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"Nothing but a politically correct inspired witch hunt"

Locutisprime, in a post titled Of Shellbacks and Polywogs and Political Correctness, chronicles with video what it is that takes place on many Navy ships and how it needs to be juxtaposed with the Navy's decision to sack Captain Owen Honors:

For those unfamiliar with these naval terms in the title, perhaps some googling will be in order. The bottom line, Captain Owen Honors has done nothing that isn't done regularly on US naval vessels operating near the Equator.

And it not only has been being done for over 100 years, but it is a time honored tradition. Ask any sailor about Neptunus Rex, Davy Jones' locker and their indoctrination into the mysteries of the deep, then have a look at what the US Navy captain has been suspended for, pending relief of command.


This is nothing but a politically correct inspired witch hunt. Specifically designed to placate homosexuals who have finally won their ability to be flamingly open in the US military. And now they want their pound of flesh from these services. This won't be the end of it.

The whole thing should be read and passed around.


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As I commented in the other... (Below threshold)

As I commented in the other thread, for the Politically Correct, nothing is ever past. Something that's labeled as 'offensive' by today's (or tomorrow's) standards - no matter when it happened - is going to be condemned and anyone participating is to be taken down by any means necessary.

And it doesn't matter WHEN it happened - 5, 10, 20, even 30 years back. The demand is for purity according to the standards of the moment for the group in question, and nothing less will do.

For example, a rapper can use the N-word without any hesitation (indeed, no one should eve DARE question their right to use it) while the use of the word 'niggardly' is enough to cause the vapors among the easily offended.

But their only power is their voice. Give them no credence, and their influence is gone.

I posted this in Rick's "To... (Below threshold)

I posted this in Rick's "Torn" post below too:

Now we are all PC since DADT repeal. Here is another oddly timed result of the repeal.


I am sure this will work out well.

As I noted at the end of th... (Below threshold)

As I noted at the end of the comment thread for Rick's previous post on this subject, there's nothing in these videos that hasn't been seen a dozen times in raunchy R-rated comedies like "The Hangover" or "There's Something About Mary," or Saturday Night Live or even in somewhat milder form on network TV comedies that air during "family viewing" time.

This incident also reminds me of the off-color San Francisco 49ers "training video" from a few years ago. Again, nothing in there that we haven't seen repeatedly used in "comedy" produced by the entertainment industry, but suddenly everyone was offended because it was produced by the PR director of an NFL team.

Liberals didn't say a peep as movies and TV shows and music descended into the sewer during the last 30 years, dragging down with them what our society apparently considered to be acceptable and appropriate. And now liberals are throwing a snit-fit just because someone in the military decides to use contemporary Hollywood "comedy" in a video? How lame.

"This won't be the end of i... (Below threshold)

"This won't be the end of it."

True. And those who voted for repeal of DADT will be left scratching their collective asses (wherein their brains reside) - thinking WTF happened!

You could not ima... (Below threshold)

You could not imagine a more effective way to destroy the military without firing a shot than the current strategy being employed by the left.

I don't see the work-around that will be used having any chance of succeeding, only an escalating storm of discrimination suits. What a perfect opportunity the left has been handed. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the people tasked to cope with this abomination.

You deserve SO much better.

Since open flamers have won... (Below threshold)
John S:

Since open flamers have won the right to serve in combat, shall I suggest a big Scarlet Q be emblazoned on their uniforms? It will serve them well when they fall into Muslim hands.

John S 6 is on the mark... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

John S 6 is on the mark but a more modest, say pink, backing to uniform insignia should be generally encouraged as a BOLD PERSONAL STATEMENT by those who have been denied OPEN status in the past. It will been their grand opportunity to openly identify with the cause and will be an excellent and very helpful reference for those who are 'unafflicted' in directing their actions to meet each and every difficulty in accomodating a third sexual tension.

Oh GaY-us Pinkodius, I love... (Below threshold)

Oh GaY-us Pinkodius, I love the suggestion but that only works for the cloth insignia. Perhaps the metal insignia could have some rhinestones added for similar effect? Or a special Service Badge (I'll leave that one to your imagination).






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