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Iranian general: "Our nation loves martyrdom"

That and more coming our way from Reza Kahlili who is suggesting strongly that this is no idle threat coming from Persia:

A pair of recent and daring bomb attacks, which killed one Iranian nuclear scientist and injured another one, has prompted Iran to issue a new threat to America and Israel: it will kill American generals. This is no idle threat.

Majid Shahriari, a quantum physicist involved in Iran's nuclear project, was apparently working on dealing with the Stuxnet virus at Iranian nuclear plants. He died in the attack. The wounded scientist, Fereidoun Abbasi, a senior Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics scientist, is on a list of people suspected of having links to secret nuclear and ballistic missile activities. A 2007 U.N. sanctions resolution put a travel ban and asset freeze on those listed, including Abbasi.

Although the Iranian leadership has strongly criticized America and Israel for what they called the assassination of its nuclear scientists and warned of retaliation, the harshest threat came just days ago from, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naghdi, the Commander of Basij forces.

The official website of the Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guards Corps published a statement from Naghdi emphasizing that they plan to take revenge against "this murderous act of America" and its agents saying: "... It's been years since our nation has been awakened and has awakened the oppressed people of the world and soon these tyrants will burn for their cruelty..." He continues, "...The filthy Americans and the Zionists should not think that by killing our scientists they can divert us from our path of Jihad ... our nation loves martyrdom and their efforts will be fruitless..."

Read the rest... the author of the piece seems to have some creds that suggest this should be taken seriously.


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Comments (19)

You love martyrdom? Awesom... (Below threshold)

You love martyrdom? Awesome. We can help.

Might I suggest one of our ... (Below threshold)

Might I suggest one of our crowd pleasing thermonuclear devices.
They deliver guaranteed results and would fulfill all the desires and expectations of a nation that loves martyrdom. You say when, we'll deliver, no charge.

As if our president or his ... (Below threshold)
John S:

As if our president or his administration has either the inclination or the competence to kill Iran's scientists... I'd suggest they look to Israel. On the other hand, we should let them understand that if they kill our generals, we will kill their Mullas.

Time for a harshly worded s... (Below threshold)

Time for a harshly worded statement.
That should do it.

Because the real national security issue of today is fat kids.

John S"we should l... (Below threshold)
retired military:

John S

"we should let them understand that if they kill our generals, we will kill their Mullas"

NO NO NO!!!!! You have it wrong. Our generals and soldiers are expendable. Let me fix your statement for you

"we should let them understand that if they kill our reporters, we will kill their Mullas"

There, much closer to the truth!!!

"Because the real national ... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

"Because the real national security issue of today is fat kids."

That's gonna leave a mark.

They are not going to like ... (Below threshold)

They are not going to like it so much when they wake up in hell and find out they're are no virgins.

Give us liberty and give them death.

our nation loves martyrd... (Below threshold)

our nation loves martyrdom and their efforts will be fruitless..."

What a coincidence! We've got an app for that!

The anti-Patton... (Below threshold)

The anti-Patton

"Iranian general: "Our nati... (Below threshold)

"Iranian general: "Our nation loves martyrdom"

Kind of reminds me of another fruitless declaration.

"Hope and Change"

wait a minute ...P... (Below threshold)

wait a minute ...

President Obama wants to get rid of our nukes, right ?

Seems like a "two birds with one stone" situation to me ... reduce our nuke stockpile and send Iranians to their glorious martyrdom ...

It's always the general wit... (Below threshold)

It's always the general with the big mouth willing 'to make sacrifices'. I can imagine some poor buck-assed private in the rear ranks thinking "WTF!".

It was those same 'generals' and mullahs who used unarmed young teenagers to breach Iraqi minefields during the Iraq-Iran war. Even built a memorial for them. It spouts red-dyed water.

About all we can expect out of The One is a sternly worded diplomatic note. If he's really pissed, The One might deliver the note via Teleprompter in that flat monotone voice of his.

There's a rich tradition of... (Below threshold)
Woop dere It Is:

There's a rich tradition of small potentates trying to scare the crap out of their perceived enemies with threats.

They do this stuff because it usually works on children, the weak and republicans.

Look at how easily conservatives are made to wet their pants and then attack out of fear...

He's playing you clowns like a cheap violin.

By all means, let us oblige... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

By all means, let us oblige them.

Three points.One, ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Three points.

One, "the author of the piece seems to have some creds..." Really? Because FOX "News" says the guy is an "ex-CIA spy who requires anonymity"??? That's what you mean by "creds"?

Two, the author says, "It is clear that the order for the revenge has been given by the Iranian leadership, which will then be carried out by the Quds forces." But he doesn't say why that is so crystal clear. At least, I can't find any explanation in the article.

And third, despite the history the author mentions, this general doesn't seem to be threatening a terrorist attack. He seems to have some kind of trial in mind, followed by a hanging. That ain't gonna happen.

Why dont you move there and... (Below threshold)

Why dont you move there and give us an accurate up to date quote Bruce?

When people say they want t... (Below threshold)

When people say they want to kill you, you should take them at their word. And when they say they want to be martyrs, we should gracefully oblige. It's the neighborly thing to do.

Test comment...... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Test comment...

I can see the harsh respons... (Below threshold)
Rich K:

I can see the harsh response now: One of these days Alice, one of these days,,,
Ya, that ought to scare them straight,pfht






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