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More Christians targeted in Baghdad

Two killed, 16 wounded:

Two Iraqi Christians have been killed in a new wave of apparently coordinated bomb attacks in the capital just two months after militants massacred 46 Christians in a church in the city.

A total of 14 bombs were placed at different Christian homes late on Thursday, an interior ministry official said on Friday.

"Two Christians were killed and 16 wounded" by the 10 bombs that went off, while security forces were able to carry out controlled detonations of four other devices, the official said.

The only deadly attack was in the central district of Al-Ghadir, where a home-made bomb exploded at around 8:00 pm (1700 GMT), killing the two Christians and wounding three others.

Most of the 14 bombs, which targeted Christian homes in a total of seven different areas of the city, were in Karrada in central Baghdad, the official said.

Three devices wounded three Christians in that area, while all four of the controlled detonations were also in Karrada.

Another bomb targeted a house in Al-Ilam neighbourhood in southern Baghdad, wounding one person; two bombs wounded four people in Dora in the south of the city and one bomb in Saidiya, also in the south, wounded two people.

Another device targeted a Christian home in Yarmuk in western Baghdad, wounding one, and a house in Khadra, also in the west of the city, was targeted by a bomb that wounded two people.

The wave of attacks comes almost two months to the day after an October 31 attack by militants on Our Lady of Salvation church in central Baghdad, which left the 44 worshippers, two priests and seven security forces members dead.

Al-Qaeda's Iraqi affiliate, the Islamic State of Iraq, claimed responsibility for the attack and made new threats against Iraqi Christians.

Work with me here. 

Imagine the outcry if the reverse were taking place.  How loud would the howling be if radical Christians were blowing up the homes of innocent Muslims... and if some of those Muslims were being killed?

The clamoring would be vigorous and passionate.


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Comments (19)

Coming soon to a theatre (c... (Below threshold)

Coming soon to a theatre (church) near you.

Wake up America.

"Coming soon to a theatre (... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Coming soon to a theatre (church) near you."

As long as it isn't a minority church the left won't give a damn. If it is a mostly white congregation the left will be out dancing in the streets with the muslims and declaring on TV that the Christians deserved it and brought it on themselves.

I dunno, Rick. This is obvi... (Below threshold)

I dunno, Rick. This is obviously more of that "reap/sow" Karma raining down on the poor persecuted Christians. American Christians do their best to harass and persecute American Muslims -- and now we see Iraqi Muslims harassing Iraqi Christians.

The difference is that we have freedom or religion in America and that doesn't stop American Christians from harassing American Muslims.

Pam Geller has lead a crusade against Americans who dare practice the muslim faith.

Reap, sow, baby... reap, sow.

Leftism actually is a sever... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Leftism actually is a severe mental illness, so by that standard the left's insouciance about these Muslim-on-Christian massacres makes sense.

"American Christians do the... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"American Christians do their best to harass and persecute American Muslims "

Data please or is this just another baseless slander like everything else you post?

Crimes against muslims are a tiny fraction of the crimes against Jews. I don't hear your antiSemitic self crying about how innocent American Jews are being attacked for the tiny fraction of their coreligionists who live in Israel.

Hypocritical bigot.

jim m, you are confusing me... (Below threshold)

jim m, you are confusing mental illness with cogent thought processes.

Woop do you know the differ... (Below threshold)

Woop do you know the difference between a disagreement and murder?

Where is Presidential leadership......I forgot, vacationing in the sun, playing golf.

Woop - do you count female ... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

Woop - do you count female genital mutiliation as daring to "...practice the muslim faith?" How about honor killings, stoning homosexuals, killing those who dare disagree with the "religion of peace," threatening to kill those who would draw a cartoon of Mohammad? If so, you can put me in Pam Geller's camp. By the way, you made a similar spurious, relativistic, bs claim a couple of days ago. When I asked for cites to actual occurences, you were silent. Same thing today? Let's have a cite for the worst thing you think Pam Geller has done, and then we'll compare it to bombing churches and homes of those "...who dare to practice the [Christian] faith."

Karma's a bitch. S... (Below threshold)

Karma's a bitch.

So what you're learning here is even though yes, you lunatics can rise up and harass Muslims in America, but there is a pretty price to pay for it.

I use the word "learning" loosely, because in fact many of you clowns aren't learning a damn thing. Eventually some tea party loony will kill an American Muslim in retaliation, and this situation will worsen.

But then some say the "war on terror" is a religious war anyway.

Judging from Rick's post, Christians are losing.

Like I said, Karma's a bitch.

Woop, Karma may be a bitch,... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

Woop, Karma may be a bitch, but a lack of any cites to Pam Geller doing anything remotely comparable to bombing churches and homes demonstrates you're a lying, empty douche bag.

Nonsense - What happens whe... (Below threshold)

Nonsense - What happens when one moron talks to another moron.

woop is mentally ill. ... (Below threshold)

woop is mentally ill.

"Eventually some tea party ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Eventually some tea party loony will kill an American Muslim in retaliation, "

Ah, I see. Woop doesn't have any specifics or real data on Christians committing violent crimes against muslims. He is just peering through the drug induced haze at his crystal ball and declaring that in the future all he sees there will come true.

Indeed, woop the hundred monkeys I have hammering away on old IBM Selectrics will reproduce Shakespeare's sonnets before your future comes to pass. But I grant you, given infinite time your claim will be fulfilled.

Thanks for the laugh.

The trumped up phony war on... (Below threshold)

The trumped up phony war on terror was a Christian crime against the muslim nation - and I cited it above.

How many muslims killed in the Phony War on Terror?

Lots more Christians to go, by that count.

Oh good lord, Woop. That's... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

Oh good lord, Woop. That's the best you can do? From your ridiculous statement that "American Christians do their best to harass and persecute American Muslims -- and now we see Iraqi Muslims harassing Iraqi Christians," your weak, lame, attempt at equating fictitious, undocumented American harassment of muslims to muslims bombing/killing/maiming Christians in Iraq, to your statement, apparently trying to buttress the above baseless claim, that "Pam Geller has lead a crusade against Americans who dare practice the muslim faith," again undocumented, to your statement that "But then some say the "war on terror" is a religious war anyway" [by the way, are you one of the "some" that "say?"]. No cites to anything, just sort of an anti-Christian stream of conciousness rant. What a waste of time you are.

God willing, Woop, you w... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

God willing, Woop, you will be among the first to die in your 'surely justified' Muslim up-rising. Also, (pray the Prophet hears my words), may you be buried forthwith, with your fundament sticking out of the ground so that Wizbangers of more refined mien and judgement will have that scrawny ornament to use as a bicycle prop. I have heard some damned peculiar things reckoned by you left footers in my considerable years but what you offer here, today, ranks among the most indefensible.It's utter...hippo-cock, no error.

Here's a few facts and figu... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

Here's a few facts and figures for ya, Woop.
"According to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Jews were targeted for hate crimes more frequently than any other group. In 2009, of 37% of all hate crimes committed in the Empire State were directed against Jews. With regard to hate crimes motivated by religious affiliation, Jews were targeted 85%. Most of the hate crimes directed against Jews were crimes against property (presumably synagogues and Jewish community centers) although more than half the incidents involved threats and assault against Jews. To put this figure into perspective, Muslims in New York State were targeted 1.6% of the time.
The FBI hate crime statistics tell a similar story. Jews were the targets of 71.9% of all religious hate crimes reported in the U.S. last year. Conversely, Muslims were the target of 8.4% of religious hate crimes."
Depending on who you believe, Muslims account for approximately .5% to 2.3% of the US population [Wikipedia]. Jews, on the other hand, comprise 2.-2.5% of the population [Wikipedia]. Thus, following your logic of "Karma being a bitch", it would seem that, instead of defending Muslims who bomb and kill Christians in Iraq, you should be defending all of those Jews who bomb and kill Christians in Israel.......Oh, wait....

Seven dead, 24 injured in a... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

Seven dead, 24 injured in attack on church in Egypt
"AFP - At least seven people died and 24 were injured early Saturday in an attack on a Christian church in the northern Egyptian city of Alexandria, rescue workers told AFP.

The toll was expected to rise as a number of victims were taken away by car from the scene of the explosion, they said.

The attack, apparently caused by a car bomb, took place as the faithful left the church in the Sidi Bechr district at around half past midnight on New Year's Day. The witnesses said a burnt-out car was in front of the entrance to the church."

More tolerance from the religion of peace, no doubt.

Fuuny thing is - the right ... (Below threshold)

Fuuny thing is - the right has no difficulty distinguishing between Muslims per se, and the Islamic radicals who'd gleefully hack off heads and blow up children. They'll respect peaceful people, and condemn the headhackers... while the left has real problems with the concept of the vast majority of Christians just not caring whether someone's a Muslim or not until they pull out the knife and start giving real short haircuts.

The left with their 'reality-based' thinking just don't have much contact with actual reality, do they?






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