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"What is worth losing your life over?"

"That text message?"

Watch what follows... then pass it on to loved ones...  just freakin' do it.

Thanks to Deacon Greg.


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But..but...but....it only h... (Below threshold)

But..but...but....it only happens to OTHER people!

What GarandFan said. My kid... (Below threshold)
Ken in Camarillo:

What GarandFan said. My kids are going to see this.

Would you go to Vegas and b... (Below threshold)

Would you go to Vegas and bet $1,577,846,300 in order to win an extra $30?

Whenever you run a red light to gain that 30 second advantage, you're betting the rest of your life against that 30 seconds.

Most teenagers and many so-... (Below threshold)

Most teenagers and many so-called adults are under the impression that somehow THEY are immortal and invincible. Tain't so. My beloved godson is dead because of that belief and his rampant drug abuse. A nice young man, with almost unlimited potential, dead at 20 because of that lunacy!

I just showed it to my 16 y... (Below threshold)

I just showed it to my 16 year old son who's soon to be getting his license. We've had the discussions--and being the typical 16 year old--hopefully those and this video will sink in.






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