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Meet Chris Matthews, birther

Via RealClearPolitics:

On Monday night's edition of "Hardball," host Chris Matthews talked about putting the birth certificate controversy surrounding President Obama to rest.

"Why has the president himself not demanded they put out the original documents?" Matthews wonders.

"If it exists, why not put it out?" Chris Matthews asks.

Why not indeed...


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Comments (18)

the only reason chrissy is ... (Below threshold)

the only reason chrissy is bringing this up is to keep it in the minds of people. the whole birth certificate issue is a winner for obama, because it can be used to smear his opponents as conspiracy theory nuts. regardless of whether or not the whole birth issue is genuine or not. this is all political show.

notice how chrissy brings it up only after the republicans gain the house and are getting ready to be seated next month and start an agressive agenda to oppose obama?

I have to agree with Chris ... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with Chris on this one. I’m not sure why Obama hasn’t. It could be because Obama feels like he shouldn’t have to, maybe it doesn’t exist or it says something he doesn’t want to release. I understand if it is the first but it has gotten to the point where it is bringing doubt to many and undercut Obama’s Presidency. He should man up and produce it either way.

It may have once been a win... (Below threshold)

It may have once been a winner for Obama politically but not anymore. I as many do generally shake their heads at conspiracy theories. I for one am not buying this one but the fact that Obama refuses to put this one to rest is hurting his standing among many. Admittedly I myself was never a big fan of his but some of his supporters that I know are having a hard time backing him on this one.

Why doesn't Hussein release... (Below threshold)

Why doesn't Hussein release his school transcripts either? C'mon, he's soooooo intelligent. He's the smartest guy in the room every time he's by himself.

I believe Obamadinijad is hiding all sorts of embarrassing stuff that would have got him bounced at the primary before affirmative action and liberal white guilt set in.

It will come into play as other states make it a requirement to provide the long form certificate to prove eligibility. They have to do this since Pelosi failed to do her job.

Stanley Ann was the nanny/m... (Below threshold)

Stanley Ann was the nanny/mistress to Frank Marshall Davis and his wife when she got pregnant.Davis wrote about it. It's the father and birth name that Barry's paid so much money to hide.

Why Obama hasn't released h... (Below threshold)

Why Obama hasn't released his transcripts is really simple, Texbob...

He doesn't want to embarrass Stephen Hawking.

Why doesn't he want to have his birth certificate released is simple too - it's kind of difficult to explain why your father is listed as "God".

It's obvious why Barry does... (Below threshold)

It's obvious why Barry doesn't want any of his academic records released, or his passport records(dual citizenship on his trip to Pakistan). The real mystery is his social security number, issued by the peoples socialist republic of new england. he never lived there.

Ha ha ha...The answer is ob... (Below threshold)

Ha ha ha...The answer is obvious.

The reason he won't release... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The reason he won't release his transcripts is the same as why Kerry wouldn't release his: They suck. If he really had been a good student do you think for a moment he wouldn't be rubbing his transcript under everne's noses?

As for the birth certificate the answer is that the left needs to bring this up to have an issue to accuse the right with. Nobody cares about it anymore. That is nobody but the left.

The reason he won't rele... (Below threshold)

The reason he won't release his transcripts is the same as why Kerry wouldn't release his: They suck.

I guess Barry Hussein shouldn't have been snorting so much cocaine and smoking the marijuana during his school years as Billy Ayers outlined in his memoirs.

I wonder if he ever stopped? I mean, c'mon, have you seen his wife?

I like the way the Headline... (Below threshold)

I like the way the Headline looks:

"What would be nuttier...?"
And the next line, though in larger type:
"Meet Chris Matthews, birther"

Obama is as bad as Bill Cli... (Below threshold)

Obama is as bad as Bill Clinton and maybe JFK for chasing women. This is a ploy to run smoke screen for his girly habit.

Or else they now have a pho... (Below threshold)
Big Al:

Or else they now have a phoney positioned that they believe people will swallow and Chris Matthews is floating the trial balloon

I do not know who is worse,... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

I do not know who is worse, Chris Matthews or the commenters here who have bought into the "birther" argument.

President Obama has already made public his government-issued Hawaii birth certificate, which is authentic despite what his critics say.

What birthers are demanding is the release of a hospital document, which is something that is usually kept by a hospital and not given to hospital patients.

The irony here is that birthers themselves can't produce the hospital documents pertaining to their own births. All that birthers have are government-issued birth certificates.

In short, President Obama has proven his birth in the USA the same way that birthers prove their own births in the USA. Sadly, birthers are blind to the double-standard that they are using.

By the way, a person born in the USA can have both a U.S. passport and a passport for another nation if one of the person's parents was born outside the USA.

My son was born in the USA and has a U.S. passport. Yet, when he traveled with his mother to her nation of origin, my son was granted a passport by that nation. Having the second passport helped my wife while she traveled through that nation with my son.

Thus, it is not impossible for President Obama to be born in the USA and as a child have both a U.S. passport and a passport from another nation.

I am not a fan of President Obama. I do not support his liberal policies, and I would welcome his departure from the White House. Yet, I also support fair play, which is something that birthers lack.

As for what Chris Matthews said, obviously he has never read the report about President Obama's birth that was published by FactCheck. org.
Matthews also hasn't read the report published by Snopes.com.

Then again, Rick and birthers haven't paid any attention to those reports either.

By the way, an alleged Kenya birth certificate for President Obama as been proven to be a fake.

[P.S. I want to thank Rick for providing me with the subject of the first post of my new blog "Dodo World". Of course I mention Wizbang! in the post.]

For the record Triple D...<... (Below threshold)
Rick Author Profile Page:

For the record Triple D...

Rick ain't a birther by any stretch... I think the whole thing is a waste of time... I simply agreed with Matthews (for once) and wondered why Obama hasn't released his records... that wondering, in the eyes of some, qualifies one for being a birther... thus the title of the post...

Carry on...

I have government and hospi... (Below threshold)

I have government and hospital documentation that show where I was born. So don’t pretend such documentations don’t exist.

In words of a big time Obama supporter Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie

“Obama's 2008 presidential campaign responded by releasing a certification of live birth and posting it online. But critics persisted. They want to see his original long-form birth certificate - - something that by law is not public record.”


As has been pointed out before “certification of live birth” does not state where someone is born only that they were born alive. Why not release the long-form certificate which probably has the place of birth?

A Side note. If Governor Neil Abercrombie knew Obama so well that long ago, doesn’t that bring into question Obama’s outsider came from nowhere background story?

The fact that one individua... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

The fact that one individual managed to obtain a hospital record pertaining to his birth does not mean that every person has a copy of a hospital report pertaining to that person's birth.

I, for one, do not possess any hospital document pertaining to my own birth, nor do I possess a hospital document pertaining to my son's birth. My birth certificate and his are sufficient evidence that my son and I were born in the USA.

That is the crux of this issue. A state-issued birth certificate is sufficient evidence to prove that a person was born in the USA, and President Obama has already shown the public a copy of his state-issued Hawaii birth certificate. That birth certificate has already been authenticated.

By denying the authenticity of President Obama's Hawaii birth certificate, birthers are in essence accusing the state of Hawaii of lying about President Obama's birth.

The document that Rick (who I never accused of being a birther) and birthers want made public is a hospital document that President Obama has no control over, and Hawaii state law prevents government documents pertaining to births from being released to the general public.

However, the director of the Hawaii State Department of Health has already send out a news release that states the following:

“I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, Director of the Hawai‛i State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawai‘i State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawai‘i and is a natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008 over eight months ago.”

FYI: I do not consider any Wizbang! writer to be in the "birther" category. In my previous comment I did not mean to imply that Rick was a birther. I apologize if I gave the impression that I was accusing Rick of being a birther. He is not one as far as I know.

Could this be the beginning... (Below threshold)

Could this be the beginning salvo in a White House/Matthews ploy of some kind? A willing leftist like Matthews brings up the issue, a number of Republicans join the fun and Hussein suddenly and "graciously" produces his birth certificate to the consternation and everlasting shame of those evil, mistrusting conservative types. Put NOTHING past the collective mind of the left.






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