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Congressional Wording Observation

Picking up on something I heard a while ago when the banks were getting bailed out, remember how we kept hearing how everything had to be now, now, now? I’ve always thought there was a reason for this, but didn’t fully realize why it seemed like something was being left out or said wrong. A few minutes ago I had an epiphany.

Whenever you hear the phrase, "We can’t wait to vote on this bill," or the like, add, "…or the people will find out what’s in it."

Now it all sorta makes sense, does it not?


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Not necessarily. Nancy say... (Below threshold)

Not necessarily. Nancy says that legislation has to be passed in order 'to see what's in it'.

Never occurred to her to READ it first.

"....what they do... (Below threshold)

"....what they don't want you to know about" is more like it. Dems channeling Kevin Trudeau

Funny how all of that could... (Below threshold)
Bad Science:

Funny how all of that could have been done months or years ago at leisure. It's not like any of this stuff was sealed in diplomatic pouches, after all.






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