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"the feminist movement itself is a deception"

Caroline Glick:

Since the height of the feminist movement in the late 1960s, non-leftist women in the West and Israel have been hard-pressed to answer the question of whether or not we are feminists. Non-leftist women are opposed to the oppression of women. Certainly, we are no less opposed to the oppression of women than leftist women are.

But at its most basic level, the feminist label has never been solely or even predominantly about preventing and ending oppression or discrimination of women. It has been about advancing the Left's social and political agenda against Western societies. It has been about castigating societies where women enjoy legal rights and protections as "structurally" discriminatory against women in order to weaken the legal, moral and social foundations of those societies. That is, rather than being about advancing the cause of women, to a large extent, the feminist movement has used the language of women's rights to advance a social and political agenda that has nothing to do with women.

So to a large degree, the feminist movement itself is a deception.

The deception at the heart of the feminist movement is nowhere more apparent than in the silence with which self-professed feminists and feminist movements ignore the inhumane treatment of women who live under Islamic law. If feminism weren't a hollow term, then prominent feminists should be the leaders of the anti-jihad movement.

That there's a truth slap.  Go and read the whole thing, then pass it on... preferably to a self-avowed feminist you know.  Maybe it'll wake them up.

Or not.


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Comments (10)

Glenn Reynolds remembered a... (Below threshold)

Glenn Reynolds remembered a quote in response to this piece that is too good not to repeat: "no act is too unspeakable for [progressives] so long as the hand that commits it is suitably brown and weathered."

Explains a lot, doesn't it?

The only ones still taking ... (Below threshold)

The only ones still taking the so-called feminist movement seriously are the MSM.

It's a good article. Femini... (Below threshold)

It's a good article. Feminists have wrapped themselves up in some big hypocrisy in the past couple of years. I can't defend them and I'm a feminist.

Things have never been perfect, but I think the mark of the real downhill slide happened when MS Magazine put Obama on their cover in a superman teeshirt, with the words, "this is what a feminist looks like." They've been digging that hole deeper ever since.

Most feminist I know are ve... (Below threshold)

Most feminist I know are very bitter, constantly angry, always looking for a fight, and always complaining about men. HOWEVER, most of them seem like they would sell their souls for a man, any man and usually end up with some real loser of a guy and getting really hung up about him. I know one in peticular (a lawyer) who actually can not function if she meets some guy and it does not work out. Starts drinking and pitying herself.

Feminism isn't about women,... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Feminism isn't about women, and never was. (Where's the outrage at treatment of women in Muslim countries? Hmm?)

It's merely a vehicle for leftist agitation, as is environmentalism. Even civil rights movements (for minorities and homosexuals) have been turned to this purpose first and foremost, and serve their nominal beneficiaries only in name. Look at, e.g., the Ssouthern Poverty Law Center for a case in point.

Hard-core leftists couldn't possibly care less about any of these issues, which are merely tools to help them "build a mass movement," in their stilted turn of phrase.

It is especially depressing... (Below threshold)

It is especially depressing to listen to so called feminists currently defending sharia law in the name of multi-culturalism and defending Assange from his rape charges. For womens rights what they're doing is almost worse than doing nothing at all, they're actually promoting oppression.

"Feminism" merely is a thin... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

"Feminism" merely is a thinly-veiled code for leftism and leftism essentially is an organic brain defect.

"..defending Assange from h... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"..defending Assange from his rape charges."

Well, on that one point I think those charges seem very shady. There's a lot of strange info regarding that story. I'd neither condemn nor exonerate that weirdo Assange before more facts come out.

It is especially depress... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

It is especially depressing to listen to so called feminists currently defending sharia law in the name of multi-culturalism

It's not depressing; it's expected. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, leftists gotta subvert.

Reread my post. "Feminists" don't care about women; they're Reds who use women's issues for agitation. That's it.

Consider your point from this perspective. If "feminists" cared about women, they'd be up in arms about sharia, right? But they're not.

OTOH, if they used women's issues as a vehicle to subvert Western (capitalist) democracy, then they wouldn't care about women under sharia, because they're not living in a Western country.

But they still have an ax to grind. Multiculturalism is another vehicle for subverting Western (capitalist) democracy. No yardage to be made on that from supporting women's issues in Islamic countries, but there is from supporting multiculturalism (here, not in the Islamic country). Ergo, multiculturalism trumps feminism.

From this perspective their actions not only make perfect sense...they become predictable before the fact.

While working at the Univer... (Below threshold)
JustRuss (IT1 SW USN Retired):

While working at the University I knew some militant feminist professors. But for once, these uber-bitches didn't lay claim to the whole "society is to blame" BS. Instead they loudly and proudly claimed that they were the equal of any man and showed it by their actions.

Women who focus on their careers rather than a balanced work/family approach actually make MORE than men in a comparable position. The idea that in this day and age, where women don't NEED men to protect them from big scary wild animals and invading tribes in trade for doing the farming, cooking, cleaning and child rearing has merit.

The idea that (western)society is keeping women down is BS propagated by the left.

However, there IS a strong argument for how much better off children are, when a mom stays home and takes care of them, and the house, and various household duties while the man goes out to be the provider. Women are naturally (biologically, genetically, emotionally, evolutionary) better suited for these rolls than most men.

That said, I'm a single dad and my children love me for being Mr Mom and I am not looked down upon by anyone I know for taking up that responsibility when my feminist ex wife decided she wanted something "more" from her life and left us.

I hate being divorced, and I hate that my kids don't see their mom except by video conference. But I thank goodness for my children and I know I am honestly MUCH better off without her.

I've learned my lesson and political leaning IS now a dating criteria for me. My ex is a die hard liberal who will never admit when she is wrong (I didn't really realize that until I saw our President's true colors) who pretended to agree with me until it drove her nuts.






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