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Jihadists foiled in Denmark


Danish and Swedish police arrested five "militant Islamists" suspected of preparing a terrorist attack in Denmark targeting the newspaper which printed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

Danish police arrested four people near Copenhagen and confiscated a submachine gun with a silencer and ammunition, the PET, Denmark's Security Intelligence Service, said today in an e-mail. Police also confiscated plastic strips that can be used as handcuffs.

Newspaper Jyllands-Posten has been the target of several threats and thwarted attack plans since it published the drawings in 2005 which also sparked global protest and the torching of Danish embassies in Muslim countries including Syria. David Coleman Headley, a Chicago resident who this year pleaded guilty to planning the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai, has also said he prepared an assault on the newspaper.

"With the arrests we have prevented an imminent terrorist attack involving several suspects, who must be described as militant Islamists with links to international terrorist networks," Jakob Scharf, head of the PET, said in the statement. He said the suspects probably planned to break into the newspaper's Copenhagen office and "kill as many people as possible."

'Very Frightening'

Danish police arrested a 44-year-old with Tunisian citizenship, a 29-year-old Lebanon-born Swedish citizen and a 30-year-old Swedish citizen, whose country of origin PET hadn't yet established. All three, whose names weren't disclosed, had travelled from Sweden to Denmark late yesterday, PET said. In addition, Danish police arrested a 26-year-old Iraqi asylum- seeker living in Denmark.

"The group's plans to kill as many as possible is very frightening and this is possibly the most serious terrorism attempt so far in Denmark," Lars Barfoed, the Danish justice minister, said in an e-mailed statement.

Thank God that the vast majority of these terrorist thugs are dimwitted or we in the West would be paying a steep price.


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Comments (11)

Gotta love that "Religion o... (Below threshold)

Gotta love that "Religion of Peace".

Western culture and Islam a... (Below threshold)

Western culture and Islam are inherently incompatible.

It's too late for Eurabia.

The death knell was pacifyi... (Below threshold)

The death knell was pacifying the peaceful car torchers. Should have eradicated the vermin at that time.

5 years later and they're s... (Below threshold)

5 years later and they're still pissed off about the cartoons?

These people are nuts and anyone who thinks we can work this out by appeasing them is going to be sorely disappointed when their heads roll.

I guess this means Obama's ... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

I guess this means Obama's Muslim outreach program ain't working too well.

I would like to see some of... (Below threshold)

I would like to see some of our american "artists" create a "Piss Mohammed" of "Ant Covered Mohammed". They won't because they lack the necessary genital equipment. ww

Uh-oh.They called ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:


They called the perps "militant islamists" - now Obama must punish Denmark.

He'll probably ban butter cookies or something.

Western culture and Isla... (Below threshold)

Western culture and Islam are inherently incompatible.

The toy soldiers have been falling one by one for decades. There wasn't much of a hue and cry when Christianity was banished from the public square. We've quietly resolved that government should be our benefactor in almost all areas that once were individual responsibility. Keynesian economics has obliterated the American dream and relegated it to a myth at best. I honestly can't think how you could make an argument for the existence of Western culture anymore, much less it's incompatibility with any ideology. I think you'll be hard pressed to argue for the existence of a US Constitution beyond a piece of paper at the current trajectory. It remains to be seen whether the Republicans will actually do anything to stem the flowing tide.

It's too late for Eurabia? Please. Have you had a look around lately?

Thank God that the... (Below threshold)
Thank God that the vast majority of these terrorist thugs are dimwitted or we in the West would be paying a steep price.

It's not a coincidence that they are morons. Being a radical Islamist and being a moron are internally consistent.

By and large these guys are... (Below threshold)
jim m:

By and large these guys are college educated people. Just more evidence that a college degree does not come with a measure of common sense. (more so with advanced degrees)

Islamanazism, like the meta... (Below threshold)

Islamanazism, like the metastasizing cancer it has always been in the body of Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilization, like every cancer comprises a mindless mass, is possessed of potentially unlimited growth, serves no useful function in the body of Civilization, robs Civilization of the nutrients necessary for Civilization's survival, expands locally by invasion and systemically by transmission of cells along seaways, airways and by land pathways and unless recognized early as what it is -- a malignant source of spreading and corrosively destructive evil -- and radically removed, will surely kill its host.

Will kill us all.






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