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Is This YouTube Video Oscar Worthy? Roger Ebert Thinks So

You can judge for yourself, but noted film critic Roger Ebert thinks that this video of last week's blizzard in New York, which was quickly shot and edited, deserves to win the Oscar for best live-action short subject.


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Thumbs down.... (Below threshold)

Thumbs down.

I understood this better th... (Below threshold)

I understood this better than Inception - that should count for something.

Ebert is exceptionally knowledgeable about films but he is also a true lefty, which makes his opinions suspect. This short subject was decent and, frankly, I don't have anything to compare it with. It's main virtue is probably its timeliness for New Yorkers, for whom this week's blizzard and the slow response is a fresh, raw memory.

Who cares what comrad Ebert... (Below threshold)

Who cares what comrad Ebert thinks?

It's 72° and sunny today in the great state of Texas. :)

Happy New Year everybody!


This was OK. I think Ebert... (Below threshold)
jim m:

This was OK. I think Ebert is simply enamored by the notion that people are actually making decent videos and posting them online.

Wake up Roger! The internet has been producing quality video and music for quite some time now. Get your lefty head out of your ass and you might find that there is more to society than the insulated leftist enclave that you associate with.

The academy will never accept something like this. It's a threat to everything they know. This means that people don't need a big studio to produce and distribute their films in order to be successful. The Hollywood parasites can't make money because their influence is nullified.

Just like we are seeing musical artists start to make it by putting their own music online and selling it via download this could become the future of video. It won't replace big ticket movies but it will provide another source of competition for them. It will erode their market and in some cases it will completely replace it.

Already there is a better market for documentaries online than there is in the theater.

Watching a dog going to the... (Below threshold)

Watching a dog going to the bathroom for 60 seconds was stupid, stupid, stupid.

While it was very well done... (Below threshold)

While it was very well done, just another winter day in much of the world. Liked most of it, except the dog part. This, however, was most probably what Ebert liked the best. There is a remarkable resemblance.

The video was very well don... (Below threshold)

The video was very well done. Oscar worthy? who knows. I long ago lost respect for the opinions of Rodger Ebert.

I think it was a pretty wel... (Below threshold)

I think it was a pretty well made little video. It captured the blizzard and the NYC environs. Oscar winning? Hardly. But give the guy who put this together credit. He has a good eyeand decent production skills.

Why is Roger Ebert being vi... (Below threshold)

Why is Roger Ebert being villified? He dared to speak his mind and oppose the mighty tea party.


Shoot him. Just go shoot him. It's what Jesus would do.

I liked it.... (Below threshold)

I liked it.

No Woop, do just the smalle... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

No Woop, do just the smallest bit of research... for once, and you'll know why some of us have such disdain for this over-rated lefty hack.

Oh, and have a great New Year everyone!

zzzzzzzzzzz"... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://www.nbcnew... (Below threshold)
Ask yourself this...<... (Below threshold)
Ask yourself this...:

Ask yourself this...

If the blizzard had been in Kansas do ya think Ebert would care so much? Or Cleveland?

Of course not.

BTW Woop, if you think Roger Ebert represents the intellectual superiority of your side.... well bother that says volumes.






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