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Those Mighty Republicans

Man, I have to hand it to the Democrats. They have guts. They have to face the Republicans in DC, and it's remarkable that they haven't collapsed by now, considering how overmatched they are. I mean, the Republicans are incredibly powerful -- just listen to what the Democrats say.

Remember back in 2006? In that election, they took back both the House and the Senate, with solid majorities. Their control of the House was absolute, and that's where the Constitution requires all spending and tax bills to originate. In the Senate, they didn't have a filibuster-proof majority, but still a sizable one. But it was still the Republicans who set the agenda -- look at all the references they made to the "Bush budgets" and "Bush deficits." Bush had to get all that through a Democratically-controlled Congress, but he still managed to steamroll them enough to get his way -- at least enough to get the full credit and blame.

Then, in 2008, the Democrats increased their holds in Congress and took the presidency. The Republicans were so far on the outs, there was talk on the left of at least a decade before they would have any relevance.

That talk didn't last long. In a matter of weeks, they were right back to blaming the Republicans for all the woes of the nation. It was Bush's recession, Bush's spending, and all Bush's and the Republican's fault -- the 57 or so Democratic Senators (55 Democrats and 2 "independents" who are Democrats in all but name) of 100, the 256 Democratic Representatives (of 435), and the President of the United States simply could not manage against the might of 41 Republican Senators, 178 Republican Representatives, and a former president who avoided making public statements or appearances.

And now, after November, those same people are struggling to finally enact their agenda. They got their asses kicked in November, but (with few exceptions) the results of those elections haven't taken yet. And it wasn't that much of an ass-kicking -- the Republicans took back the House, but the Democrats still hold the Senate and the presidency. They're still in the driver's seat.

In cases like this, we're told that it's because the minority wields disproportionate power. But when it's the Republicans are in charge, we're told that it's because they don't "play nice" and act like tyrants.

Bullcrap. No, the common theme here is "the Republicans run the show, regardless of their numbers." The Democrats talk about the overwhelming power of whatever position they don't have when they want to excuse their own failures.

Here's a simpler explanation: the Democrats are simply incompetent. They don't know how to work from either role -- majority or minority. So they try to excuse their ineptitude by attacking the Republicans as being more competent.

Years ago, I heard a standup comedian complain: wouldn't it be great if women found neediness sexy? If weakness and whining was attractive?

I think the Democrats are trying to make that so.


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Totally agree JT. But just ... (Below threshold)

Totally agree JT. But just 15 years ago, most of the electorate would buy the fact the republicans are ruining everything in Washington. But now with talk radio, Fox News and the internet, the truth gets out and the electorate is much more educated especially the conservative and independent people. Why the dem's keep acting like only their message gets out is beyond me. ww

Actually that's a really go... (Below threshold)

Actually that's a really good point, Democrats can and do try to make weakness and whining attractive. They romanticize victimhood and rally people around all this self righteous and protective anger. It makes people feel superior. That was what was behind many of the racism accusations. That is what is behind the theme that Republicans want to kill puppies and starve children. Dems are looking to trigger that self righteous anger that humans find to be so addictive. We root for the underdog, we defend people from bullies. It makes us feel good about ourselves. Dems must portray Republicans as a great and powerful evil and portray themselves as victims needing to be defended. If they didn't they'd have no voters because they really have nothing else to offer.

After I left the Dem party, one thing that really stood out for me was the way Sarah Palin spoke up and reduced those Republicans down to normal human size when she criticized them. Seriously, she looked Karl Rove in the eye and simply told him to "buck up or stay in the truck." She walked up to Big Bad Darth Vader Cheney, and told him he was incorrect and out of line. That is unheard of on the Dem side, that is assertive behavior, and Dems must always remain as powerless hostages or they lose all their appeal to liberals. I find it kind of funny, Palin has held more Republicans accountable for their behavior than Obama ever has. Obama supporters keep wishing Obama would fight, well he can't fight or the Dem party loses it's whole foundation of victimization and they really don't have any thing else going for them.

The Democrats are good at p... (Below threshold)

The Democrats are good at playing the victim. Not just good, but Grand Masters at it.

If they aren't whining, the... (Below threshold)

If they aren't whining, they aren't Democrats!

the Republicans are NOT hel... (Below threshold)

the Republicans are NOT held accountable for everything!!

When somethings goes well the Democrats are the one's held "accountable"! :) [even if they had nothing to do with it]

Its easy to be a democrat w... (Below threshold)

Its easy to be a democrat when all you have to do to be considered successful is spend other peoples money.

When the situation changes and you actually have to govern, things get a little trickier.

With liberals, it's always ... (Below threshold)

With liberals, it's always someone elses fault and the media always helps to further the message.

I suppose it's to be expected. I really can't recall the last time I heard any liberal politician discussing facts about legislation they've proprosed or supported. If they deign to talk about actual details, they have to defend them. If they avoid that and make the argument personal, facts can be avoided.

As such, blame is a handy tool. It avoids the real argument, makes it personal, and gets them off the hook for defending what can't be logically defended.

Add to that the fact the repubs don't seem to defend their positions that well and libs have a constant ready to use excuse for their ineptitude.

"They don't know how to wor... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"They don't know how to work from either role -- majority or minority"

Unfortunately the republicans dont either. Mostly because they dont want to be called names by the "In the democrat camp" so called media.

If republicans didnt care what the talking heads on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NY TIMES, MSNBC, LA Times, etc said (like the folks that put them in office) then they would be a lot better off.

"That talk didn't last long... (Below threshold)

"That talk didn't last long. In a matter of weeks, they were right back to blaming the Republicans for all the woes of the nation."

The success of the progressive agenda is based on never submitting to self-analysis. Class warfare, projection, coercion, perversion of the law (and man himself) are cornerstones to this political movement. Failure is someone else's fault and if failure hits too close to home it's only because you were too moderate, you didn't take enough, you didn't redistribute enough.

Success in of itself should never be a crime, yet to Obama and his progressive thugs that's what it is and one's penance is to turn over the fruits of one's success to them. If you are poor and want to remain so then the progressive agenda should be attractive to you. There is no guarantee for success but if you want any chance at success, to improve your lot in life then you should turn your back on the false hope inherent in progressivism.

The arrogance of these people disgust me. They are amoral and they care not one wit about the United States as a pillar of personal freedom.

It's not that they are inco... (Below threshold)
jim m:

It's not that they are incompetent. They are that, but it is that they are bound to an ideology that is false in its understanding of human nature and economics.

They believe in socialism (if not communism). That model has been shown to be unworkable over and over again. They believe that magically, the government will, through controlling all aspects of human life, create a Utopian society where everyone has all their needs fulfilled and there is no want or poverty. They don't realize that in order for government to do that it must be run by someone who understand what those needs are and how to fulfill them.

But government cannot fulfill those needs because one of those needs is for personal liberty and socialism is diametrically opposed to that idea.

The dems are a failure because they have bought into an ideology that is bankrupt. It cannot work, has never worked anywhere it has been tried (heck, even the Pilgrims gave up on it and were spectacularly rewarded for doing so. So spectacularly that we still celebrate it hundreds of years later every thanksgiving).

Years ago, I heard a sta... (Below threshold)

Years ago, I heard a standup comedian complain: wouldn't it be great if women found neediness sexy? If weakness and whining was attractive?

Albert Brooks as Aaron Altman in Broadcast News. (A wonderful movie.)

The arrogance of these p... (Below threshold)

The arrogance of these people disgust me. They are amoral and they care not one wit about the United States as a pillar of personal freedom.

Of course they care. They care more than you do. They care so much, they're entirely willing to pull down the whole 'personal freedom' thing to keep you from ever having to exercise your personal freedoms, because they care so much and they know you'd just make all the wrong decisions and they care too much to let you make mistakes like that.

They CARE about you.


They care.

The problem with Dems is th... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

The problem with Dems is that they're stuck at an infantile stage of development. Adults take charge of their lives and accept responsibility for their actions, including their failures and shortcomings. No one likes to do it, but to be an adult it needs to be done.

Dems remain in that childish mode of laying off all responsibility onto someone else. Nothing is ever their fault, their doing, for which they are responsible. ("He made me do it!")

This is most apparent in their grievance mongering. A Crip shoots a Blood - it's whitey's fault! It takes some serious intellectual gymnastics to draw that conclusion.

Speaking of childish antics... (Below threshold)

Speaking of childish antics, the dems passed the Bush tax cuts for the rich bill. Looks like Barry strong armed them into supporting his pathetic bid for a second term.

The shorter explanation is ... (Below threshold)

The shorter explanation is that they are liars.

The usual pattern. Blogger ... (Below threshold)
Woop Dere it Is:

The usual pattern. Blogger posts weak post and is bitch-slapped into next Thursday by liberals pouncing on his lunacy...

Blogger writes post about how much he hates liberals...

Rinse and repeat.

Looks like bathhouses have ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Looks like bathhouses have installed WiFi.

The real answer, for those ... (Below threshold)
James H:

The real answer, for those who care about such things, are threefold:

1) Democrats are not very good at party discipline. On key votes, any number of Democrats, many of them elected from conservative-leaning districts, would break ranks to vote with Republicans. Lack of party discipline == lack of ability to enact agenda in a divided legislature.

2) Democrats are not nearly as good at messaging and media manipulation as Republicans are. Modern Republicans are exceptionally talented at coalescing a message, then pushing that message out through friendly media outlets. Democrats have lacked that ability since Bill Clinton left office.

3) Republicans are more willing to play political hardball than Democrats are.

In essence ... the Republicans are better at politics right now because they are better politicians.

Actually pretty fun... (Below threshold)

Actually pretty funny that the only time Obama&company have been able to make any progress is by following the last 8 years of "failed" Bush policy.

Irony so thick you can cut it.

James H, the Dems are but C... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

James H, the Dems are but CPUSA Lite (since Reds such as Soros bankroll their campaigns, and therefore call the shots), and they're damned good at party discipline and playing hardball.

Their problem is simple: their policies suck. And the American electorate has figured that out.

No amount of messaging will change the fact that their policies suck. Buff that turd all you like; it just won't take a shine.

The Senate Bill sucks and n... (Below threshold)

The Senate Bill sucks and no one should have voted for it. It is not compromise, it is a poison pill for our economy - not because of the tax cut extensions, but because of the unemployment extension and pork hidden in it. Those mighty Republicans will be just as skewered by Tea Party folks as the Dems who perpetrated this mess. Your title made me think of the Anaheim hockey team. With an F instead of a D.

"18. Posted by James H | De... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"18. Posted by James H | December 15, 2010 7:46 PM |"

Good grief. Is this the same James H who posts here? 'Cause although a partisan Dem, he is usually more grounded in reality than this.

Especially #2; you have got to be kidding. Or #3.
Oh hell, all three of those points could be said about the Dems more than the Repubs.






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