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Bucking the Jew hating meme

A silver lining in the WikiLeaks cloud that ought to be trumpeted from the rooftops and heard especially by those who insist that Israel is who clearly Israel isn't:

The U.S. and its allies are struggling to contain the damage caused by WikiLeaks, but there's one country that needn't worry much and can actually look at the disclosures as positive publicity: Israel. The documents show that the threat from Iran is not an illusion conjured up by the Zionist lobby and that Israel is not the imperialistic aggressor seeking to dominate and brutalize Palestinians as the country is so often characterized.

Out of all the cables released, none reflect negatively upon Israel, perhaps with the single exception of one where a diplomat says Prime Minister Netanyahu is "charming" but doesn't keep promises. The documents actually show an Israel that is determined to safely give the Palestinians statehood and that has absolutely no desire to rule over the Gaza Strip and West Bank. One file from June 2009 shows that Israel asked Egypt and the Palestinian Authority to take control of Gaza after Operation Cast Lead would break Hamas' grip on the territory. As Israel expected, neither one wanted to take on the task. Instead, the Arab world and even the Palestinians' own representatives chose to sit on the sidelines and condemn Israel in the harshest of terms.

Another cable from February 26, 2009, shows Israel's commitment to building the infrastructure for a viable Palestinian state in the West Bank. Netanyahu is recorded as talking about "economic peace" through a "bottom up" approach. He explained how he'd bypass the bureaucracy to allow for direct investment to stimulate economic progress so the people of the West Bank could "be offered real alternatives." He remarked that there was larger anti-Israel protests during Operation Cast Lead in Western Europe than in the West Bank because of the latter's exposure to the "violent, crazy" Hamas. These aren't just words. Israelis are working in the West Bank to create a Palestinian state today. An example is how Palestinian farmers are being trained by Israeli agricultural experts. Israelis are also involved in various other Palestinian civic projects.

The WikiLeaks documents also debunk the notion that the dreaded "Israel lobby" is dragging us into war with Iran. The documents show that the Arab world, just as much if not more so than Israel, is shaking in their boots at the prospect of a nuclear Iran and is as equally convinced that their nuclear program is for making bombs, not energy.

There's more and it's all worthy... especially worthy to share with your now obviously debunked and rather ignorant Jew hating friends.


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Comments (11)

Nah. Next we'll be told th... (Below threshold)

Nah. Next we'll be told that the Mossad PLANTED all those cables to make Israel look good.

The Mossad is all-powerful ya know.

But why should saimpsle tru... (Below threshold)
Don L:

But why should saimpsle truth get into the way of the "Agenda?"

The Jews area as much of a scapegoat as ever - only to be followed by the Catholic Church, fundamentalists, gun-clingers - family values people etc. The Godless state today is the siren call of the masses. Wait until they discover the rocks....

The theory that's been adva... (Below threshold)
John S:

The theory that's been advanced is that Assange made a deal with Netanyahu and has withheld (some say destroyed) any cables that are not helpful to Israel. Whether this is true or not, it's a clear fact that Assange released 250,000 cables yet also issued a press release that highlighted only a few cables--most of them pro-Israel. Journalists, being the lazy pieces of shit that they are, ran the release and never looked at the 250,000 cables. (They didn't even confirm whether or not the cables highlighted in the press release even exist.)

Unfortunately, Assange is now taking on big banks. Unlike Israel (and that whimpering little girl in the White House) the bankers won't hesitate to kill him.

"The documents show that th... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"The documents show that the Arab world, just as much if not more so than Israel, is shaking in their boots at the prospect of a nuclear Iran"

Come on. We all know that it is the Israelis that have duped the arabs into being afraid of a nuclear Iraq.

Isn't it obvious that the only explanation for their opposition to Iraq is zionist trickery?

Except for the fact that Iraq has invaded their neighbors, wants to promote their minority Shia faith over the majority Sunni, and it's run by a madman who believes in an apocalyptic faith where it is his job to hasten the end of the world, there is no reason for arabs to oppose Iraq.

Nothing the "Won" can't sol... (Below threshold)

Nothing the "Won" can't solve with a bow.

"your now obviously debunke... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

"your now obviously debunked and rather ignorant Jew hating friends"

I choose not to associate with people who think like that.

Jim, do you mean "Iran" ins... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Jim, do you mean "Iran" instead of "Iraq"? I hope you do.

Yes thank you.I re... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Yes thank you.

I regret the error.

"The theory that's been ... (Below threshold)

"The theory that's been advanced is that Assange made a deal with Netanyahu..."

Oh for Pete's sake. Are they accusing Assange of being a covert Zionist too? Some will make up any excuse, any story, no matter how bizarre, to avoid that which makes them feel uncomfortable about their prejudices.

Assange is a lot of things, but collaborating with Netanyahu? That's quite a stretch.

jim m you're still a little... (Below threshold)

jim m you're still a little mixed up and likely meant both Iraq and Iran. Both have been lately run by madmen: Saddam Hussayn in Iraq -- and Iran still is, by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

But it was the mass-murdering (upwards of two million) megalomaniac, Sadam Hussayn, who invaded his neighbors, first, on September 22 1980, Iran and later, on August 2 1990, Kuwait.

.... (Below threshold)







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