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I Like The Cut Of This Man's Jib

When Jed Babbin served in the first President Bush's cabinet, I never heard of him. But since then, he's made a hell of a name for himself as a political commentator. Back during the rush of the initial war in Iraq, he said one of the most brilliant, most insightful, most undiplomatic, and most damningly accurate statements I've ever heard -- "Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without an accordion. You just leave a lot of useless, noisy baggage behind!"

Well, he's got a new column out, on the subject of Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) and the Ivy Leagues. So many of them had defended their banning those programs -- and military recruiters, in many cases -- based on the military's stance on gays in the services. Now that Don't Ask, Don't Tell has been repealed, a lot of folks are wondering just when they'll relent on those policies.

Well, Babbin takes his customary chainsaw to that discussion. He reminds us that it wasn't the issue of gays in the military that ended ROTC on the elite campuses, but the Vietnam War -- a time when "gay rights" was pretty much an oxymoron. They've been hostile to the military for a couple of generations. The gay issue was never anything more than an excuse.

But Babbin takes it a step further: why the hell should the military want to put ROTC programs on Ivy League campuses? What would be the possible benefits, and would they outweigh the price of the fights to get them there?

His conclusion? Not no, but hell, no. Oh, he's not calling for banning Ivy League students or graduates from the military, but thinks we shouldn't spend one red cent into specifically on trying to entice them into the services.

I'm not quite so certain. I've seen the damage they've inflicted on society as a whole, in government, academia, and industry, and I'd be leery about unleashing them on the military. Ivy League officers could end up very much like the above-mentioned accordions. On the other hand, putting them in the services -- at the entry-level officer ranks -- could give them a serious dose of reality that they sorely lack, and it would do them no end of good to find out that their fancy certificate puts them in exactly the same place as Lt. Joe Schmoe from a state college -- and both will be promoted pretty much purely on merit. A decade or so in uniform could do them a world of good before they seek their fame and fortune elsewhere, and mitigate the harm they might cause otherwise.

Babbin is a very rare breed of conservative: the type that speaks his mind, speaks it forthrightly, and to hell with the sensitivities of those who hear him. He's of a type with Chris Christie and John Bolton. Sarah Palin comes close, but she's a bit too genteel to really cut loose like these guys can -- and do.

We need more of these people.


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If those high flatulent so-... (Below threshold)

If those high flatulent so-called elites would spend at least one combat tour in the same foxhole as the so-called lower classes, they would have a better grip on the world. They would not be so quick to condemn the way the rest of population live. That is in no ivory towers and silver spoons in their mouths.

I'm just enjoying the momen... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I'm just enjoying the moment.

After years of listening to the left piously lecture the rest of us on how principled they were in their opposition to the ROTC due to DADT, now we get to see them twisting in all sorts of contortions to avoid the obvious fact: They never gave 2 cents about gay rights and what they really care about is opposing the US government.

DADT was merely a convenient excuse to do what they really want. They hate the US government that pours money into their pockets and they hate the tax payers who fund the education bubble economy. I can't wait for the bubble to finally burst and then watch the pampered professoriate learn to actually work for a living like the rest of us.

Given their leftest indoctr... (Below threshold)

Given their leftest indoctrination, keep those 'ivy-league elites' away from the troops. Junior grade officers have to most direct impact on the enlisted ranks.

Those bastards can't take care of themselves, why entrust the lives and welfare of the troops to them?

Putting the ROTC into the I... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Putting the ROTC into the Ivy league would be like The Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra, except that the communists brainwashing our soldiers would be tenured college professors.

The military should make cl... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

The military should make clear that Ivy Leaguers basically aren't man enough to be worth recruiting.

Because it's true.

HHmmm...it (the Military) d... (Below threshold)

HHmmm...it (the Military) didn't seem to do much good for John Kerry...just sayin'

All we'd end up with is mor... (Below threshold)

All we'd end up with is more magic hats and more seared memories.






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