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"You mean you're not pro-choice?"

Vanderleun writes of his encounters with those practicing evil, either ignorantly or wilfully:

They've come twice in the last day. They're kids out running "a raise money for NARAL" scam. They get a cut of anything they pull in, and they use any info they get to sell to Planned Parenthood or other death mills.

They're pleasant and they are enthusiastic (I love the painting! I really admire the tree!) and they hand you the clipboard expecting you to sign in your enthusiasm to support their "work."

I listen and then I tell them, "No, I don't support what you're doing or the people and causes that you represent. I think it's evil for you to do this, and worse still to do it for money."

Here in Seattle's Queen Anne, where smiles, nods and signups for their scam are their usual rewards, they seem genuinely surprised and taken aback.

"You mean you're not pro-choice?"

I assure them that I am not even if though, long ago, I was.

There's more and it's a good read.

I was pro-choice once... nominally so... more like simply apathetic as I didn't care one way or the other.  But then the missus became pregnant... and I saw the ultrasound, heard the heartbeat, felt the baby moving in her womb... and it changed me... but never more firmly then at the moment my first-born came into the world.

I think before anyone has an abortion, they should be exposed to these things... the ultrasound, the heartbeat, the movement in the womb and then finally, a real live birth.

If after all that they still want an abortion, consider them evil.

Seriously so.


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Comments (14)

I too was pro-choice until ... (Below threshold)

I too was pro-choice until my first pregnancy and I had a miscarriage scare. One of the most glorious moments of my life was going in and seeing the heartbeat and realizing my baby to be was alive. Since then, my attitude is "Everyone has the choice whether they're going to hell or not." It's a life, people, no matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise.

Rick, that is why Planned P... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Rick, that is why Planned Parenthood and other abortion pushers will fight tooth and nail to prevent the construction or startup of a crisis pregnancy clinic, especially if they have an ultrasound. Statistics show that most abortion-minded women will change their mind when they see their baby (even in beginning stages) on an ultrasound.

Rick, wonderfully stated. T... (Below threshold)

Rick, wonderfully stated. Those who experience precisely those things fully understand just how precious each of those lives is. Thank you.

Leftists are all about 'cho... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Leftists are all about 'choice.' Unless of course the choices in question relate to such items as health insurance mandates, or to private school vouchers, or charter schools, or possessing and carrying guns, or landlords being able to charge market rents, or businesses being able to choose the wages they pay or the benefits they provide, or sovereign states being able to choose capital punishment or to exploit offshore energy reserves or to award contracts without regard to race or gender.

To a leftist, then, it would appear that the efficacy of 'choice' depends on whether or not they agree with the potential choices.

You had a 'choice' at conce... (Below threshold)

You had a 'choice' at conception.

"To a leftist, then, it wou... (Below threshold)

"To a leftist, then, it would appear that the efficacy of 'choice' depends on whether or not they agree with the potential choices."

Tsar, that's been evident a long time.

Myself? I'm pro-choice... but I don't like the choice. I was more or less pro-choice before the little guy was born - but when we found out he was on the way, all of a sudden things changed. When I held him when he was 15 minutes old, he looked up at me with big eyes as if to go "Well - I'm not sure what just happened, but so far so good." It's just hard to explain how you feel at that point.

Now - I don't like the idea of abortion, but yet I support the woman's right to choose whether or not she wants to get one. I don't believe that I have any right to control what she does or doesn't do.

That I may not like her choice isn't an issue. I think abortion's a terrible thing - but the person who needs one for what seems to them compelling and sufficient reasons may not. What's important to me is that she have that choice - and denying her that choice doesn't, in my mind, lead to a freer country.

What has to be emphasized is that with freedoms come responsibility. That's not being done.

Other people's mileage may vary on that - but so it goes.

I took a friend (not a girl... (Below threshold)

I took a friend (not a girlfriend) to her abortion, and the emotions she ran through before and after were enough to extinguish any notions that this was anything other than the taking of a life. Losing two children to miscarriage personalized this concept of life before birth. The denial necessary to believe otherwise runs strong in those well-practiced in denial of many other aspects of reality.

To still forever the beat... (Below threshold)

To still forever the beat of a human heart without Great cause is Evil.

I've never been able to fig... (Below threshold)

I've never been able to figure out why doctors perform abortions. What kind of human does it take to do that? How do they sleep at night?

Rick,I had a similar... (Below threshold)

I had a similar ephiphany. I was pro-choice in that I really didn't care one way or the other. Then at my daughter's ultrasound she kept squirming around and wouldn't hold still while they tried to get a look. Just as obstinate then as now. At one point the technician said something I'll never forget, "sometimes they don't like the sound".

At that moment it occurred to me that you have to have a certain amount of cognition to like or dislike something. She was clearly trying to get away from the sound. At that moment I became pro-life.

I believe in choice if it i... (Below threshold)

I believe in choice if it is defined. Do you want the choice to kill a human being without due process? People talk about protecting innocent children but when they are most vulnerable we want the capricious decision to end life.

However the term EVIL has to be given to those who practice partial birth abortion like in Chicago where they take children and leave them to die in closets for over 6 hours.

All good and meaningfu... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

All good and meaningful comments, but the one that strikes me as the stand out is the one less widely considered...the, 'Why, What and How' of Blues-Harper # 9. Although I am pretty well agnostic, I am far from being at war with the Messiah or Moses...but that state of mind notwithstanding...just what is it that can make a parent or physician accepting of harm to what is, unarguably, a tiny, tiny infant! How can that not be classified, EVIL?

"consider them evil."... (Below threshold)

"consider them evil."

Funny, that's just what I think of people who view women as nothing more then ambulatory gestation tanks.

If you don't want an aborti... (Below threshold)

If you don't want an abortion don't have one. If you do want one you shouldn't be forced to have it in some motel room with a coat hanger.

What's amazing to me is the utter lack of compassion people have. Instead of thinking about the woman all they can do is think about that tiny, possibly MALE fetus. Because that's what's really important. Woman are after all, just as "meh" pointed out, just "ambulatory gestation tanks". Does anyone realize how hard it is for women to make the choice to have abortions? The fact is most pro-lifers aren't actually pro-life. They don't support clinics that provide pre-natal vitamins to women who can't afford them, or health care for women who need it to have safe healthy pregnancies. They don't support birth control and proper, medically accurate sex education (which encourages abstinence but also provides information about safe sex when teens are ready and prevention for STDs), things that are PROVEN to help lessen the number of abortions. All they can think is "Well that woman wanted nothing more than to murder a baby". There is so much more to it than that.






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