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Good News From The Granite State

It's a good time for New Hampshire right now. We survived the Great Blizzard of 2010, which did a good job of weeding out some of the pretenders from the Real New Hampshirites (the poseurs are booking flights south), and last November we started undoing the big mistakes we made in 2006 and 2008.

When New Hampshire "turned blue" in those elections and went Democratic, a lot of people misunderstood what had happened. My state didn't embrace the Democrats, we rejected the Republicans.

For decades, New Hampshire was solidly Republican -- so much that the state GOP was divided into two camps: the plutocrats and the ideologues. Or, as I called them, the arrogant rich and the arrogant stupid. They squabbled back and forth, and whenever they got too into it with each other, the Democrats would sneak in a few victories.

But then both factions got complacent, and figured just having the "R" after their name was sufficient to keep winning. Neither noticed the influx of out-of-staters who had fled other states for their asinine government policies, and then started pushing to start them up right here. They were bound and determined to recreate their own failing states right here, forgetting that those policies were why a lot of them left those states.

So, in 2006, the Democrats took pretty much everything. And immediately they acted... well, like Democrats. The state's budget went up about 16% into a single year. And while they didn't match that hike in subsequent years, they certainly tried.

Last month, we started undoing it. The Republicans took back both US House seats, as well as both houses of the state legislature and the Executive Council. The only major survivors of the Great Democrat Massacre were Senator Jeanne Shaheen (not up for re-election) and Governor John Lynch (who's kept his more liberal tendencies quiet, and was facing a relative nobody -- the Republican son of a very prominent Democrat, of all things).

That's the big picture. It's the smaller details that make things... interesting.
First up, the chairmanship of the state GOP Committee is up for grabs. John H. Sununu, the former governor and Chief of Staff for the first President Bush (not to be confused with his son, John E. Sununu, the former US Senator) is retiring after leading the state GOP back to power. One of the leading candidates is a very active member of the Tea Party movement.

Second, the resurgence of conservatism here in New Hampshire has not gone unnoticed in certain circles. The ultra-liberal Boston Phoenix (think of them as equivalent to the Village Voice) is speculating that Republican presidential wannabes just might not be found as conservative enough (think Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney) could founder on the rocky shores of the Granite State. (No, that's not a mixed metaphor; we have a seacoast. The smallest seacoast of any state that has one, but we have one.)

Finally, one of our departing Democrats is giving everyone a good taste of how lucky we are to be rid of her -- and making a lot of us wonder what the hell her supporters were thinking (or drinking, or smoking, or snorting) when the put her in office. Carol Shea-Porter (D-Moonbat) is blaming Chinese Commies for her defeat.

Stupid Carol. Why would they do that? You're practically one of their own.

In 2006 and 2008, New Hampshire voters looked at the Republicans and said "you guys need to stop taking us for granted and get your act together." In 2010, we woke up with a hell of a hangover, looked at what the Democrats had done to our state (and nation), and said "OK, GOP, let's see if you've pulled your heads out of your asses enough to do things right -- 'cuz you most likely couldn't do worse than those bozos."

America, on behalf of my state, I apologize. We really didn't mean what we've been doing for the past few years. And we're coming back to our senses now, just in time for the 2012 presidential primary.

Give us another chance? Please?


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Comments (14)

I could never understand ho... (Below threshold)

I could never understand how NH ended up putting Carol moonbat Porter in office. Here in Ma she'd end up with a long embarrassing career supported by the Boston Globe. But NH? Thanks for fixing that mistake.

As for apologizing, no need. The only reason NH tilted left was that the moonbats in Ma eventually priced themselves out of the state, moved north and tried to do it again.

I live about 300 yards from the NH border and I keep praying for a tectonic shift to fix that.

In the meantime, keep up the good work. NH is a bastion of sanity in the liberal North East.

Ummmm, in a word?N... (Below threshold)

Ummmm, in a word?


We're tired of you jerks having an overwhelming say in who gets the nomination by overwhelmingly voting for the guy who is invariably a RINO.

A 'conservative' in your state would be classified as a flaming liberal retard any where else outside of the northeastern states.

I'm sure it was just a prob... (Below threshold)

I'm sure it was just a problem of not selling their Democratic program to the proles.

The programs are fine. It's the people who need fixing.

Hank, it was really dark, a... (Below threshold)

Hank, it was really dark, and we were really drunk...


I live in Texas and have fo... (Below threshold)

I live in Texas and have for 36 years. Moved from Philly, where the taxes are out of hand and jobs were drying up. Love Texas. I would move/retire to New Hampshire in a heartbeat except for the snow. The wife won't have any of it. ww

I know some PA libs that ar... (Below threshold)

I know some PA libs that are moving from Philly area to Houston. Talked to one today and he could not agree that Texas is growing because of low taxes and being business friendly. Even though he was moving there (today!) because of the low taxes and the jobs for him (IT) and his wife (teaching). Of the migrators in the last year, 1 of the 9 has admitted it the the failed policies of the North East states that drove them to TX.
The other 8 and their spouses... I expect them to vote for higher taxes and social programs once they settle in.

It's true that much of the ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

It's true that much of the leftist infection New Hampster has suffered in recent decades is spillover from the People's Republic of Massachusetts, but that's no excuse.

Y'all have guns, don't you? You don't see Southern states being taken over by liberals - even Florida, where every old New Yorker goes to stay warm in their dotage.

And I'm with gmac - over half a century of "first in the nation" primaries has given us, on balance, a rather poor winnowing of the fields. Time to let someone else in front for a few decades.

Bunch of ding-dang libertines . . .

In the interest of saving m... (Below threshold)

In the interest of saving my fingers from excessive typing, I'll repost here what I posted on Hot Air and on David S. Bernstein's (Boston Phoenix) Facebook page.


A lot of the landscape shift Bernstein talked about was due to the ever-fickle "unenrolled" voter block. They gave the Democrats a chance in '06 and were stabbed in the back.

Hell hath no fury like a New Hampshire independent scorned.

They voted en masse to send the Democrats packing. Where the Tea Party played a role was getting people off their couches and down to town hall to file candidacy papers.

As an insider now (and loving it) on the NH political scene, I see the two movements/factions within the NH GOP as (a) the old guard, status-quo, don't-rock-the-boat Republicans and what many are calling the Tea Party Republicans (without offering a definition of what exactly a New Hampshire Tea Party Republican is).

If my numbers are right, there are more Freshman reps in the NH house than there are returning incumbents. Some will try to stick the Tea Party label on us to try to define who we are without realizing that we run the spectrum from libertarian to social conservative.

Even within the "establishment", one can find folks on either end of the spectrum.

This makes labeling or analyzing party dynamics a near impossible task.

The one common thread uniting the party is that of limited, constitutional, fiscally responsible government.

If a 2012 hopeful fails that simple test, he or she will leave here quite empty-handed.

Bruce MacMahon
NH State Representative
Rockingham County - District 10

And a few points of clarifi... (Below threshold)

And a few points of clarification:

1. In 2008 - the Year of Hopenchange and Unicorn Magic - the GOP actually gained seats in the NH state legislature. Not enough to tip the scales, but the awakening had begun.

2. We didn't just retake both houses in the state legislature, but we now hold veto-proof majorities in both. And we swept ALL FIVE seats on the governor's executive council.

3. Studies (around 2008) have shown that most of the people hopping the border and settling in the border "commuter" towns lean GOP. A lot of the leftward trend came about from retirees (CT and NY) moving up into the lakes region. Most Massholes move here for the right reasons, present company included.

jay,re: the GOP co... (Below threshold)


re: the GOP complacency, you nailed it.

Thanks for the kind words, ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the kind words, Mr. Representative Bruce. And I think our interpretations of the GOP aren't that incompatible -- think of my "arrogant stupid" and "arrogant rich" as rival factions of the Old Guard.

I'd be interested to hear how applicable it is by Mister Bigshot Insider now...

Oh, and congrats! I can't believe I forgot to announce your great victory.

Hey, any plans for spending that major loot NH state reps get paid? With the generous salary we pay you guys, that's probably... let's see... a coffee and a donut a day for most of the legislative session!


The key will be to see if w... (Below threshold)

The key will be to see if we can remain a united caucus under the umbrella of limited, fiscally responsible government, or if we allow ourselves to splinter off into feuding factions - something the Democrat minority would absolutely love to see happen. They're probably sharpening their splitting wedges as we speak.

A couple of queries and I w... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

A couple of queries and I will shut up looking for NH wisdom:

How does Romney poll with either faction. TEAs thinking(inside my cavity) is he either scores big in NH, say >30% or he's dead.

Does Bloomberg figure in NH polling?

Any chance Republicans will... (Below threshold)

Any chance Republicans will CUT the state budget by 16% in a single year?






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