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This Guy Speaks My Language

So Friday I was in a bit of a funk, then I just so happened to catch HBO's 24/7 Penguins/Capitals, which takes the popular series inside the locker rooms of two NHL teams as the prepare to play the NHL's premier regular season game, The Winter Classic, outdoors in Pittsburgh on New Year's Day. My funk was cured...

The Washington Capitals, though in first place in their division, were (until tonight) in the midst of a eight game loosing streak. Coach Bruce Boudreau's rant, captured for all the world to see, is now legendary in DC for verbal inventiveness involving all the different ways one can use and F-bomb. Warning, not safe for work (NSFW) or for family settings.

All that cursing didn't actually produce a win, but it sure was fun to watch...

Via Deadspin


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Fuckin' A!... (Below threshold)

Fuckin' A!

I can't wait to see if Bruc... (Below threshold)

I can't wait to see if Bruce uses the F bomb in a positive way after last night's win broke the dreadful 8-game losing streak.

When Bruce coached our ECHL... (Below threshold)
Mark S.:

When Bruce coached our ECHL team in Mississippi, the players pretty much stated that Bruce used "F"-bombs regularly.

They'd joke, if there wasn't an F bomb in every other sentence, it was a bad day for the team, cause he was pissed at them for something.






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