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Big Daddy Leadfoot

There's an odd little story going on in New Hampshire. (It even made Good Morning America.) An expectant mother had her water break, and her husband kinda hit the panic button. They got into their car and tore off for the hospital -- breaking the speed limit. A state trooper spotted them on the road and hit the lights, Daddy called 9/11 and explained, and the trooper escorted them to the hospital, where Mom delivered a healthy baby boy.

And after congratulating the couple, the trooper gave Daddy a ticket for speeding.

My first thought was "what a jerk." It was an emergency, the trooper should have shown a bit more compassion and common sense. Plus, the baby was delivered six minutes after they got to the hospital, so time really was of the essence. Toss this case out, dammit!

But then I heard a few more details. And I'm siding with the trooper.

First up, Daddy wasn't just speeding. He was SPEEDING. He had his Kia into triple digits, and the trooper said he had to hit 114 MPH just to catch up and pass Daddy. He took one corner that I know very well at about 84 MPH -- not a good move. It was also at 3:30 in the morning, so while visibility was lousy, the traffic was pretty much nonexistent, so that's a wash.

Next, Daddy was driving like hell while on the phone to the 9/11 operator. That's even more scary and dangerous.

Finally, I know that area pretty well -- I lived there for about 15 years. Daddy didn't head for the nearest hospital -- there's one in Londonderry. He didn't head for the nearest big hospital -- there are two good-sized ones in Manchester. No, his hospital of choice was #3 in distance.

Daddy ain't a hardened criminal -- he was a guy who panicked. His intentions were the best, but he put himself, his wife, his soon-to-be-born son, and anyone else on the road at that hour in danger. Tremendous danger. He earned his ticket, and it ought to stand.

But I'd favor the judge reducing it, or hitting him with the minimum -- accompanied by a very stern lecture. And Daddy should accept it with grace.

Which, I suspect, is how it will play out. I have faith in my fellow New Hampshirites.


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Comments (15)

My dad got a parking ticket... (Below threshold)

My dad got a parking ticket outside the hospital the night/morning I was born. He was able to get out of it using me as an excuse (*grin*) and a photocopy of that ticket is now one of my most treasured baby mementos.

Daddy called 9/... (Below threshold)
Daddy called 9/11

Might want to fix that....

Apparently, Daddy didn't ha... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Apparently, Daddy didn't have game plan and or go through a dress rehearsal in his head. Bad Daddy.

The most surprising thing i... (Below threshold)

The most surprising thing is that he got a Kia over a hundred. I didn't think you could get one going that fast if you dropped it off a cliff.

Having driven through NH on... (Below threshold)

Having driven through NH on vacation in late October, I was very impressed with the courteousness of the drivers there.
People use the left lane to pass and then get the hell back over in the center or right lane like they should. Trucks aren't allowed in the passing lane.

The more this guy keeps his... (Below threshold)

The more this guy keeps his 15 minutes of infamy going, the worse it'll be for him to slide by on anything.

Children have been born for... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Children have been born for centuries without the assistance of doctors or a hospital. Panic was totally unnecessary. If he is coherent enough to dial 911 then he should have been capable of having them talk him through the necessities until an EMT could arrive.

Letting him slide would only promote similar stupid behavior. My guess is that at 114 the front end of that car got very light and has was a serious danger to himself and his wife. They are all lucky to be alive.

This is what liberalism wil... (Below threshold)

This is what liberalism will get you:

This is the City of Detroit, now and likely into the future. This what the Progressive, liberal, entitlement ideology and culture that is breed into the City and its inhabitants by people who preach that liberalism is the only path to a greater life. "Poverty Pimps" such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson love to have cities like this so they have a pulpit to spread their own type of ideology.



Poor prior planning = piss ... (Below threshold)

Poor prior planning = piss poor performance.

Irrelevant aside: I must ad... (Below threshold)

Irrelevant aside: I must admit, when I read this:

"He had his Kia into triple digits,"

my first reaction was damn, I didn't know a Kia could go that fast!

And the funniest thing abou... (Below threshold)
Steve H.:

And the funniest thing about this story is that his wife who works at the local hospital in Derry, Parkland Hospital, apparently doesn't trust the locals to deliver her baby.

I hope it goes down as you ... (Below threshold)

I hope it goes down as you state it.

There was a time that those in law enforcement were known as peace officers, and there is a big difference between a peace officer and a policeman.

Look at it this way. I293 w... (Below threshold)
John S:

Look at it this way. I293 was built in the 1960s. It was designed to be driven at 65mph legally in an era when cars had no seat belts, drum brakes, and leaf spring suspension. Given a margin of safety, that means that section of road was perfectly safe at 95mph in those American-made pieces of shit I used to drive 40 years ago.

Given modern automotive technology, with no other traffic I293 is perfectly safe at 150mph. (Although a Kia might be pushing it.) As you know, ambient speed during the afternoon rush is 80mph bumper-to-bumper. The current 55mph speed limit there is completely artificial, created by dumbass Democrats in Congress during the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo.

Reminds me a a tragic story... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

Reminds me a a tragic story that happened in Billerica in the 1960's:

A doctor (no less) was rushing his wife to the delivery room heading across the Nutting Lake Causeway (about 1/4 mile, straight & level) in daylight & fair weather, when he struck and killed a young boy crossing the street. He was cited, he didn't fight it.

How fast is too fast? That depends... It's a judgement call to be sure. No matter the urgency, you or your loved one's life never trumps another's.

He should have called 911 f... (Below threshold)

He should have called 911 from home and had the paramedics take her to the hospital if it was that much of an emergency. He deserves the ticket.






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