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Duncan Hines accused of racism

What follows is deemed to be racist by the hyper-sensitive.  Legal Insurrection has details:


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Comments (17)

It'll all be okay, providin... (Below threshold)

It'll all be okay, providing that the Duncan Hines payoff to Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson isn't too niggardly.

To be honest, the first tim... (Below threshold)

To be honest, the first time I saw these on another website I thought they were kinda racist. They have the big white eyes and thick pink lips from Mammy dolls. Combine that with the idea of Hip Hop cupcakes and you have an add that will offend black people.

Duncan Hines did the right thing in pulling the ad but that is about it in terms of what they need to do. Unfortnately, that will not be the end of it for them. iwogisdead is most likely right regarding the payoff and the wordplay.

Baloney!!!!!!!!!! ... (Below threshold)


Joe -Nothing prove... (Below threshold)

Joe -

Nothing proves you aren't 'racist' better than shovelling out money to the folks who scream about how racist you are the loudest.

Talk about Pavlovian conditioning. Make carge of racism, get money. Make charge of racism, get money. If no racism is meant, make charge anyway, get money. The race-baiting poverty pimps have got a good scam going - but each 'win' they have cheapens the accusation.

Y'all better prepare yousef... (Below threshold)

Y'all better prepare youseffs...


I thought their lips sort o... (Below threshold)

I thought their lips sort of looked like they were spelling "mohammed"...now that could be a problem!

Oh, no.... I baked a red ve... (Below threshold)

Oh, no.... I baked a red velvet cake this weekend. I guess I must dislike Indians.

Is there a 'white" chocolat... (Below threshold)

Is there a 'white" chocolate glaze? If so, will the cupcakes be singing "You light up my life?"

Good grief!

Maybe this is why the left ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Maybe this is why the left feels such kinship to the islamic terrorists. The terrorists are just presenting a grievance. The left is all about victimhood. It's just that instead of threatening a boycott the islamists blow up buildings and cut off heads.

It's all about getting your way through intimidation. Even if there is no real offense there remains the need to assert power and bully others so that everyone knows that you are a force to be appeased.

In fact the more irrational the taking of offense the more others will see that you are a dangerous enemy and the more likely they will be to try to appease you.

Are they trying to say whit... (Below threshold)

Are they trying to say white cupcakes can't sing?!?!?!

Are they trying to say w... (Below threshold)

Are they trying to say white cupcakes can't sing?!?!?!

Sure, they can sing. They just can't dance. Or jump.

Someone needs to get a life... (Below threshold)

Someone needs to get a life!

@Maddox,Either tha... (Below threshold)


Either that or something from Up With People!!!

Oh ugh. Some people just l... (Below threshold)

Oh ugh. Some people just look for reasons to be offended. Assume for a minute that the people who made the commercial INTENDED for those cupcakes to look like black people. Did they show the cupcakes as stupid or lazy or any other negative quality? No! The cupcakes were BETTER with the chocolate than without. (Notice the cupcake that was out of tune until he was coated with chocolate?)

If anyone should be offended, it should be white people because Duncan Hines implied that white people are not as cool or fun or musical as black people. Sheesh.

Re # 9:Even leavin... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Re # 9:

Even leaving aside your ridiculous assertion that the left "feels such kinship to the Islamic terrorists," this comment, Jim, is rich coming from you.

"It's all about getting your way through intimidation. Even if there is no real offense there remains a need to assert power and bully others so that everyone knows that you are a force to be appeased."

You mean like the poor Christian victims of the imaginary War on Christmas?

No Bruce, I am referring to... (Below threshold)
jim m:

No Bruce, I am referring to Jesse Jackass and Al not-so Sharpton, who make a living by shaking down corporations by claiming ridiculous charges of racism and demanding payoffs to go away.

And yes I think that the tactics of the left and the tactics of the islamist are not separated by much more than the willingness to commit physical violence. Given the far left's growing propensity to commit physical violence I don't think that we are all too far away from the left starting to confront the objects of their hatred with violence and murder.

I'm not talking about the mainstream left but the kinds of anarchist thugs that hang around the fringe like the one's who attacked the couple in New Orleans last summer. They are not mainstream by any stretch, but the left covers for them and abets them and for the most part is thankful for the job they do in intimidating the center and the right. Few if any on the left decried that attack.. I heard far more people claiming how the couple deserved it. And sure they might have been from the fever swamps of the Daily Kos, but that really isn't that far from the mainstream left.

So my point: The left sees violence and intimidation as a legitimate tactic to control the political debate. The left may not actively orchestrate it, but its rhetoric and its actions to be apologists for and dismiss violent acts show that the left is content to allow those elements to remain. In a similar manner many muslims would never be terrorists but they will never speak out against them and they will pay money into so called charities that funnel money to terrorists. The violence furthers their interests ideologically even if they don't want to be involved with said violence.

It doesn't mean that the left and islamist are aligned in any other way but they use the same tactics and I believe that with some of those on the left there is an understanding of the methods of the islamists and an acknowledgment that those methods are legitimate.

I wonder where in the hell ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I wonder where in the hell you got the idea that anyone was threatening violence about these cupcake ads, Jim. I went to the link, and it sounds like there were some bloggers who objected. Duncan Hines, seeking good publicity, not controversy, decided to pull the ads. What in the world is wrong with that?

Oh, and if you're "not talking about the mainstream left" you might not want to use terms like "the left" when claiming they feel "kinship" to terrorists.

When I worked for a pizza chain, we put out a direct-mail coupon booklet at Christmas time. The front of the book had a picture of a pizza and the words "Pizza On Earth." We got a few phone calls and letters (this was in the 90s) expressing OUTRAGE that we were "desecrating the holiday" and "blaspheming Jesus" by using that phrase.

We changed the coupon book's cover the next year. Stuff like this happens. We knew that crazy fundamentalist nutjobs bought pizza too. We decided to keep that in mind the next year and chose a tagline that wouldn't offend. It's called marketing.






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