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Congress does something right

For a change:

Ferschkes Congress has cleared the way for the Japanese wife of a Marine killed in Iraq to immigrate to the United States to raise the couple's son.

A bill that would allow the 26-year-old woman to begin her path to U.S. citizenship passed the House on Wednesday after having cleared the Senate earlier this month. It now awaits a signature from President Barack Obama.

Congress' move essentially grants an exemption to U.S. law that will allow Hotaru Ferschke to relocate from Okinawa to the Tennessee hometown of her husband, Sgt. Michael Ferschke.

"I kept my promise to my son. This is what makes me feel so much better than anything," said Robin Ferschke, Michael's mom, who has been fighting to help her daughter-in-law move to the U.S. "I am sure my son is proud of me."  

The "private relief legislation" was crafted specifically for Hotaru Ferschke, who married Michael Ferschke over the phone in July 2008 while he was deployed to Iraq. She was already pregnant with their child. 

A month after marrying, the 22-year-old Marine was killed while conducting door-to-door searches near Baghdad. 

Hotaru Ferschke was so touched by the outpouring of love from her in-laws after his death that she wanted to raise their son in Maryville, Tenn., which was her late husband's wish.  

Though their "marriage by proxy" was valid by military standards, it was not recognized by the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the immigration process. Citing a federal law that requires marriages to be consummated in order to qualify foreign-born spouses for a path to U.S. citizenship, DHS denied Hotaru Ferschke's immigration application. The Ferschkes' son, Mikey, is a U.S. citizen because his father was. 

A salute to those in Congress who righted this wrong. 


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Comments (9)

That's fantastic. Now what ... (Below threshold)

That's fantastic. Now what about all those legal would be immigrants who have been playing by the rules and have been stuck in the que for years?

This is wonderful news but ... (Below threshold)
Bill Jempty:

This is wonderful news but why did this country have to let it take over 2 years to be fixed? If it had been up to Republican Congressman James Sensenbrenner, this travesty would have continued into 2011 or beyond. Where was Sensenbrenner yesterday? He was the only member of Congress opposing the bill, which he felt strongly enough to bottle up because it supposedly needed more vetting.

Michael Ferschke gave his life saving his fellow marines. Read this Stars and Stripes article


The very least this country can do for this fallen Marine's widow, is grant her permanent residency.

I wrote about this issue over a half dozen times at this blog, beginning here


If you read that post carefully, you'll note the ridiculous treatment of Hota started less than two months after her husband died when a consulate worker cited a law that didn't apply to relatives of armed services members as a reason to deny her a visa.

There is a law that is supposed to protect immigrant relatives of armed services members who die serve dying their country. Hota's marriage is perfectly legal, her son is a United States citizen as was his father, immigration however in its usual head up its rectum way, digs out a 1950s era law and a standard for consummating a marriage that is just idiotic when you look at the whole situation.

I've blogged about Hota from the beginning and the total amount of posts on the subject is over a dozen.

The late Wizbang contributor Hugh S., knew Hota Ferschke's main Congressional backer, Congressman John Duncan of Tennessee. We exchanged correspondence over this.

It takes an act of congress... (Below threshold)

It takes an act of congress for what should be common sense in this matter, yet millions of illegal aliens stream across our southern border to reap the benefits of our ridiculous entitlement system where a single parent of 3 can work 1 week a month at minimum wage and net over $31,000 in income redistribution (this is almost as much disposable income if the same family worked and earned $60K and paid taxes).

See http://www.zerohedge.com/article/entitlement-america-head-household-making-minimum-wage-has-more-disposable-income-family-mak

Even a stopped clock is rig... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. If only Congress could aspire to such accuracy.

How odd that it takes an ac... (Below threshold)

How odd that it takes an act of Congress to get "Hotaru Ferschke to relocate from Okinawa to the Tennessee hometown of her husband, Sgt. Michael Ferschke." , but illegal immigrants can relocate anywhere they damn well please.

I'd be perfectly happy were... (Below threshold)

I'd be perfectly happy were Congress to restrict itself to this kind of legislation...

Hey Bill, good points and g... (Below threshold)

Hey Bill, good points and good to hear from you.

I'd say the kid is pretty g... (Below threshold)

I'd say the kid is pretty good proof of consummation.

But it's strictly forbidden... (Below threshold)

But it's strictly forbidden for any employee of the Department of Homeland Bullshit to use common sense!

Where was Sensenbrenner yesterday? He was the only member of Congress opposing the bill, which he felt strongly enough to bottle up because it supposedly needed more vetting.

Sensenbrenner has been suffering from rectocranial impaction for years.

I'd say the kid is pretty good proof of consummation.

Shhhh! Don't tell them! They're still trying to figure that stuff out. Why do you think they keep putting their hands in people's underwear?






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