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None Dare Call It Casus Belli

We're currently engaged in two shooting wars. In Iraq, we're fighting Iraqi insurgents and foreign volunteers and independents who wish to drive us out of the Middle East and topple the nascent Iraqi democracy, replacing it with some variant of yet another Islamic theocracy. And in Afghanistan, we're fighting Afghan insurgents and foreign volunteers and independents who wish to drive us out of the Middle East and topple the nascent Afghan democracy, replacing it with some variant of yet another Islamic theocracy.

Oh, and we're also fighting elite members of the Iranian military, there on the orders of the Iranian government. In both Iraq and Afghanistan.

That isn't how The Game is played. Iran's following part of the script -- their troops are out of uniform, working incognito. But they're supposed to limit themselves to "training" and "advisory" roles, not active combatants. That gives the government a certain level of what is commonly known as "plausible deniability."

Because when one nation orders its soldiers to attack the soldiers of another nation, that is pretty much the definition of war.

Iran has considered itself "at war" with the United States for over 30 years. That conflict has flared up numerous times, with actual shots fired and people killed, over those years. There have been attacks and flareups over the years, with fights between their ships and aircraft and our ships and aircraft. But never anything this systemic, this deliberate, this prolonged -- the deployment of ground forces specifically to target and engage and kill our ground forces.

I don't know if there's a good solution, but the first thought I have is to apply international law: members of an armed service who engage in combat while not wearing uniforms and identifying insignia (including national insignia) are subject to execution. If they want to live, then they can offer testimony and evidence that they were acting on the direct orders of their government.

And then let Iran repudiate their own soldiers, or stand up and admit that they are waging war against the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq.

That should put a crimp in the number of volunteers Iran finds to go fight the US. Especially among the highly-skilled and intelligent members of their military -- the most valuable ones.

Iran is waging war on us. That is indisputable. What we need to do is to decide how to fight back.


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Comments (14)

Delta force teams to kill e... (Below threshold)

Delta force teams to kill every Quds Force member they can find in Iraq or Afghan ...

bury the bodies in the desert sands ...

Let Iran complain to the UN ...

Agree with #1 accept let th... (Below threshold)

Agree with #1 accept let the corps(e) rot where they fall.

I never understood why we n... (Below threshold)

I never understood why we never declared a 5 km free-fire zone on the Iraq side of the border. The ground rule should have been anything that moves in that zone is subject to attack, and anything in the zone that moves from Iran towards Iraq will be attacked. It wouldn't have solved all the problems, but it sure would have slowed Iranian support/interference in Iraq down!

Of course that would have been fighting to win quickly and non-diplomatically.

If Carter, Church, and the ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

If Carter, Church, and the Democratic Left hadn't neutered the CIA, we might have been able to arrange a major accident for the mad mullahs long ago.

Now we have to rely upon nerdy Israeli hackers to do our dirty work. No hope of change under the wimpy Obama - he's too busy subverting America domestically to pay much attention to foreign affairs anyway, unless they want to give him an award.

the point of burying the bo... (Below threshold)

the point of burying the bodies in the desert is to "disappear" anyone we catch ...

No posing of civilian bodies on the scene to allow claims of "war crime" ...

just vanish them ... see how many volunteers you get then ...

I laders would prefer to de... (Below threshold)
Don L:

I laders would prefer to deecide "IF" they dare fight back. These are the people who believe white surrender flags are sufficient weapons of defense and aggressives is reservered for the defenseless unborn

What we need to do is to de... (Below threshold)

What we need to do is to decide how to fight back.

More like we need to decide 'if' we fight back.
At some point in the game it became rude for the United States to defend itself.

Technical Dificulties:... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

Technical Dificulties:

For the past 2 days, Wizbang has been locking my IE 8 browser. It happens imediately and on 2 separate computers everytime. If I disable javascript it works fine. I suspect it may be from one of your ads. Anybody else having difficulties?

I'm sure Barry is preparing... (Below threshold)

I'm sure Barry is preparing a VERY sternly worded memo.

Technical Dificulties - Mor... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

Technical Dificulties - More Info

This is what I found:

1. If I go to Inernet Options. Click Security tab & disable Active Scripting it does not lock up. Therefore the problem is likely due to javascript.

2. With Active Scripting disabled, I scrolled to the bottom of the page and clicked the next link. I then copied the url from the browser window. Closed the browser. Opened the browser. Re-enabled active scripting. Went to the url that I copied from the browser window. It did not lock up. Therefore it is only on the home page.

3. I then thought maybe it was a video or something else embedded in one of the article summaries. With Active Script disabled, I copied all of the links to the full articles from the home page. Closed my broswer. Enabled Active Scripting. Went to each of the full articles from the links I copied. It did not lock up when viewing any of the full articles. Therefore, I don't think it is anything in any of the articles.

4. I then tried the Developer toolbar that comes with Internet Explorer 8 by pressing the F12 function key. Using the script debugger I found that there may be a perpetual loop in the Javascript file playercontext.js. This is occuring between the following 2 function,

function embedJSCallback(id,node) and
function getPageInfo()

Therefore the problem is probably in the playercontext.js file. Although by viewing the html source I could not find where playercontext.js is being loaded from. There is one more thing I can try.

1. If I point my broswer to http://wizbangblog.com it locks up.

Techinical Difficultie - Mo... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

Techinical Difficultie - More Info 2

I checked all the embedded javascript files to see if they referenced playercontext.js to try to find where it was coming from. I found one of the javascript files referenced about 20 other javascripts files and gave up at that point. However, I did google playercontext.js and found somebody else reporting that it locked up their browser too.

See this link

"11. Posted by Tina S | Dec... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

"11. Posted by Tina S | December 30, 2010 7:18 PM"

Switch to Firefox and get NoScript and Ad Blocker.

LeBron is right. Better br... (Below threshold)
jim m:

LeBron is right. Better browsing, faster page loads with Firefox.

As for Iran, the odds of obama standing up to anyone are next to zero. That is unless he's standing up in order to bow to them.

He only bows because kneeli... (Below threshold)

He only bows because kneeling would be too obvious.






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