother know you're on the computer?

As for Barry. Just another case of him voting PRESENT!

No, he has it spot on, Obam... (Below threshold)

No, he has it spot on, Obama finally showed his true colors. He just can't be bothered to lead, he'd rather go to the party we're footing the bill for.

Hillary is going to bitch s... (Below threshold)

Hillary is going to bitch slap Barry around in 2012. Barry left the stage because he is allergic to economic growth. Ole' jug ears needs to know how to make an exit stage left, without looking scared.

"Bitch slapping?" Dang, I m... (Below threshold)

"Bitch slapping?" Dang, I missed it. I thought some folks raised good points, but overall no one challenged my thesis. I've seen bitch-slapping, done some of it, and even been on the receiving end of it, and that was hardly "bitch-slapping."

And my... isn't that a bit of a misogynistic term? I've preferred the term "butt-hurting," myself. But if you want to advocate violence against women, feel free to do so.

Somewhere else.


Some outlets of the LSM are... (Below threshold)

Some outlets of the LSM are pretending that Obama bailing out of a press conference is "no big deal".

As, of course, is 'Woop Woop' above.

hmmm...a critical issue facing our country and our Pretender-In-Chief not only has to invite a former President in to lend him some gravitas...he turns the podium over the man and LEAVES to go to a party!

Yes, a President abdicating is a big deal. At least Nixon had the decency to leave completely! This moron is gonna hang around for 2 more years still pretending!

"This is a non-story but yo... (Below threshold)

"This is a non-story but you maniacs hold on hardest and just keep repeating yourself when people smarter than you point that out."

Really knucklehead? Still waiting for the "smarter then thou" crowd to show up and point out anything positive Barry has accomplished in 2 1/2 years? Well, asshat. Any examples? You are as inept as Barry. Now go have another swig of kool aid dingbat.

When has Obama shown any ac... (Below threshold)

When has Obama shown any actual leadership during these last two years? All he has done is a bunch of name calling and deferring to Pelosi, Reid and any number of others when it came time to make decisions. Of course, he always is ready to claim credit for anything he believes is a 'success'. Even the Nobel Peace Prize statement was more about him than the actual recipient.

As an Illinois resident I didn't see anything from Obama that could be interpreted as 'leadership'. He was a typical Chicago politician who took his orders from Daley and Madigan like a good little backbencher. But the MSM and the Machine created a mythology that could never be supported by reality.

We are paying the price for this, and will pay an even higher price as the smoke and mirrors which existed during the 2008 campaign no longer work. The Emperor has no clothes and we are just beginning to see this with regards to Islamic terrorism, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia, China and the results of his own disasterous policies.

I wonder how long his defenders will be able to ignore it, or still blame George Bush?

Whoop Whoop's got poop poop... (Below threshold)

Whoop Whoop's got poop poop in his panties over just another example of Hussein Soetoro is the poster child for affirmative action. The boy is now qualified to run a lemonade stand, yet he suckered millions into his "hope & change" BS.

Every day, whiny libatards like Whoop Whoop feel even more dejected as their anointed one continues with gaffs and examples of narcissistic idiocy.

Keep plucking that chicken Whoopie. The rest of us are standing back, pointing, laughing, and waiting for 2012.

One of the nice things abou... (Below threshold)

One of the nice things about being part of the 'reality-oriented' progressive community, Hermie, is that you never have to acknowledge that mean ol' bitch Reality.

Which means, of course, when she whoops your ass because your plans didn't have a hope in hell of making it in the real world it's 'totally unexpected'!

I wish to lodge a complaint... (Below threshold)

I wish to lodge a complaint! I went through all of the past posts on this topic looking for a "bitch slapping" and found none. Can I sue that Woop Woop moron? All I found was Bruce Henry saying "Bush was bad, too." Is that what they call a "bitch slapping" in Woop Woop's world?

.....and from deep in the b... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

.....and from deep in the bowels of Foggy Bottom, the haunting cackles of the Red Witch could be heard, mocking the fitful sleep of Sir Zero...

...meanwhile in the frozen ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

...meanwhile in the frozen Northern Land the White Huntress sharpens her spear for the grim business ahead...

..."Gird yer loins", Wormpl... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

..."Gird yer loins", Wormplugs the Advisor counsels. Sage advice...

Woop woop said"You... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Woop woop said

"You guys remind me of a 10 year old who, having been admonished that he's acting like a child, ramps up and throws a bigger tantrum"

So you are saying umm we remind you of Obama?

Hey liberalsHere i... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Hey liberals

Here is a scenario.

Let's say Bush gave a press conference right after 9-11 happened. He has his father there by his side and when the press starts asking questions he says he is keeping his wife waiting and turns the press conference over to his dad.

How would that look? Because that is essentially what Obama did.

Let's say Bush gave a pr... (Below threshold)

Let's say Bush gave a press conference right after 9-11 happened. He has his father there by his side and when the press starts asking questions he says he is keeping his wife waiting and turns the press conference over to his dad.

Using this analog, that would make Slick Willie, Barry Hussein's Mack Daddy....

No wonder millions have been spent to keep long form birth certificate under wraps.

TexbobLook at CLin... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Look at CLinton's Presidency and then look at Obama's. Clinton makes Obama look like a lost little boy.

"He essentially passed off ... (Below threshold)

"He essentially passed off his presidential authority to one of two living Americans who are Constitutionally excluded from holding that office ever again." Huh?!? Did Bush the Father die while I wasn't looking or did he get an exemption from the 22nd Amendment?

#20 ... Bush senior served... (Below threshold)

#20 ... Bush senior served one term you dolt ...

And don't forget ol' Jimmah... (Below threshold)

And don't forget ol' Jimmah. He's still eligible, the one-term wonder...

Never thought I'd say this - but Obama's making Jimmy Carter look good in retrospect. At least HE didn't cancel the Alaska pipeline...

Jeff, every now and then I ... (Below threshold)

Jeff, every now and then I set out those little traps just to see if anyone bites...


How will Obama retaliate fo... (Below threshold)

How will Obama retaliate for being criticized on his press conference actions?

Never in my life have I see... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Never in my life have I seen a Presidential briefing like this one, and I've seen a bunch. It has happened that a President might make an opening statement, leave for other business while others are charged with presenting details, but those were designed that way.

Here, obviously, Obama had no clue what to do to get his podium back, and used the old, "Oops, forgot I left the stove on, gotta run" dodge to get out of there.

He is the most pathetic excuse for a President in recent history. Even Carter conducted himself with more dignity (while in office).


"My dumb mistake was actually intentional, a clever trap to see who amongst you is smart enough to catch it." [/paraphrase]

I must remember this one!

Jim, it wasn't a mistake. A... (Below threshold)

Jim, it wasn't a mistake. As I was writing it, I thought to myself "I bet someone will see this and say 'what about Bush The Elder and Carter?'" But they were both one-termers, so technically they could serve as President again. Only Clinton and Bush the Younger served two terms, so they can't do it again.

Sometimes I mess up technicalities, but a lot of the time I'm right and I know I'm right -- but I also know someone will insist that I'm wrong. It's part of the fun.


I worked just about every w... (Below threshold)

I worked just about every waking moment the last couple days and totally missed this. I'm still shaking my head in disbelief. He left? To go to a party? Are you freaking kidding?

The reason I worked so many long hours the last couple days is because of a crisis at work. If our boss had left and given the reins to someone else - someone who maybe was an adviser, but didn't even work for us - He would have been fired by his boss immediately. But we should accept this from the President of the United States?

And who is this "woop woop"? What bitch slapping? I scrolled down and read Jay's first post and saw nothing of the sort in the comments. Did he think without checking that no one would know what an outlandish lie that is?






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