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The Enemy Below

A couple of weeks ago, I read this posting over at Russ' site. It troubled me, but I was reluctant to give it too much credence -- I trust Russ, but it was too anecdotal to build much on if I didn't know the people involved. But I kept it in the back of my mind, as I had a hunch I would find a use for it.

Well, this morning, thanks to Dan Riehl, we have news of an American getting himself killed in Mexico -- by the Mexican army.

No one wants to admit it, but Mexico is engaged in a civil war. But not so much a civil war, war against a group that doesn't so much want to replace the government, but keep the government from interfering with their business -- and more than willing to kill anyone and everyone who might get in their way.

Kind of like the Taliban in Afghanistan, or Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Anyway, the fighting is a clear and present danger to the United States. It has already spilled over the border in quite a few cases, and should Mexico reach a tipping point, we could have a deluge of refugees fleeing the drug cartels and their chaos streaming into the US.

Something has to be done, and soon.

But the absolute last thing we should even think of doing is securing our border with Mexico. That would be racist and xenophobic and bigoted and hateful and racist, and we can't have that.

At least, that seems to be the official policy of the Obama administration.


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Where's Black Jack Pershing... (Below threshold)
Pile of Pooh:

Where's Black Jack Pershing when you need him? Oh, that's right: we've got nothing but a bunch of careerists wearing stars now.

If we did have a John Pershing or a Chester Puller or a George Patton around today, we wouldn't be dragging brush wars on for a decade or more, we'd be doing what we had to do to win. And Mexico wouldn't even be a year's work to clean out.

The nice part about living in Texas is we're better armed than most nations. We also have the highest ratio of veterans. I remember the first time I watched the movie "Red Dawn" and they said that the Cubans had invaded through Texas and Louisiana. I haven't laughed that hard since.

Obama's incompetence and/or... (Below threshold)

Obama's incompetence and/or ostrich like leadership is putting the citizens of this great country, in particular the border states in jeopardy. Texan's as well as other states are talking about handling this ourselves.

What is Obama doing? Worrying about illegals who want to go to school in america. This guy is an embecile. ww

Best bang-for-the-buck solu... (Below threshold)

Best bang-for-the-buck solution to the drug cartels? Legalize drugs in the US. Regulate them like alcohol (illegal for use by minors, etc) and be done with it. Bonus points for the economic boost it will provide.

Totally agree about the leg... (Below threshold)

Totally agree about the legalizing of drugs. What will happen is the drug thugs and criminals will go out of business overnight. Prisons will have less of a population so that criminals that truly need to be locked up, such as murderers, rapists and pedophiles can do their entire sentence. We as a country lost the drug war decades ago. ww

The Big LIE is that it has ... (Below threshold)

The Big LIE is that it has already spilled over.
We have kidnapping killing all up and down the drug corridor. The Narco-Gangs and terrorist target our police officers. They are taking over parts of our National Forest.

Then we have the coyotes who are so enfolded that they are committing Rape of the women and girls and hanging their underwear on trees as trophies.
The lawlessness has passed the breaking point.

All that said if you want to know if we are at war or not. I point to the fact that a few school systems tried to discipline children for flying the American flag.

Then you have "Immigrant Rites" groups that really believe it OK for "undocumented workers" because America stole the land from Mexico so it really their land. That is the truth.

When the enemy tells you their intentions and core beliefs, like this guy in support of LA RAZZA believe them. The sad part that many liberals believe it.

How many people kn... (Below threshold)

How many people know that Mexico did Legalize the possession of marijuana, LSD, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and crystal methdrug in 2009 and the war by the cartels only intensified.

Need to send in the militar... (Below threshold)

Need to send in the military with orders to shoot on sight and to kill. This is the only way to stop all of this shit.

"Something has to be done, ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Something has to be done, and soon."

Yes, have you not heard the media clamouring for stricter limitations on guns and individual liberties here in the US? The left is certainly not about to let another crisis go to waste without stripping us a little more of our Constitutional Rights.

Many like to pretend that l... (Below threshold)

Many like to pretend that legalizing will solve all the problems. They point at other countries that have done it. Unfortunately they whitewash what happens in those countries.


Even Amsterdam which by the way spend a larger part of their GNP than the U.S. on drug related problems and programs are now considering passing laws restricting drug sales.

hcddbz you have to know wha... (Below threshold)

hcddbz you have to know what we're talking about.

Wayne, I'll go with the lesser chance of getting killed. Some will get addicted to drugs if they aren't already, but the government can tax drugs to provide rehab. I am almost sure you aren't for the constant killing, raping, etc. that is going on unchecked. ww

It seems to me we already "... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

It seems to me we already ". . . have a deluge of refugees fleeing the drug cartels and their chaos streaming into the US."

Mexico is broken, and it would take a lot more than some surgical military intervention to fix it. The entire system is corrupt, which is how the drug cartels were able to grow so strong in the first place. But until we can find a way to help Mexico fix herself, we will have this stream of people fleeing north.

A shame, too, because with its natural resources, temperate climate, long coastlines on both sides, and long border with the world's biggest market, Mexico should be rivaling China and India for fastest economic growth. Instead, they are decaying, festering, dying.

WW, I wil... (Below threshold)


I will be honest I have no idea what the solution is? We did not have drug laws in the USA till the mid 1910's (?) . The reason was because drugs were having a de-terminal affect on the population. It was also affecting the birth rate of children and reducing the number of workers. Remember this was before all the social programs we have today. If we legalize drugs we most likely go broke taking care of the addicts.

Also even after we repealed prohibition the gangs did not go away. They are still here so i am not sure the Narco drug lords will give up.

At the same time I lived in countries with stricter drug laws than we have here and they do not have the violence that we do.

Also what restrictions would one have on sale of drugs like LSD that reside in fat cells? Which means you can get a flash back at any time.
There would need to be reasonable restrictions say against pilots. Which would mean you get get a black or gray market for those drugs just like we have for prescription drugs today.

"Which means you can get... (Below threshold)
John S:

"Which means you can get a flash back at any time."

I’ve been waiting 40 years for the “flashbacks” they promised me. No such thing. Just anti-hippy bullshit from the 1960's “Dragnet” TV series.

John S.No clue abo... (Below threshold)

John S.

No clue about what was on Dragnet. but the info was from research i did on a paper, in it they found 10-20% claimed to have either "flashback" or altered vision. So most people would not have it but I am not sure I would like someone driving a bus or flying a plane who has 10% chance of his perception being screwed up.

If we legalize dru... (Below threshold)
If we legalize drugs we most likely go broke taking care of the addicts.
Agreed - but who said anything about government taking care of all the addicts? That's not a government function (at least not the federal government), period, end of story. If a state government wants to go that route, then good luck - don't come whining in 5 years broke and with a population half-in-the-bag because you essentially subsidized away the riskiness of that kind of behavior. When you combine legalized drugs with government-provided safety nets for the consequences of overuse/addiction to said legalized drugs you get this:
Even Amsterdam which by the way spend a larger part of their GNP than the U.S. on drug related problems and programs are now considering passing laws restricting drug sales.

Note that my core position here is not to make rehab unavailable to those seeking it - I just believe it's only proper to let the market (incl. non-profits) provide it. And if the market/etc won't provide it, then those considering ingesting highly addictive chemical substances would do well to consider that fact before taking the plunge.

Also, regarding this commen... (Below threshold)

Also, regarding this comment:

not sure I would like someone driving a bus or flying a plane who has 10% chance of his perception being screwed up
...I couldn't agree more :D

But also solvable through basic market forces: employers of businesses like that can require testing to determine if such substances have ever been used by an interviewee (presuming such long-term testing exists; I don't know, so this might be moot and therefore a bigger problem).

Assuming, again, that the gubmint doesn't stick it's boot into things and pass legislation to prevent such "mean-spirited" employment discrimination. My spidey-sense tells me that there's a decent probability that people who were are cleaned-up drug users might wind up as yet another "protected" class of citizenry.

Maybe this is all one big f... (Below threshold)

Maybe this is all one big flashback and if I ever return to the real world it will be 1981 all over again.

Just say'n.

.... Something has to be do... (Below threshold)

.... Something has to be done -- and soon ....

Not "something."

One thing.

Repeal Prohibition.






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